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REVIEW: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary with Discount Tickets!

If you are trying to find the best Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary discount tickets, this article will give you the details on how to get in using our Families code for a special discount deal – adults at kids prices!!

Late last year we sent one of our friends along with her toddler to report back on their day out! It will be slightly different now, due to social distancing rules, but the animals are still there and missing their humans!

Toddlers at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Toddlers are interesting creatures. They can be charming, cute bunnies and angry, loud dictators. They can be challenging to keep entertained or distracted for a few hours and have them still standing and not in complete tantrum mode by the end.

Luckily for parents on the Gold Coast, and in the Brisbane school holidays, is Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary! And luckily for parents, we’ve got a Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary discount that will get you in at kids prices!

The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at 28 Tomewin Street, Currumbin, Queensland.

This popular tourist destination is also a favourite of the locals of the Gold Coast and parents with young children. It provides a go-to activity every day of the week at low cost.

It’s definitely one of our top things to do on the Gold Coast with kids. 

In recent times the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has really improved their menu, coffee and treats selections available throughout the park. This means for parents taking toddlers along for an adventure, delicious coffee is readily available for fueling your morning out!

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is great for toddlers

The park itself is very much accessible for prams and most of the walking areas a quite flat making it an ideal location for a toddler adventure, some ideas for an itinerary may include:

  • Arrive at the park anywhere from 8:00am (closes at 5:00pm
  • Upon arrival, select your coffee (and treat!) from the café at the entrance to the park
  • Enter into the park
  • Walk through the park, past the koalas, through the bird aviary and along the path leading under the road to the Blinky Bill Dance Party + Possum Photo Opportunity! This dance party is a great activity for toddlers; they are welcomed up onto the stage to dance along to favourites (led by the one and only Blinky Bill) such as the hokey pokey, the chicken dance and a conga line. Then ‘Biggles’ the beautiful possum is brought out on stage and the littlies can have a pat. This whole activity runs for about 15 minutes – so a great short and engaging show for toddlers.
  • After the show, head back to the train station in front of Green Patch General Store. Catch the train and ride it through the park. This keeps toddlers entertained and you can have a little rest. So much is seen while on the train, and you could embark the train for a closer look)

Easy access for travelling with a toddler to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Upon your arrival there is ample parking available for $10.00 a day (or free parking every visit if you buy the annual pass.) The park has been beautifully setup for parents and their prams to explore in comfort along with ample restrooms along the pathways for visitors to use.

In addition to this, the park has a huge volunteer base. These helpful people can be found wearing bright yellow shirts and answer questions and provide information.. They will also give you an encouraging smile if you toddler is entering tantrum zone.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Hot Tips!

  • Arrive at the park early to enjoy the attractions before the masses buses arrive. This is great for giving your toddler a unique experience of having access to all the Australian animals by themselves.
  • When you arrive there are a few free parks out the front of the park that you can utilise. If you are going to buy the annual pass, park in the paid parking area and get a receipt. Then when you buy your annual pass at the entrance they will deduct the $10 parking fee you already paid off the annual pass.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary discount tickets!

So…. what about this Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary deal we keep mentioning?? OK – when you click on this link it takes you to the Experience Oz website and because we have because we have a partnership with them we can get you Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary cheap tickets – adults at kids prices!!

So, you get in for $39.95 instead of $49.95. Your kids get in for $39 too!! There you go!! Our Currumbin Sanctuary mates rates!! Enjoy your day out and if you are keen on other things to do on the Gold Coast check out our Surfers paradise article here.

See more at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s website.

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