DETAILED SHOWBAG REVIEW: Ekka Showbag Guide 2017

EKKA Showbag Guide 2017

We’ve spent hours pouring over every Ekka Showbag and have put together a guide to help you determine how to get the biggest bang for your EKKA buck, regardless of  your child’s individual interests.

Let’s be honest, kids all over Brisbane can be divided into two categories, simply send them off to the Ekka Showbag Pavillion without a plan and they will either:

(a) beg you to buy the first show bag that slightly appeals to them.  If your child falls into this category and you haven’t planned ahead, please make sure you walk them out the same entrance and aisles you used to come in, to avoid buyer’s remorse.

(b) walk the isles 50 times each, and end up in a never ending loop of indecisiveness.

In an effort to avoid both of the above, read our Ekka Showbag Guide for 2017 to determine what “category” of showbag you’d like them to buy and steer them in the right direction!

2017 Ekka Showbag Guide Overview

We believe that kids showbags fall into one (or sometimes two) of the following categories.   The first decision to be made is which type of show bag you’d like your child to “invest” in, prior to even starting the selection process.

There are no wrong decisions to be made as far as categories go, only wrong showbag choices within the categories i.e. when looking at value for money.  Our guide is to help to steer you towards the best choices within each of the following categories, we’ll explain each of them below.

  1. The Cheap Showbags
  2. The Food Showbags
  3. Branded Useful Showbags
  4. Costume Showbags
  5. Cheap Toy Showbags

Secondly, after selecting your showbag choices, the next thing to look at is whether there are any ride vouchers inside.  If there are, your next decision is whether you purchase your showbags at the start of the day (and carry them around or put them in a locker), or buy them towards the end of the day (with the constant worry of “what if they sell out”).

Finally, if you’re heading to the fireworks and plan on arriving early in order to get a great seat, you’ll need to decide whether it’s worth while taking some of the contents along with you in order to assist with the fireworks wait time (perhaps this won’t be such a big issue this year with the earlier / family friendly fireworks!

The Cheap EKKA Showbags

The cheap EKKA showbags are the ones that are available for under $5.  Within this category, you’re either looking at the cheapest of the cheap, which is the $2 Blue Bertie Beetle Showbag….Bertie Beetle Showbag

or a $4 – $5 showbag that has the biggest quantity of items in it (and perhaps a novelty item), so the kids think they are getting a fantastic deal.

Our picks for the under $5 showbags which have a good quantity of items in it are shown below.  Note, we’ve included these based on the lollies being a mainstream brand name and the number of items in the showbags, but we’ve excluded the bags that are likely to blow your head off (the warhead style bags… as they are not for everyone :)).

  • Full O Fizz Showbag– $5 – has around 24 individual items plus amusement ride vouchers (while stocks last)
  • Zappo Showbag – $5 – has around 17 items (but some of these are packs of lollies), AND kids can choose one of 3 novelty toys.
  • Fizzer Showbag – $5 – around 30 items and includes a blow up hammer.

Wizz Fizz Showbag  Zappo Showbag    Fizzer showbag

We thought the following show bags deserved a special mention as they were under $10, but NOT food showbags!

Little Miss and Little Mr Showbags – $10

Little miss showbag   Mr strong showbag

There are a variety of these, including the Little Miss Naughty showbag, Little Miss Sunshine Showbag, Mr Happy Showbag and Mr Strong Showbag.

K-Zone magazine showbag – $15 – given it has a fidget spinner and a Sea Life Sunshine Coast free kids entry pass, we thought it deserved a special mention!

kzone showbag

One final thing to note, when you arrive at the Showbag Pavilion and head to the “cheap food show bag section”, you’ll always find that there are specials e.g. 3 for $10 or 5 for $20, something along those lines.  If you have multiple children, this is usually a fantastic way to save some money (don’t worry if the contents aren’t equal, you can always dive your hand in when they are on a ride and quickly redistribute the contents).

The Food Showbags

Wicked Fizz Giant Showbag    natural confectionary co  nestle showbag

The Branded Useful Showbags

A lot of the branded showbags actually contain “useful” items, which is a great thing for you, but can often leave the kids disappointed (if they haven’t really looked into what’s inside).  I remember buying the Hot Wheels showbag one year for my 4 year old twins (they chose it BTW), but when we got home, it was full of novelty items… they thought they would be getting actual Hot Wheels cars!

Basically, a lot of these showbags contain a few of the following items and sell for around $25:

  • backpacks
  • caps
  • cups
  • key rings
  • t-shirts.

In the scheme of things, the contents can actually be quite useful (and pretty good value for money!) and the kids will get a lot of use out of the contents in the future.  Just make sure the kids realise they aren’t full of toys!

There are HEAPS of these types of bags, here are a few of our favourites:

  • Avengers Bag – $25 – a nice combo of novelty items (to entertain them for 5 minutes) WITH a really cool backpack.
  • Avengers Assemble Showbag – $25 – the t-shirt, cap and poster, the contents will hang around for a long time.
  • Batman Showbag – $25 – with the cool t-shirt and hat and poster… very retro!

Avengers Showbag  Avebgers Assemble Showbag  Batman Showbag

  • Mister Maker Showbag – $26 – whilst it doesn’t contain the typical bag / cap combination, it’s full of craft items that are useable!
  • Sprinkles Unicorn Showbag – $28 – a bag + stationery… winner.
  • Twozies Showbag – $26 – with a couple of bags, a pencil case, stamp set, stickers, writing set, lip gloss and heaps more, this is a great bag as the contents will be used before they are broken.

Mister maker showbag  sprinkles unicorn showbag  twozies showbag

AFL Showbags    broncos showbag  state of origin showbag

Paw patrol Sky 17  paw patrol sky 16  Peppa pig showbag

  • Teletubbies – $26 – bags, lunchbox and drink bottle, all useable items for toddlers./
  • Dr Seuss Showbag – $26 – with a top hat that could easily be used at crazy hat day or book week, a plate, library bag and more, it’s pretty cute.
  • Sesame Street – $26 – with a bag, plate, cuttlery set and a cute chef’s outfit.

teletubbies showbags  Dr Suess Showbag    sesame street showbag

Ben 10 showbag  Minecraft showbag  transformers Showbag

barbie fab showbag  bff showbag  bff showbag 16

star wars showbagshopkins 17 showbag  shopkins 16b

  • My Fairy Friends Showbag – $30 – Fairy door, mailbox, fairy dust, deck chair, welcome mat, fence, window, butterfly notepad, pom pom pen, wall decal… seriously, how cute is this!

fairy friends showbag

Other brand show bags include:

Captain America – $25 (with a t-shirt / cap and other items)

Doctor Who – $26 (with a pretty cool looking backpack, tote bag, cap and other items)

Five Nights At Freddy’s – $28 (the main items being a plush toy and a mini basketball)

Pokemon 17 or Pokemon 18 – both $28

Girls Rule – $26 (with a back pack, cap, lunchbox and lots of stationery!)

Hello Kitty 17 – $26 (with a woven bag, a backpack, cap, jewelry and stationery)

Peter Rabbit – $26 – with rabbit bags, garden set and cute little ears.

Power Puff Girls – $26 – with a backpack, clips, stationery set, socks and heaps more

Thomas the Tank Engine (Thomas 17) – $26 – bags, a bucket hat, drink bottle and more

TMNT 16 – $26 – a bag, cap and novelty items

TMNT 17 – $26 – a bag, cap and novelty items (but different items from 16)

CheerLeader Bag – $28 – a barrel Bag, hair bow, drink bottle and more

Dora The Explorer 17 – $26 – skirt, backpack, bags, drink bottle and more

Emoji – $28 – “poo” slippers, pencil case, drink bottle, bag and more

Littlest Pet Shop Bag – $28 – umbrella, bag, cosmetic purse, markers and more

Monster High 17 – $26 – Bag, hair chalk, cap, fibre optic lamp, skipping rope and more

My Little Pony Bag – $28 – bag, coin purse, soft toy, scratch art set and more

Numnoms – $28 – woven bag, tin locker, cold pack, pencil case, cupcake set and heaps more

The Costume Showbags

The EKKA is conveniently scheduled only a few weeks before book week… so plan accordingly!

Batman Showbag  spiderman showbag  army showbag

Aussie Tradies Bag  Aussie Firefighters Bag    karate ninja

love to dance showbag  fairy girls showbag  swat showbag

police action squad showbag   police investigation showbag    space adventures bag

my dress up box showbag     barbie dreamtopia   ladybug showbag

Other costume showbags include:

  • A lot of the “Mega” brand showbags, including: Mega Cop, Mega Builders, Mega Fairy, Mega Doctors, Mega Nurse, Mega Fireman, Mega Pirate, Mega Princess, Mega Swat and other Mega bags – (generally $25 – 28)
  • Various Ninja showbags
  • Cowboy bag – $20 – with a cowboy hat, bandana, vest and toy gun plus accessories

The Cheap Toy Showbags

These are the showbags that will last 5 minutes, full of plastic and items will be lost pretty quickly.  Don’t expect much from them, but they will offer lots of entertainment for a very short time.  Whilst they are full of cheap toys, it’s not to say you shouldn’t buy them, some of them are jammed packed with so many novelty items they can be handy to pull out one bit at a time on a rainy day… then the item will likely be binned pretty soon after the first use!

Our picks are below!

  • Bag of Bubbles – $15 – seriously, bubbles never get boring, buy it and pack some away for another day.
  • Building Bricks – $22 – comes with FIVE sets of “building bricks” (which are basically a cheap version of Lego AND it IS compatible with Lego).  We bought this one year for the kids, they really enjoyed building them, then I threw them out as I was sick of the pieces getting confused with the real Lego (they were a little firmer and the kids couldn’t easily pull them back apart).  Regardless, I’d do it again, 5 fantastic rainy day activities right here (for less than $5 each)!  This bag also comes with ride vouchers.

Bag of Bubbles Showbag  Building Bricks Showbag

In Conclusion

I’ll be honest, this started off as a top 10 showbag list but may have got a little out of control.  But to be honest, there’s no “top 10”, it’s about choosing a showbag “type” and matching it to your child’s interest… then sticking to a budget!

Come back on Saturday to read our FULL EKKA GUIDE 2017 AND REVIEW and find out what our reviewer wants you to know about the bargains across ‘The Show’ (not just show bags!)

Bring on the EKKA!

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