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Ekka Discounts: How to Get Cheap Ekka Tickets 2024!

Are you looking for Ekka discounts tickets and cheap Ekka tickets for your family this year?

We know how to get a family of 4 into the Ekka for under $60. AND we know how to get a single ticket for $16.93!! FACT!

Make sure you follow us on Facebook because I will be posting about my visit to the show on the first morning including where to get the cheapest coffee, where to find the cleanest bathrooms, where to park this year, the best value showbags and my favourite rides (and how to get discounts!).

Ekka discount tickets went on sale on the Ekka website at midday on Friday 5 July, 2024. The website gave the first 15,000 people 50% off tickets.

If you missed out, bookmark this page as these discounts are changing regularly, as I am updating this page daily with every discount I know about in the lead up to the Ekka. This includes entry, rides, food and show bags.

The Ekka are currently offering 15% off Ekka tickets using he code MOO15. Copy the code and go to their website to take advantage of this discount.

Families tip: Make sure you enter your code BEFORE you choose your date – per my screenshot below: (and scroll down for more Ekka discounts)

ekka discount code

With the countdown to the ‘the Royal Queensland Show’ on, the Ekka at the Brisbane Showgrounds are offering families opportunities to save again this year by pre-purchasing their Ekka tickets online for the 10 days of show. We have a range of family discount passes including single parent families, ride packages and more.

Families Magazine are the recognised experts in providing trustworthy Ekka resources, as evidenced in our multitude of Channel 9 News appearances showing you how to save at the Ekka! In this article we have listed all the current discounts for the Ekka and deals we know of for 2024.

BUT FIRST: Make sure you read our detailed Ekka Guide. Then you will know everything we know about making the most of your Ekka experience!

Ekka Rides - EKKA Discounts

VIP subscribers deals for entry tickets

This year the Ekka again will be giving a sweet discount on specific tickets. These are for people attending on a Super Saver Day which are 20% cheaper than weekends and the public holiday!

Ticket purchasers are required to select a day to attend so the Ekka when they buy their tickets online. This is so the Ekka can manage daily capacities. If you’re looking at returning on multiple days, a new transaction is required for each different date. Remember, when you buy your tickets that some days are cheaper than others…

Families save BIG on Super Saver days

Buy a Family Ticket and adults get in at kid’s prices! Even better, combine a Family Ticket and attend on a Super Saver Day and you’ll SAVE 20% off full price tickets! Normally a family tickets (2 adults + 2 kids – aged 5 – 14 years) is $88.00. AND if you add the MOO15 code I mentioned above, you get even more off!

That means that the cheapest tickets for the Ekka in 2024 are these:

Cheapest tickets to the Ekka 2024

Super save Ekka discounts
  • $59.84 for 2 adults + 2 kids on Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri or
  • $16.93 if you go after 4pm the ‘Twilight tickets’ on on Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

Ekka discounts for rides and food

But we know how to save on more than just entrance. We have also listed the discounts you can get on rides and food.

If you want to know how much the rides cost in 2024 you can see all the Ekka ride prices here.

Food & ride passes available in 2024

These have now been confirmed for 2024. Make sure to pre-purchase your food and ride cards! Save up to 20% on rides, and get food cards at a discount too – $50 in value for only $45 (digital).

*note the EKKA is adding a ‘service fee’ charge on these which add a few cents per order!

Type of food tickets – valueCost
Digital Only $50 Food Card$45
Physical $50 Food Card$47.00
Digital Only $50 Ride Card$45.00
Physical $50 Ride Card$47.00
Digital Only $100 Ride Card$85.00
Physical $100 Ride Card$87.00
Digital Only $150 Ride Card$120.00
Physical $150 Ride Card$122.00
Discount food prices at the 2024 Ekka

Ride cards details


2 for 1 rides at the Ekka!

STOP THE PRESSES!!! I have just confirmed directly with the Ekka – for the second year in a row they have two for one rides every day of Ekka – from 9.30am-10.30am each day! That’s 2 rides for the price of 1. We just bought the $100 rides card for $85, this means during the 9.30am – 10.30am time slot, you can get twice as many rides for your card.

Last year, my kids used it and got 10 rides for a $50 ride card (cost $45) which mean that each ride cost $4.50. And if THAT isn’t winning at life, I don’t know what is! 😉

Ekka ride card scanner

Ride Cards are valid at all B105 Sideshow Alley and Kids Carnival area. Discount Rides Cards are only available for purchase online while stocks last.

The ride operators can let you know the balance of your ride card after each use. If you forget to ask or need to know later in the day there is a ‘rides card scanner’ that you can use to see how much balance you have left on your ride card. We found the scanner in Sideshow Alley, on the fence near the train line side.

Food cards details


Food Cards are valid at participating food & beverage outlets. Excludes Ekka Strawberry Sundae. Discount Food Cards are only available for purchase until stocks last.

How to redeem your food & ride cards

If you have opted for a DIGITAL Ride or Food Card, there will be a downloadable link to add it to your e-wallet in your ticket confirmation email. It can be stored in your Apple/Android wallet for scanning.

If you have opted for a PHYSICAL Ride or Food Card, you must redeem these at one of the information booths at the Ekka located on either Gregory Terrace; Lower Level Royal International Convention Centre, Sideshow Alley or Machinery Hill. To redeem, please present your ride or food card pdf ticket at the information booth.

Read our 2024 Ekka SHOWBAG review here

RNA Membership

You can become an RNA member for an annual fee of between $130 (Country Adult) and $145 (City Adult). Among other benefits, members receive one member pass and one transferable guest pass, enabling free 9 day admission to Ekka for you and a guest (bring a different friend each day).

Membership badges will be posted from late June.

Click here to find out more and to become a member

How much do rides cost at the Ekka this year?

Experience the thrills and excitement of the Ekka with three adrenaline-charged carnival precincts.

If you’re a serious adrenaline junkie or looking for the classic family favourites like the giant Ferris wheel, head to Sideshow Alley. The 100+ rides and games will have you laughing (or screaming!) for hours.

While the little daredevils are guaranteed a fun-filled time at the Children’s Carnival near the RACQ Animal Nursery.

The average cost of a ride at the Ekka is around $10 this year with some being cheaper and some being more expensive.

FREE things to do at the Ekka

RACQ Animal Nursery Ekka

There are more than 300 free things to do and see each day at the Ekka this year which makes it a family friendly, low budget opportunity if you plan your day/s appropriately.

Ekka last day specials

If you are like me and love a bargain, you might want to consider going to the Ekka again on the last day! On the last Sunday of show, designated outlets around the Ekka grounds will be offering 2 for 1 of your favourite food items – double the fun without blowing out the budget. 

Looking for EKKA parking?

Sadly this year, Secure Parking is not offering discounted parking. 🙁 But we have written about the best options for their parking stations nearest the Ekka so you can compare prices to find one that suits you! AND I have even found FREE places to park within walking distance of the Ekka! #winning Click here for your parking discounts for the Ekka.

Want more Ekka fun?

As the sun sets over Brisbane the Ekka excitement ramps up with a HUGE 1.5 hour EkkaNITES program sure to delight families. We’ve got the low down on Ekka fireworks!

Ekka for toddlers can be amazing offering new experiences, cute animals, and plenty of FUN for Queensland’s youngest residents! Read our post detailing the best things at Ekka for Toddlers.

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  1. Hi, thanks for all the info. Your promo code doesn’t work, unfortunately. When trying to add it during checkout, the Ekka website says it’s expired, though your page says it’s for this year.

  2. EKKA is offering discounted food and ride passes the same as you mentioned NOT being offered for 2019 from 5.1 in your table of contents.
    What I can’t find is if a single $150 ride pass is able to be used by all members of the family or just one individual.

  3. Where do I buy or get EKKA tickets for a family (2 adults & 2 children) either cheaper then normal entry, half-price or less, or free entry. I am a low-income family with concession card.

  4. Take your own drinks and food. This saves a bundle. Set a limited one food sample bag & one novelty bag. Two rides.
    Spend the day looking at the free displays and animals. So much more to the EKKA than rides & bags.

  5. Adult and child $42 ticket. If you go Tuesday 9th there are 2 for 1 rides all day. If you are a member of RACQ you can also get Unlimited Rides band $50 but this is for Thursday only 10am-2pm. Entry tickets are same price there also. Rides are $8-$12 each normally. ?

  6. Can anyone give me advice on cheapest options to go to Ekka im a songle mum of a 13yr old and have never been to the Ekka , want to take him this year obviously hell want to go on some rides , ive looked at all the passes snd ss ususl a family 2x ad 2x kids thy look like great concessions but im a fam 1x ad 1x child ….
    I want to budget so he can do some rides slso does anyone kn9w its confussing when u try and work it out

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