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Ekka Rides Prices & Passes: How Much Are Ekka Rides this Year?

FULLY UPDATED FOR 2023!! Our intrepidly-adventuring editor was the first through the gates on Ekka opening day, running from ride to ride to bring you the latest updates and prices as quickly as possible. Discover money saving tips on Ekka ride prices and all the info on new Ekka rides. There’s even a picture of every one!

The Ekka is back baby!! In this article you will find the Ekka rides prices for 2023. We literally walked around the Ekka on the first day to make sure they were all accurate.

You. Are. Welcome!

Disclaimer: This article is not yet updated with the latest Ekka information for 2024. When it is, we will let you know! (Especially if you sign up to our emails!) 😉

BUT FIRST: Make sure you read our detailed EKKA Guide so you know everything we know about making the most of your EKKA experience!

Ekka 2023 entry passes to save you money

The Ekka comes but once a year and Ekka rides and Ekka ride passes are one of the best things about the show!

Families Magazine are the recognised experts in providing trustworthy Ekka resources, as evidenced in our multitude of Channel 9 News appearances showing you how to save at the Ekka! We have the low-down on all Ekka prices and passes on offer in 2023! We also have hot tips on a discount code for Ekka ticket prices 2023 here. This year you can pre-purchase your tickets ONLINE and chose your day BEFORE you arrive at the gate! BUT some days are cheaper than others…

If you go to the Ekka on ‘Super Saver days’ you get cheaper entry tickets.  The cheap days are:

  • Monday 14th August,
  • Tuesday 15th August,
  • Thursday 17th August
  • Friday 18th August

Ekka ride passes for 2023

Just like in 2022, the Ekka has created an Ekka ride card so you could purchase more rides for less money.

Ekka 2023 bulk purchase cards will give you good savings!

If you are organised and want to book your spending in advance, these will give you good savings:

Type of food tickets – valueCost
Digital Only $50 Food Card$45
Physical $50 Food Card$47.00
Digital Only $50 Ride Card$45.00
Physical $50 Ride Card$47.00
Digital Only $100 Ride Card$85.00
Physical $100 Ride Card$87.00
Digital Only $150 Ride Card$120.00
Physical $150 Ride Card$122.00
Discount food prices at the 2023 EKKA

Ekka ride card scanner

The ride operators can let you know the balance of your ride card after each use. If you forget to ask or need to know later in the day there is a ‘rides card scanner’ that you can use to see how much balance you have left on your ride card.We found the scanner in Sideshow Alley, near the fence on the train line side.

Make sure you follow us on Facebook because I will be posting about my visit to the show on the first morning including where to get the cheapest coffee, where to find the cleanest bathrooms, where to park this year, the best value showbags and my favourite rides (and how to get discounts!).

Ekka Rides

2 for 1 rides at the EKKA!

STOP THE PRESSES!!! I have just confirmed directly with the Ekka – for the first time ever they have two for one rides every day of Ekka – from 9am-10.30am each day! That’s 2 rides for the price of 1. TELL EVERYONE!

Below, we have listed the the SINGLE PRICE cost of each ride, but many attractions offer bulk buys – eg $8 each but if you buy 4 tickets it is $30. This will keep you Ekka cost down when you buy in bulk.

Ekka Rides 2023 and Ekka Ride Prices

Ekka 2023 rides are an awesome selection available for every type of Ekka enthusiast – from the gentle kids rides to the hair raising thrill seekers, we’ve listed them ALL below.

There are three areas where you can find the Ekka rides; Kids Carnival, B105 Sideshow Alley, and the Triple M Thrill Zone. We’ve listed the rides by area and in alphabetical order below. Look out for the new rides making their first appearance in 2023!

How much are rides at the Ekka?

Here is a list of Ekka rides prices for 2023, with photos to help you quickly identify your favourite rides.

Kids Carnival rides and prices at the Ekka

These rides are designed especially for families and children and are located in a separate area called ‘Kids Carnival’ away from the larger Sideshow Alley area (see below).

Note: we got there super early on opening day to take the pics, so some of the rides were empty. Don’t worry, they do get livelier!

Big Bubble Bump

Ekka Big Bubble Bump

Price: $15 per person

Run, crawl, flip and fall in these air filled bubbles of fun! The Big Bubble Bump is a giant inflatable filled with water with giant translucent bubbles that allow you to walk on water!


Cars4Kids Dodgem Ride

Price: $8 per person

Let the kids take control! Like no other dodgems in Australia, younger kids can ride by themselves in a safe and exciting environment.

Enchanted Circus

Ekka Enchanted Circus

Price: $10 per person

Roll up to an interactive funhouse featuring three levels of thrills. Kids will perform a balancing act as they cross the vibrating floor and hang on tighter than a trapeze artist as they attempt the rope bridges. Like any circus, the Enchanted Circus in Kids Carnival is a world full of colourful lights and sounds children will love.

Fantasy Flyer

Fantasy Flyer Chair Swing at the Ekka

Price: $8 per person or four for $30

Step up to a dream land on the Fantasy Flyer – riders fly high into the sky, as the family are transported to a place never before imagined. (Don’t mind the picture; we got there super early before everyone else!)

Note: You can split the four-tickets-for-$30 between the Fantasy Flyer AND the Mini Ferris Wheel!

Fungee Bungee

Ekka Rides

Price: $15 per person

Jump in on the fun at Fungee Bungee! Suitable from 3 years and older, these bungy trampolines are enjoyed by all.

Note: Fungee Bungee is not included in the 2 for 1 morning ride price deal.

Jumbo Flying Elephants

Ekka Rides

Price: $8 per person or four for $30

It’s jumbo sized fun as the little adventurers enjoy a fun flight on their very own flying elephant. They control just how high they go as they fly around and around.

Jurassic Coaster

Jurassic Coaster kids ride at the Ekka

Price: $10 per person

Take a journey back to the Jurassic age on the Jurassic Coaster Ride!

Kids Carousel – Balloon Ride

Ekka kids carousel balloon ride

Price: $8 per person or four for $30

The family will be giggling as they go round Ekka’s miniature Kids Carousel – with carriages for kids of all ages.

Mini Kids Ferris Wheel

Kids Mini Ferris Wheel

Price: $8 per person or four tickets for $30

Tonnes of fun for the little ones! The kids will love the Mini Kids Ferris Wheel as they experience the great thrill in being elevated.

Note: You can split the four-tickets-for-$30 between the Fantasy Flyer AND the Mini Ferris Wheel!

Outback Monster Trucks

Outback Monster Trucks Kids Ride

Price: $8 per person or four tickets for $25

Take a bumpy ride in a mini monster truck.

Note: You can split the four-tickets-for-$25 between the Outback Monster Trucks AND the Super Fun Slide!


Race O Rama Ekka Kids Ride

Price: $7 per person

Race down Route 66 in this cute racing car ride.

Retro Dodgems

Retro Dodgem Cars

Price: $12 per car

Rock and Roll themed dodgems cars with the music of the 1950’s. This get’s pretty bright and lively once the Ekka gates are open! 

Super Fun Slide

Siper Fun Slide Ekka

Price: $8 for 3 slides (adults ride free with small children) or four ride tickets for $25

The Super Fun Slide has three humps of guaranteed fun, with only one speed available – fast!

Note: You can split the four-tickets-for-$25 deal between the Outback Monster Trucks AND the Super Fun Slide!

Tea Cups Ride

Mini Tea Cups Ride

Price: $8 per person or four for $30

This whirling, twirling attraction could just be your cup of tea! The Tea Cups Ride is always a favourite as it puts the Ekka world in a spin.

Wipe Out – NEW 2023!

Wipe Out family ride at the Ekka

Price: $10 per person

Quite a thrill ride for little kids as they twist and turn up in the air!

B105 Sideshow Alley Ekka rides and prices

This is the main event! This is where all the larger rides are, with a mix of family friendly kids rides and ‘Extreme’ rides for dare-devils. We’ve listed the all the rides in alphabetical order.

Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction Ekka rides info

Price: $10 per person

Alien Abduction guarantees excitement with an exhilarating, action experience that is out of this world! Riders must be at least 122cm tall to ride.

Note: There are three banks of toilets right next to Alien Abduction, if you are in need of a toilet break!

Beach Party – NEW 2023!

Beach Party ride at the Ekka

Price: $12 per person or 4 riders for $40

You’ll be transported to a fun beach party in the heart of B105 Sideshow Alley. For the first time the Beach Party ride will be on show, with its bright lights, fun music, and Octopus graphics. It’s family friendly until the sun goes down, then becomes extreme for those looking for an extra thrill in their Ekka evening!

Break Dance

Break Dance Ride EKKA

Price: $12 per person

It’s time to bust a move as riders spin around to the hottest beats in Sideshow Alley. This feature attraction is loved by people of all ages, from teenagers to adults. Height restrictions apply.

Crazy Cars

Crazy Cars Dodgems

Price: $12 per car (one or two riders)

Put the pedal to the metal and drift in these thrilling drifting dodgem cars!

Height restrictions:

  • Under 90cm, cannot ride.
  • 90cm – 130cm must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Over 130cm to ride alone.

Crazy Spinning Coaster

Ekka Crazy Coaster

Price: $15 per person

The only spinning roller coaster in Australia – riders will start on an adventure of turns and steep drops. Adding to the fun, the riders’ individual cars will begin spinning as they travel down the track.

Height restrictions:

  • Under 120cm, cannot ride.
  • 120cm – 150cm must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Over 150cm to ride alone.

Crown Ferris Wheel

Crown Ferris Wheel Ekka

Price:$10 per person, or 4 for $35, or 6 people in one gondola for $50

Sit back and admire Sideshow Alley from Australia’s newest rotating gondola Ferris Wheel. Riders will enjoy wonderful 360 degree views as they spin in their fully enclosed gondola. The rotation of each of the 26 gondolas is manually controlled by the rider, allowing them to spin at their desired speed. Ride at night for an awesome light display – the Crown Ferris Wheel features over half a million dollars worth of lights! 

Wheelchair friendly, and you can also ride in a gondola completely by yourself for Covid safety.

Euro Slide

Ekka Euro Slide

Price: $10 per person for 3 slides

It’s the biggest slide in the southern hemisphere! Ekka goers will have a smile on their face as gravity pulls them down the eight lane, 48 metre bumpy slide.

Hollywood Horrors

Ekka Hollywood Horrors

Price: $15 per person

Enter if you DARE! Hollywood Horrors is a spine tingling journey, which will have you screaming for more as you turn each corner.

Pirates Nest

Ekka Pirates Nest

Price: $8 per person

Ahoy mateys! Climb aboard the Pirate’s Nest for an interactive journey, guaranteed to be fun for the whole family. This four storey fun house is packed full of family fun, including an obstacles and an interactive water zone!

Pirates Revenge

Pirates Revenge Ride Ekka

Price: $15 per person

Australia’s largest award winning and only travelling water roller coaster for the whole family! Don’t want to get wet? They do sell ponchos too!

Rock ‘N’ Roll

Rock and Roll Thrill Ride

Price: $13 per person or two for $25

Rock out as you go forwards, backwards and extremely fast around the Rock ‘N’ Roll!



Price: $12.50 per person

Get a great view of the Ekka when you soar 35 meters into the sky on the Skyflyer.

Speed 2

Speed 2 Ride EKKA

Price: $20 per person

Reaching speeds of 120km an hour, Speed 2 rotates at more than 10 revolutions per minute – the definition of thrill ride!

Spook Castle

Spook Castle Ekka Experience

Price: $12 per person

Ride the largest ghost train in the southern hemisphere! Three stories high with actors, monsters and effects including 10m high flames! You’ll find this ride on Gregory Terrace.

The Beast (XXXL Ride)

The Beast Ekka Thrill Ride

Price: $20 per person

True to its name, The Beast XXXL is the largest travelling ride in the Southern Hemisphere – it’s 25 metres tall with a swing of 45 metres high and weighs a whopping 86 tonnes. It’s bound to get even the seasoned adrenaline junkie screaming as it swings back and forth like a pendulum, getting higher and higher, reaching speeds of 120km an hour! Minimum height to ride is 140cm.

Don’t mind the picture – we got there very early on opening day to take it!

The Joker – NEW 2023!

The Joker Ekka thrill ride

Price $20 per person

The largest and fastest looping ride in Australia is at the Ekka for the first time in 2023! Similar to the thrilling and popular Freestyle, The Joker is even more extreme and reaches 55m (no joke) into the air above the Brisbane Showgrounds.


Twister Ride at the Ekka

Price: $12 per person, or 3 people for $30

This ride will get you in a spin!

Warrior – NEW 2023!

Warrior ride at the Ekka

Price: $30 per person

Not for thje feint-hearted, or those with a fear of heights!

X-SCREAM Soundwave

Sound Wave Waltzer Ride

Price: $13 per person or two for $25

X-SCREAM Soundwave is the closest thing you’ll find to a Sideshow Alley nightclub! With bright flashing lights, lasers and the latest music tunes pumping, riders will experience varying levels of g-force as this spinning sensation rocks them around. The ride features nine cars that spin freely over four humps on a moving platform – they’ll spin, rise, fall and accelerate fast, all while the ride itself rotates. Each car holds five people, so this ride is perfect for groups

Triple M Thrill Zone rides and prices at the Ekka

You will find the Triple M Thrill Zone next to the Kids Carnival area.


Freestyle thrill ride at the Ekka

Price: $25 per person

Spinning 40m high, backwards and forwards in a rotating gondola, this is definitely not for the feint-hearted!


Rock Star Ride EKKA
Rock Star Ride EKKA

Price: $12 per person

With a full 360-degree rotation up to 60 feet, the Rock Star is guaranteed to be a family thrill favourite.

Find out about prices for Ekka Showbags 2023 here

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