10 BEST Things to Do at the Ekka | 2021 Ekka Fun for Families

The Ekka - Royal Queensland Show , Bowen Hills
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We always go on opening day so we can hunt down and report back on the 10 best things to do at the Ekka each year.

In 2021, there are more free things than ever before and the vast majority of our list is full of FREE things for families to do at the Ekka!

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EKKA Guide 2021 | Things to Do at the EKKA for Families!

 10 BEST things to do at the Ekka in 2021

What are the BEST things to do at the Ekka? So glad you asked…

10. Free Ekka shows for kids & families

PJ Masks Live Stage Show

PJ Masks come to live in a show that’s sure to spark interest with the under 7’s in your house! Enjoy their madcap adventures and hope that these heroes can save the day! 

Location: Community Stage

Timing: 25 minute shows between 11.30am – 1.30pm

Origami Making 

Kids will earn the ancient art of paper folding as they learn how to make origami.

Location: Old Museum 

Timing: 9am to 5.30pm daily 

Luke’s Reptile Kingdom – Venomous Snake Show

Get wrapped up with friendly pythons and admire the incredible Australian wildlife at Luke’s Reptile Kingdom – Venomous Snake Show.

Location: King Street 

Timing: 9.30am – 6.00pm daily 

Find out more about the kids shows here.

9. Royal Double Decker Carousel

best things to do at the ekka

Described as magical, spectacular and truly breathtaking, if your kids love ‘normal’ carousels they will go nuts for the chance to feel like royalty riding on this decadent double decker carousel. Isn’t it gorgeous??!

You will find it near the entrance to side show alley, on the right hand side (with the main rides on the left hand side) after you walk through the ‘tunnel’ heading towards the show bag pavilion. You can find it on our Ekka map here.

8. Agricultural Educational Hall / Technology Precinct

Ekka technology precinct

Firstly, this place is A-MAZ-ING… and not to be missed. It provides hours and hours of free entertainment for kids of all ages and they have somehow managed to scale the entertainment for littlies, up to big kids. The littlies have things to play with, the bigger kids will enjoy the play, but also learn in the process.

There are two levels in the Agricultural Education Hall, downstairs is the Agricultural Education area (with lots of fun activities) and you’ll find heaps of fun but different educational activities upstairs, along with the new Technology Precinct.

7. Heritage Bank Racing Pigs

Pigs really will fly at Ekka (and no, we’re not telling porkies), with the return of the wildly popular Heritage Bank Racing Pigs! These brave little piggies will fly through the sky, dive into a pool of water and race each other around a track. Four athletic pigs decked out in racing colours will compete in two races around a 50 metre track, before the diving stars make a splash.

 One thing we know for sure – this show will not be a boar!

Location: Stockman’s Rest

Timing: 20 minute shows between 11am and 3.50pm

6. The Sunday Mail Kids Carnival area

Ekka ride best things to do at the ekka

This is a hidden gem and has shrunk a little in the last few years.  It’s a great place to visit with kids aged between 3 and 8! The Fun House is a favourite in our house and offers a bulk ticket deal.  Just go with it, your kids are likely to ask you to go on it again.

In 2018, operator of the Angry Birds sideshow game was very “generous” with his scoring i.e. counting points even when items weren’t knocked over, as a result, my little guy was given the opportunity to choose any stuffed toy on the bottom row.  Keep in mind… not all sideshow games are created equal! 

Check out the prices and ask the question “do all participants win a prize?”.  There are quite a few which are similar and we’ve discovered that the pricing is quite different… AND a lot of them actually do guarantee a prize.

5. Show bags at the Ekka

I defy any family to go to the Ekka without a trip to the show bag pavilion. We’ve spent hours pouring over every Ekka Showbag and have put together a guide to help you determine how to get the biggest bang for your EKKA buck, regardless of  your child’s individual interests. We believe there are no wrong decisions to be made as far as which category of show bag you choose, only wrong showbag choices within the categories i.e. when looking at value for money.

Our guide is to help to steer you towards the best choices within each of the following categories

You will find our favourite Ekka show bags here.

EKKA Showbag Guide 2018

4. Animal Boulevard

best things to do at the ekka

One of the most family friendly things to do at the Ekka is the RACQ Animal Nursery. In this building you will also find the Horse Expo, the Milking Barn and Sheep Shearing. For $2 cups of animal food the kids get to feed, pat and interact with all of their favourites including pigs, calves, lambs, ducklings and goats.

Beside the main enclosure is an area where the child can ‘cradle a chick’ and hold a baby chick under supervision! This building is also the location of the Royal Queensland Championship Canine Show and all the doggies! Cradle a chick, pat a pig, sheer a sheep, milk a cow and see the most gorgeous dogs on show! It’s open from 9am to 5pm every day. 

You can also ‘cradle a chick’ at the Arrow Energy Pavillion every day from 9 until 5. Awww. 

3. FREE & Cheap food in the Woolworths Pavilion

Cheese Toastie

On Gregory Terrace you will find the Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion where you can taste test your way through the pavilion for morning or afternoon tea. There’s plenty of free samples to enjoy at the Woolworths ‘stations’ but you can also sample other vendors products including dairy free yoghurt, various cheeses, lollies, wine, ice-cream and more!

IF you want to spend a little here, you could invest in the $3 cheese toasties and the $2 mini hot-dogs which are hopefully back again this year!

2. Eat a strawberry sundae

best things to do at the ekka

The strawberry sundae is synonomous with the Ekka and one one of the bests things to do at the Ekka. At some point in the day you must invest in this time honoured tradition and by yourself and the kids a strawberry sundae. My favourite part about this treat? The cone is packed full of strawberries too! Yum! 

1.  Watch the EkkaNITES Fireworks!

The Ekka - Royal Queensland Show , Bowen Hills

The Ekka organisers obviously know that the BEST thing to do at the Ekka each year is sit with your family and enjoy the fireworks because they have added a family friendly fireworks time slot.

Want more?

Click on our FULL REVIEW of the Ekka to read ALL the details and more tips!

Do you agree these are the BEST things to do at the Ekka? What would be in your ‘Top 10’? Tell us in comments below!

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