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EKKA Ice Cream is Our Favourite Thing About the EKKA!

The iconic Ekka ice cream – it’s a must for every visitor! Even when the show couldn’t go on the ice creams did. Visitors flocked to the ice-cream drive-through at the front of the showgrounds, and at pop-up events across Brisbane. Brisbanites just can’t get enough of those delicious strawberry sundaes in a cone! So what makes the EKKA ice cream such a community favourite? It’s more than just great taste. These strawberry treats have been an EKKA tradition for over 70 years, and they are now vital fundraisers!

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BUT FIRST: Make sure you read our detailed EKKA Guide so you know everything we know about making the most of your EKKA experience!

The history of the EKKA ice cream

Ice creams have always been sold at the Ekka, showcasing our great Queensland dairy industry and pure fresh milk. 

Queensland also grows some of the sweetest, juiciest strawberries in Australia. (Don’t believe us? Head to one of SE QLD’s producers and pick your own strawberries fresh off the plant!). With an abundance of beautiful strawberries in season at show time, and gallons of creamy ice cream, the urge to combine the two became irresistible!

It was in 1950 that Peter’s Ice Cream created the now famous strawberry sundae, layering their strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone with a dollop of cream and a fresh strawberry on top. It was an instant hit, and has remained an Ekka must-do ever since.

Who makes the EKKA ice cream?

Peter’s Ice Cream started it, but in 2011, ice cream company Lick took over. Lick created a strawberry ice cream Ekka exclusive recipe just for Brisbane’s Ekka. In the run up to show time, Lick’s staff work around the clock to ensure a plentiful supply of this full cream dairy treat to last the whole ten days.

Who profits from selling the EKKA ice creams?

EKKA ice creams with strawberries on top
EKKA ice creams

This is the truly wonderful part. The Common Good is an initiative of the Prince Charles Hospital, and the official charitable partner of the Ekka strawberry sundae since the late 1980s. 

The sale of every Ekka strawberry ice cream profits the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation by raising vital funds. All profits are poured back into research into heart disease, lung disease, mental health, and dementia, and thereby profiting us all. 

How’s that for a great reason to treat yourself!

How to volunteer to sell EKKA strawberry ice creams

Volunteers play many important roles across the Ekka, from the barnyard, to the pavilions, to preparing delicious strawberry sundaes in cones.  

The Common Good relies on over 2000 individual and corporate volunteers to prepare and sell ice creams at its stands. Community minded people can apply to volunteer as a Super Scooper, Cashier, or Stall Scoop-ervisor (administrator and volunteer coordinator). There are three 5-hour shift times available (morning, afternoon, and evening), with volunteers being rewarded with Ekka entry tickets and a strawberry sundae.

If you would like to become a volunteer, you can find more information and register here.

Where to buy an ice cream at the EKKA

You can find locations selling strawberry sundaes in the B105 sideshow ally (rides area), near the train station departures platform, on Gregory Terrace, and at other locations dotted around the Ekka..

Where to buy Lick ice cream after the EKKA

Lick ice cream has stores in Paddington, Graceville, and Morningside. You can also find Lick ice cream in retailers all across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and Toowoomba. 

We can’t guarantee you’ll find the exclusive Ekka strawberry ice cream recipe, but you will find heaps of delicious ice cream and strawberry flavours. Find a Lick ice cream retailer here.

EKKA strawberry sundae price 2023

The Ekka strawberry ice cream price is $6.

EKKA strawberry ice cream recipe

Ekka under 100
Ekka ice cream

If you can’t get to the Ekka, bring the Ekka to you! Try making your own strawberry sundae by filling a waffle cone with chopped strawberries and Lick strawberry ice cream, adding a dollop of thick fresh cream, and topping with a whole pick-your-own strawberry.

Ekka ice cream fun facts:

On average, more than 153,000 sundaes are devoured each Ekka. The Ekka strawberry ice cream stats include:

  • 6.1 tonnes of fresh Queensland strawberries
  • 720 litres of fresh cream
  • 17,600 litres of LICK ice cream
  • The helping hands of 2,200 volunteers

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