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Virtual Reality Brisbane – READ THIS Before You Hire VR

Considering a Virtual Reality Birthday Party for your Brisbane kid?  Let’s talk about virtual reality hire in Brisbane. It’s not as simple as you might think!  We recently had a virtual reality themed party for my 8 year old and this is all the stuff I had to learn before I made the booking!  Here’s everything you need to know about virtual reality Brisbane style!

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Types of virtual reality headsets available for hire in Brisbane

There are a few but the two popular models are the Samsung Gear VR and the HTC Vive.

Samsung Gear VR Pros and Cons

  • Cheaper
  • Tend to have more headsets available for bigger parties (up to 8 headsets)
  • Totally sufficient for experience parties
  • More difficult for younger kids to manage at gaming parties

HTC Vibe Pros and Cons

  • More immersive experience for gaming parties
  • Easier for younger kids to handle for gaming parties
  • Tend to be hired out in smaller bundles (2-6)
  • Cost per headset is substantially more to hire

How much does virtual reality party hire cost in Brisbane?

We priced a few of the “higher end” party entertainers in Brisbane – mostly science parties because that’s just what our child loves.  We found a virtual reality hire company that was priced around the cost of a science party but…. there seems to be a massive difference between companies.

Virtual Reality Parties are still a new thing in Brisbane so the industry hasn’t had a chance to settle on pricing.  This means you are limited in the hire companies you can use.  We had quotes between $380 and $1100 for exactly the same 2 hour service.  It pays to shop around!

Generally, hiring Virtual Reality headsets for your party will include:

  • 2-8 headsets (depending on the kind you select)
  • Staff member to set up and manage the party

None of the current virtual reality hire places provide the little extras that other party hire companies provide.  You won’t get party bags or invitations or any of the other bells and whistles, it’s straight up party hire.

Types of Virtual Reality Brisbane Parties

Before booking, you will need to choose the type of VR party you want to have.  You can opt for a gaming party or an experience party.

Virtual Reality Gaming Parties – Best for Older Kids

Virtual reality gaming parties are where the kids can game in a virtual world side by side!  These are ideal for small groups (so nobody is left sitting there watching others have fun) with time to get into the game.  Ideally, this is the “entertainment before the sleepover” for small groups of older kids and teens.  The HTC Vive gives a more “immersive” experience and is easier for kids of all ages to control.

Virtual Reality Experience Parties – Best for Younger Kids

Virtual reality experience parties are great for younger kids (5-10) celebrating their birthday with A LOT of friends.  Each experience video goes just a few minutes and kids don’t need to learn to operate the headsets – they just pop them on and enter a world of 3D thrills.  From death defying parachute jumps, to rollercoasters, surfing the big waves and swimming with dolphins, these quick fun experiences are an ideal way to entertain smaller kids… and their parents.  While kids participate in other party games, you’ll notice the line of parents swaying along with the rollercoaster track too!

Top Tips for hiring Virtual Reality Brisbane

  • Book it first, before you pick the date for your birthday party.  There’s a lot of demand for Virtual Reality in Brisbane!
  • Minimum ages apply, read the Ts and Cs carefully
  • Start the party with a little talk about how they must respect the headsets and be careful with them!
  • Kids will need a space to enjoy the experience. For gaming parties this is a large space where they can stand individually without bumping into things and each other.  For experience parties, it’s a couch where they can all sit.
  • I struggled a bit with the booking process as I didn’t find all the info I needed to make the right booking.  You may need to be very clear from the first contact with the Virtual Reality Brisbane Hire Company as they all seem terribly busy… admin doesn’t seem to be their strength.
  • If you are allowing siblings to come to the party, be clear on the invite that young siblings will not be able to play.  Each VR hire company will have a minimum age limit on participants, especially if you’re having a “gaming party”.
  • Expect silence.  This will be the quietest kids birthday party you ever throw!  The kids will sit there in silence as they sway and turn along with the movies they’re viewing.
  • Sick tummies.  For kids that experience motion sickness, virtual reality experiences can be a little tummy turning, especially after all that party food.  At the beginning of the party, it’s a good idea to let kids know if they’re feeling ill, to take a break from the VR experiences.

There’s lots of differences between virtual reality hire places in Brisbane.  It pays to shop around but it’s vital to know EXACTLY what you want before you put your deposit down as most Brisbane Virtual Reality Party Hire Companies have different and confusing options.  VR parties are totally awesome and very popular for Brisbane families – so book in advance to avoid disappointment!

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