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Is Costco Membership worth it? We asked REAL parents!

Considering Costco Membership? We went to the source. We asked our REAL families what they REALLY thought – you might be surprised by their answers!

Is Costco Membership worth it?

We’ve all heard of Costco, right? Even if you’ve never been there – it’s pretty hard to miss Costco-Mania!

You’ll hear Costco converts talk endlessssssssssly about the savings, the convenience, the never-before-seen-variety of items. ALL THE KID STUFF!

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But it comes at a cost. You MUST be a member to take advantage of all that Costco has to offer.

So we wondered… was it all worth it? Sure, buying toilet paper en masse seems like a great idea (if you’ve got the storage) but do the savings ACTUALLY work out in your family’s favour?

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Is Costco Membership ACTUALLY worth it?! Or is it too much trouble for too little payoff?

We asked our Families Family. And their answers didn’t disappoint.

Our Facebook Family comments – Is Costco Membership worth it?

  • I love it for family! All the gatherings and festivities throughout the year.You definitely do save money if you shop smart. And I love my $2 hotdog and soft drink at the end ? – Heather
  • Depends. When I could get there on a weekday without kids and when it wasn’t busy I used it all the time and it was helpful and did save money, but now I work full time and can only get there on the weekends. It’s too busy and I hate going so let my membership lapse and haven’t missed it. – Bethwyn
  • No. In particular if you aren’t Northside. Better off sharing the cost with someone and going shopping together, although realistically, unless you’re doing monthly bulk shops it’s not really worth the “savings”. – Beth
  • No we try to limit processed foods and found the stuff we did buy and save on didn’t cover the membership for the year…. although I LOVE the wrapping paper. – Kelly
  • 100% yes. Especially their Kirkland products which are their brand. Great quality and excellent prices. If you have the space to store non-perishables, then it is definitely worth it. – Machaela

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  • Yes I love it. We live over 2 hrs away and I always love going there when i can. Nappies for grandkids and toilet paper etc always great savings for us. – Bec
  • Yep. I get my membership worth back in fuel/diesel savings. I don’t tend to buy much In the way of processed foods. But do buy bulk laundry and cleaning products. Love the Xmas wrapping paper and various specials. – Fran
  • It is for us as we live only 5 minutes away near the Costco at North Lakes and the fuel prices are always cheaper. We also buy our meat in bulk and it is always good value and good quality. Milk is also slightly cheaper and I buy big boxes of baby wipes. I also found some great savings on toys there for kids Christmas presents. But I don’t think the savings would be worth it if you were travelling a long way but if you live close by it’s worth it for the fuel alone. – Louise
  • I love it and with the new store opening in Bundamba I’ll go even more than I do now! – Belinda
  •  Definite yes from me. I was never able to afford hearing aides and was quoted upward of $9k (both ears) – Costco charged $2k for same technology. All audiologist appointments are covered with the annual fee. – Charmaine
  • Yes but we only buy certain things as balance is no difference to Coles Woolworths Aldi …go have a walk around first. If you can’t get in door I’ll happily take you for a tour as we have a card – Ross

What’s the verdict?

There were HEAPS more responses. Check them out here:

Your best bet is to see if you can hitch along with a friend or family member who already has Costco membership. See if the products that they stock are of interest and value to your family before signing up.

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