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Christmas Charcuterie Wreath Ideas for a Sensational Centrepiece

Move over chips ‘n’ dips, there’s a new centrepiece set to steal the show this Christmas! Christmas wreath charcuterie boards are a delectable edible festive decoration guaranteed to wow your party guests. We’re so excited by these, and you just have to get on board! The whole Families Magazine office is drooling over these Christmas charcuterie wreath ideas, and we all know what we’ll be serving up at our next festive family gathering.

Ingredients for your charcuterie Christmas wreath

Charcuterie in old French literally means cooked meat. Nowadays the term encompasses a variety of delicatessen items, fruit, savoury wafers and biscuits, and complimentary dips, spreads, and finger foods artfully presented in a way that tantalises the tastebuds and encourages indulgence. Try these “charcuter-wreath” ingredient ideas that everyone will love:

Meats to use for your Christmas wreath charcuterie

  • Thinly sliced salami
  • Cured ham (e.g., prosciutto)
  • Pate
  • Pepperoni
  • Sliced chorizo

Cheeses for your Christmas charcuterie wreath

You want a mix of soft and hard cheeses of various strength, flavour, and texture. Consider cheeses with added fruit and herbs for a burst of Christmas colour. We like:

  • Soft cheeses like herb-rolled brie, creamy Camembert, and goat milk cheese
  • Shaped cheese like mozzarella balls
  • Firm cheese like strong cheddar, edam, and gruyère
  • Hard cheese like pecorino
  • Colourful cheese like those filled with dried fruit (cranberry cheese is very festive!)
  • Crumbly cheese like feta and blue cheeses

Fruits for your Christmas charcuterie wreath

We’re lucky in Australia that our traditionally festive fresh fruits are all so colourful! Your Australian Christmas charcuterie wreath will be bursting with colour and flavour with these fresh and dried fruits:

  • Cranberries – the obvious Christmas choice!
  • Cherries – no Aussie Christmas is complete without them
  • Pomegranate – a rich colour and versatile décor item
  • Grapes
  • Blueberries
  • Apricots – fresh or dried
  • Strawberries
  • Star fruit – crisp and zingy
  • Watermelon – the perfect accompaniment to feta and mint
  • Mango
  • Fresh and/or dried figs
  • Red apple
  • Cumquats

The perfect complementary items for a charcuterie wreath

Choose a mix of sweet and savoury items to add colour and texture. We like:

  • Olives
  • Nuts, especially walnuts and hazelnuts
  • Quality chocolate pieces
  • Fresh honeycomb
  • Pickled vegetables and antipasto
  • Pastes and jellies (e.g. quince and fig)
  • Fancy crackers and wafers
  • Decorative items like pinecones, ribbons, fresh rosemary sprigs, and herbs

Presenting your Christmas charcuterie wreath

With a charcuterie wreath, it’s all about the presentation. Presentation is key to creating the wow factor, so consider your layout and your finishing touches.

We found a selection of boards that will work perfectly here.

  • Build your board by laying out all the cheeses, then the meats, and fill in gaps with fruit and other accompaniments
  • Fold, layer, or wrap meat slices into ‘roses’
  • Cut cheese into bite sized shapes with festive cutters
  • Add lots of greenery (rosemary looks a lot like pine sprigs!)
  • Add ribbon, pinecones, or small baubles for an authentic Christmas wreath appearance
  • Don’t forget cocktail sticks (for picking up olives) and the cheese and pate knives!

If you don’t feel confident in your creativity, just remember wreaths are round and fairly symmetrical in design and you can’t go far wrong. We found these amazing charcuterie Christmas wreaths online.

Festive fruit

fresh fruity Christmas charcuterie wreath with pomegranate stars

We love how the creator of this colourful charcuterie wreath has cut a star out of the soft cheese and filled it with pomegranate seeds. And the salami roses are amazing! Recipe from The Recipe Critic.

Follow that star!

Festive star charcuterie Christmas wreath

Stars and triangles add an extra dimension to this festive charcuterie wreath. If you can’t find star shaped crackers, use slices of star fruit instead. Find out how to make this board from The Baker Mama.

Sweet and… salami!

Green and gold charcuterie wreath

We love the soft green and gold of this charcuterie wreath. The recipe is from The Gifted Wreath, and includes a tutorial on how to make simple salami roses.

Perfectly pro-portioned

ready to share charcuterie wreath

This is the perfect Christmas charcuterie wreath for passing around. Each serve is ready to go with meat, cheese, olives and tomatoes on a flavour-filled skewer. Image from charlotsofflavours on Instagram.

Bursting with colour

charcuterie wreath bursting with colourful fruits

Edible blooms, fresh, dried and candied fruit, yoghurt-coated pretzels – it would be impossible to “pick delicately” at this eye-popping feast! Credit goes to onboard-byashely on Instagram.

Merry and bright

Red and green foliage charcuterie board

We just love how pretty this board looks – the red fruits and green foliage are so festive. Credit for this one goes to Cynthia B via All Recipes.

Take three!

simple cheese and salami charcuterie wreath

There’s a “rule of three” that can be applied to charcuterie boards: three different cheeses, three different meats, three different biscuits, and three different accompaniments). This wreath keeps it simple with three cheeses and meats, garnished with olives and rosemary sprigs. It is so quick and easy to make, but looks spectacular. We found this at Number 2 Pencil.

More charcuterie board inspiration

We love to share, and charcuterie boards are the perfect platter for sharing. If you want more inspiration for creative share platters, you’ll love these:

PS. If you don’t have the perfect platter at home to serve these, check out this range here.

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