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Beerwah State High School
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Beerwah state high school logoNumber of Students: 884

Why choose Beerwah State High School?

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Opened in 1992, Beerwah State High School is a recognised and well regarded secondary school in the Sunshine Coast region.
Beerwah State High School staff members remain committed to the school’s culture, being rich in tradition and encouragement by way of providing quality public education. There is a comprehensive leadership program in place to support students, with the school split into four sub schools concentrating on welfare. There are ten Heads of Department, three Heads of House and a Registrar under two Deputy Principals and the school Principal. Beerwah State High School boasts an active Student Council and Parents’ and Citizens’ Association that contributes toward the support, goals and leadership of the school.

Additional activities offered:

Students as Beerwah State High School are offered a number of subjects when they reach year 11 and 12. To reach that point, a Student Education and Training Plan is put in place and the completion of vocational education courses are an integral component of year 10. All year 10 students participate in a Certificate I in Information, Design, Media and Technology and begin a short course in Career Education in year 10, which leads them on the pathway to obtain their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). Senior students study English or English Communication and at least one mathematics related study unit as a compulsory part of their education. Other chosen subjects relate to areas of interest, which lead to future career opportunities.

Senior students at Beerwah State High School study five subjects. English or English Communication is compulsory and all students must also study at least one mathematics subject. All other subjects are offered for students to select via subject lines and should relate to interest areas and future career pathways.
School based traineeships and work placements are encouraged, and senior school students also have access to a range of flexible learning opportunities linked with Brisbane School of Distance Education, Sunshine Coast Technical Trade Training Centre (SCTTTC) and TAFE courses.
Senior students are granted flexible study arrangements when participating in flexible learning opportunities. Year 11 students have a flexible learning day on a Thursday and year 12 student have a flexible learning day on Wednesday, meaning students are not required at school on these days unless required.
Beerwah State High School offers a variety of sports to its students and success in sporting competitions. There are six inter-house events held over the course of the year in swimming, cross country, athletics and triathlon, run the corridors and cheer cup.
Other extra-curriculum activities include school discos, the annual Battle of the Bands, public speaking, musical productions, an interact club and student council.

Facilities at Beerwah State High School:

As well as an arts theatre and indoor stadium, Beerwah State High School is a modern design secondary school, which boasts extensive landscaping and well-maintained facilities.

Other info about Beerwah State High School:

Beerwah State High School follows a Coalition Education Enrichment (CEEP) program. The educational experience, run over three full school days, aims to develop the skills and abilities of students in the areas of history, science, art, design technology and athletics.

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