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Arcadia College, Varsity Lakes – Parent Fact Sheet with all the info!

Are you considering enrolment for your child at Arcadia College in Varsity Lakes? Read our parent fact sheet to help make an informed decision..

Why choose Arcadia College in Varsity Lakes?

Arcadia College in Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast, is a secondary school for teenagers who have moved away from mainstream schooling. It is a co-educational, independent learning environment.

The focus at this esteemed educational environment is on the establishment of strong, positive and respectful relationships between adults and students. This leads to stronger engagement, improvement in emotional well-being and a rise in academic achievement. Classes are project-based and individual learning plans are created for each student in this supportive environment.

What sporting and co-curricular options are there at Arcadia College in Varsity Lakes?

Arcadia College provides a very different model of teaching and learning. Students attend Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm and are often very busily engaged in work placements, work experience and internships. Students undertake study in VET certificate courses and may even structure their learning based around part-time and volunteering work that falls during school hours.

What are the public transport options?

This helpful map indicates bus routes that service the areas around the College. Click here to see the map – scroll down to the second page.

What are the school fees per year?

Arcadia College does not charge tuition fees. They do have to charge a small levy to make sure that each student can access the resources and opportunities provided for things like excursions and outdoor learning experiences.

What are the boarding options?

There are no boarding options at Arcadia College in Varsity Lakes.

Does Arcadia College offer scholarships and how do we apply?

Arcadia College does not currently offer scholarships.

Follow this link to message Arcadia College to book an individual tour of the facilities.

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