National Science Week – Get serious about science in YOUR house!

National Science Week is here again! The 2018 celebrations run from 11th – 19th August and they’re set to ROCK. YOUR. KIDS. WORLDS! This year’s theme is Game Changers and Change Makers. Sounds cool! Your child’s school will be doing HEAPS of activities and there will be plenty of chances for you to get out and about in August to a number of great events across Brisbane.

Public Events for National Science Week

  • Street Science presents NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK at the South Bank Piazza on August 11th
  • Engineers Without Borders presents CREATING OUR WORLD (DIY technology workshops) at QUT’s The Edge on August 18th
  • Griffith Indigenous STEM Experience (Nathan campus) on August 9th
  • Inspiring Champions for Moreton Bay (community cruise from Manly) on August 11th
  • Virtual Reality Experience at Upper Coomera Library on August 13th

You can find more details for these great National Science Week experiences, and more, at this link. 

Bring National Science Week to your house!

We all know about the benefits of engaging kids EARLY in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) engagement. It can spark a love of learning, engineering and maths (STEM) engagement. It can spark a love of learning, enquiry and creativity that will have positive impacts on your children for years to come. Who knows – the next Alfred Einstein or Marie Curie could be living under your roof RIGHT NOW!

If you’ve got pre-school aged kids, if you’re homeschooling or if you’re looking for some great science based activities to run over the school holidays then you’re in the right place!

Here are some pre-prepared scientific experiments we’ve already prepared! Follow the links to a run down of instructions, resources and activities suggestions.

Dry Ice Experiments for Kids!

national science week dry ice

We’ve gone MAD in our Families Magazine science lab and cooked up 10 awesomely fun dry ice experiments that you can do with kids in your own house! (Don’t worry – we go through all the safety requirements first).

These dry ice science experiments will appeal to kids from teeny tots to too-cool teens so make sure you check them out.

Walking Water Science Experiment

This experiment is great for learning about primary colours and the properties of water. It’s also really pretty!

Fantastic for little ones. List of resources is pretty easy to come by and mess is limited! You can find it here.

National Science Week walking water


3 Simple Science Experiments for little ones!

We love this collection of basic experiments. Here, your kids will learn about:

  • How seeds grow (sustainability)
  • Density and buoyancy (basic physics)
  • Acids and bases (basic chemistry)

All before they’ve hit prep! Score! Find out how to grow your new housemates here

National Science Week grow


Create your very own water play table!

Water play is always a huge hit with the babies and toddlers set and this is one of our favourite science-based activities that you can do at home. Find this water play table here.

This detailed post contains everything you’ll need as well as a cool video overview. (How sciencey!) Get those little minds working overtime with a great hands-on science activity to celebrate National Science Week.

Another cool thing about getting little minds engaged with science? It generally leads to a pretty decent nap!

STEM Activities for the home – National Science Week celebrations!

This is for the slightly older set (pre-school to junior primary) so a great resource for homeschoolers or for school holidays.

Here you’ll find:

  • Fireworks in a jar!
  • A real working volcano!
  • Bridge building activities!

National Science Week kids


National Science Week – Get involved!

There are HEAPS of activities happening in South East Queensland to celebrate NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK. Make sure you keep your ear to the ground, your eyes on the microscope and your data tabled into a neat graph. Science ahoy!


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