Walking Water Science Experiment for Kids

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The Walking Water science experiment is a wonderful colourful and fun way to teach kids about absorption and mixing primary colours.

Things you will need:

Easy Kids Science Experiments - Walking Water

Things you will need

  • 7 clear plastic cups
  • water
  • paper towel
  • teaspoon to stir
  • food colouring: red, blue, yellow

What You Need to Do:

1) Line up the 7 cups filling every second cup with water

2) Drop food colouring into the cups as follows: both end cups red, one middle cup blue, one middle cup yellow.

3) Stir

4) Fold the paper towel square in half and then in half again – do this for 6 paper squares

Walking Water Science Experiments for Kids

Fold your paper towel like this

5) Carefully place the paper towel in each cup – one end in water, one end in the empty cup

Easy Kids Science Experiments - Walking Water

Place paper towel to form a ‘bridge’ to each cup

6) Wait for about 2 – 3 hours

7) When you return you will see the water has ‘walked’ over the bridges into the empty cups to form new blended colours

Easy Kids Science Experiments - Walking Water

After a few hours the water will ‘walk’ over the bridge

Watch our video to see the details of how to do this – click on the image:

walking water


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  1. Alex says:

    this is a very fun experiment at least I think so.

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