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BMX Tracks in Brisbane: Perfect for an Active Day Out!

Whether your kids want to do some scenic riding on a sunny afternoon or drift and flip around a classic dirt track, there are tons of awesome BMX tracks in Brisbane for them, just waiting to be discovered! With over 20 BMX tracks scattered all over Brisbane it’s just a matter of finding the perfect one for your family. And who knows, maybe they will be the next BMX star riding in the Olympic Games. The BMX tracks and parks in Brisbane have been kept to the highest quality to ensure a fun morning or afternoon out. So why don’t you take your kids to try out the latest BMX jumps that are all around you.

In Brisbane we are so lucky to have perfect weather for BMX riding. A warm afternoon under the dappled sunshine from the gum trees is awesome for BMX riding. The best time to BMX ride is in spring or autumn, where temperatures will be cool. However even in perfect weather your kids are going to get tired in BMX parks, so it’s crucial to always keep their water and energy levels high when riding your local BMX tracks in your nearest park or playground.

BMX riding is a part of Brisbane that can’t be ignored. Thousands of people everyday head out to hit the latest BMX parks and ride their local BMX tracks. The number of tracks and parks on offer in Brisbane is massive and the question is really which one will work best for your family. So, why don’t you go join the hundreds of other family’s BMX riding. And keep reading to find the best BMX tracks in Brisbane.

BMX on Northside of Brisbane

The Northside of Brisbane is great for young aspiring BMX riders. With two of the best BMX parks in Brisbane filled with tons of BMX jumps, this makes for a perfect family afternoon.

1. Bracken Ridge BMX facility

Our kids at Bracken Ridge BMX facility
Our kids at Bracken Ridge BMX facility

Being one of the biggest off-road BMX bike tracks in Brisbane and having professional grade facilities this makes Bracken Ridge BMX track a must visit for aspiring BMX rider and families alike. This trrack is our favourite!

This amazing track was designed by Olympic BMX experts to allow for riders of all ages to perfect their techniques on the pump tracks and freestyle jumps (from 40cm- 160cm in height). This facility has over six hundred metres of asphalt track to allow for riders to practice in any weather and a viewing platform in the park for parents. This track is one of my personal favourites and I have been here numerous times.

Address: The Bracken Ridge BMX facility is on the corner of Lemke and Telegraph roads, Fitzgibbon

2. Pine Rivers BMX track

Pine Rivers BMX track is great for older kids wanting to practice their skills on the BMX jumps and Pump tracks. The Pine Rivers BMX track is always well maintained and in perfect condition. This track has water fountains and toilets all within easy reach for the perfect afternoon. However, when planning your trip to Pine Rivers track, check that it’s open first. The track is closed to the general public when the club is using it for races and training sessions. But this can all be seen on their Facebook page.

Pine Rivers Track Club Website: click here

Address: Nolan Park, 34 Kenworth PI, Brendale QLD 4500

BMX on Southside Brisbane

There are many more BMX tracks on the Southside than there are on the Northside. So, if you are looking for a place to spend the day, the Southside is the place to be.

3. Darra BMX track

If your kids are new to BMX riding the Darra Park is perfect for them. This BMX Park has a great pump track for all ages and the jumps are great for learning new tricks and skills. The grounds are well maintained and perfect for a fun afternoon with your friends and family. There are lots of spaces for parking and water bubblers can be found throughout the park So, if your kids want to start learning how to jump and flip on a bike, Darra Park is a great place for them.  

Address: 58 Monier Rd, Darra QLD 4076

4. Yeronga BMX jumps

The Yeronga BMX jumps is definitely one of my favourite family tracks when planning birthdays. With tons of shade and well-designed tracks for all ages it really is perfect. The jumps in the track range from beginner to advanced letting everyone have fun and get better at their own pace. With toilets just nearby it’s definitely a park to try out.

Address: Yeronga QLD 4104

5. Apex Park BMX track

Apex Park is great for the younger BMX riders out there. With three loose pump tracks, flying fox and climbing frame, Apex Park is a great place for young children to spend the afternoon. They can learn the basics of BMX riding with a low chance of injury, which is reassuring for parents. With the park always being well maintained and having lots of shade, Apex Park in great for birthdays or just a fun afternoon. And with great picnic facility’s Apex Park BMX track is definitely one to visit.

Address: 19 Starkey St, Wellington Point QLD 4160

6. Browns Plain BMX track

The Brown Plain BMX track is another great option for BMX riding in Brisbane. With a well-maintained pump track and lots of jumps Brown Plains BMX track is a great place to spend the day. With lots of parking on sight and toilets nearby this track really has everything on offer. The Browns Plain BMX track is closed on Tuesday nights however, for the BMX club, so keep this in mind when planning your trip.

Address: 1-45 Waller Rd, Browns Plains QLD 4118

7. Beenleigh BMX track

The Beenleigh BMX track is great for kids more into dirt biking. Because most of the track is made up of dirt and sand it is a great track for more experienced dirt bike riders in Brisbane. This track is well maintained to the high standards of the club, and your kids will never get bored. And if you’re kids are looking to start dirk bike riding then the club will definitely help them learn.

Address: Boundary St & Logan St, Beenleigh QLD 4207

8. Logan City BMX Academy

The Logan city BMX Academy is a great place for kids if they want to give BMX riding a try or improve their skills. The BMX Academy is a place for kids to learn BMX tricks in a safe and friendly environment, and you can book your kids into classes if they are interested. Logan City BMX Academy is also a great place for kids to make friends and the community is welcoming to everyone. I definitely recommend this club to anyone looking to learn how to BMX ride and make some new friends.

Address: Underwood Rd,Priestdale QLD 4127

9. Macgregor BMX facility

The Macgregor BMX facility is a little gem on the Southside of Brisbane for BMX riding and families alike. With a well put together medium pump track perfect for kids of all skill levels, your kids will stay entertained for the whole afternoon. And with barbecues, picnic tables, parking, toilets all on site and tons of shade, Macgregor BMX is another great place in Brisbane for a kid’s birthday party. This BMX facility is definitely one to check out if you are in the area or planning a birthday party. And, as another bonus, the D.M. Henderson off-road skill track is just next door.

Address: 114 Granadilla St, Macgregor QLD 4109

10. D.M. Henderson off-road skill track

The D.M. Henderson off road skill track is one of my favourite tracks for older and more experienced riders. With lots of jumps and space for older kids to ride without younger children getting in the way you won’t have to worry about anyone getting bored. The facilities are always maintained to the highest of standards and will definitely have your kids begging to go back. And with the Macgregor BMX facility next door you will have access to all their top-notch facilities for birthdays and family afternoons.

Address: 114 Granadilla St, Macgregor QLD 4109

11. Petter Scot skate park

This small park is great for young kids between the ages of 5-8 and beginner BMX riders. It’s a great park for kids in the afternoon to practice some small jumps or ride around the little pump track. It will keep young kids and beginners entertained for a few hours. However, the facilities in the park aren’t big enough to support a large birthday party or experienced riders. Don’t get me wrong, this park is great for the afternoon, but I would recommend the bigger BMX parks for birthday parties or older riders.

Address: Muriel Ave, Moorooka QLD 4105

12. Meakin park pump track

The Meakin park pump track is a very small track for very young kids just beginning BMX riding. This park contains only one small pump track for riders. However, don’t let this turn you away. Meakin park pump track is a great place to learn how to start BMX riding without getting in the way of older riders. And as a parent if you’re in the area and need to kill some time, definitely give this park a try.

Address: Meakin Rd near, Queens Rd, Slacks Creek QLD 4127

13. Redlands BMX club

The Redlands BMX club is one of my favourite BMX communities for all skill levels. The club is so friendly and treats all kids with respect no matter how experienced or novice they are. The tracks and facilities are kept to a high standard ensuring you will never be disappointed. And even when it is closed the main track is still accessible but the toilets and starting gate are locked. So, if your kids are looking for a BMX community definitely check out Redlands BMX club.

Address: Degen Rd and Mount Cotton Rd, Capalaba QLD 4157

14. Cascade Gardens BMX track

The Cascade Gardens BMX track is a great addition to the BMX parks in the Southside of Brisbane. With a well put together pump track and lots of jump this is the perfect recipe for a fun afternoon. This track has lots of well-maintained facilities such as toilets, water bubblers and picnic tables, that you can use to host the perfect BMX birthday party. And with the sheer diversity of jumps this park can accommodate for all ages.

Address: Victoria Point QLD 4165

15. Days Road BMX track

The Days Road BMX track is definitely a Southside family favourite and one to try out if you are in the area. With a large trail variety for all ages and BBQ, toilets, and picnic facilities, there is something for everyone. The tracks are very well made, and kids of all ages will have lots of fun. Having visited many times in the holidays, my personal tips would be to go early to beat the crowds and get the picnic facilities as they fill up quickly.

Address: Redland Bay QLD 4165

16. Charlie Buckler Memorial sportsground – BMX track

The Charlie Buckler Memorial BMX track is a small pump track for younger kids. The track does not have any challenging jumps for experienced riders so older riders may get bored quickly. With no picnic facilities the Charlie Buckler Memorial BMX track would not be able to accommodate for a party. This track is good for an afternoon but if you are looking for something larger, I would recommend other parks, such as Days Road BMX track or Redlands BMX club.

Address: Redland Bay QLD 4165

17. Wellington Street Park BMX facility

The Wellington Street Park BMX facility is, as the name suggested, a great place for BMX riding. To get the most out of this park your kids should be experienced riders. There are lots of jumps that are not available at other parks, and your kids will have an opportunity to experiment with harder tricks in a safe environment. However even if your kids are not experienced riders, they can still have fun on the smaller jumps. The park’s facilities are well made and always maintained to a high standard. So, if you’re in the area, I would definitely recommend giving this park a try.

Address: Cleveland QLD 4163

18. Runaway Bay skate park

Runaway Bay skate park is an awesome park for all ages to BMX ride when your kids want to do tricks. There are lots of jumps and a great skate bowl so all ages can ride together in harmony. However, there is no pump track for dirt bike riding so keep this in mind. My advice would be to beat the crowds and get there so your kids get the best out of this amazing skate park.

Address: 385 Oxley Dr, Runaway Bay QLD 4216

19. Russell Island BMX park

This BMX Park is great for kids more interested in dirt bike and pump track riding than BMX tricks. With a well put together dirk bike and pump track, children of all ages will be entertained long into the afternoon. This track is set up in a great central location on the island and provided tons of shade for parents to set up a picnic. And the best thing is, this park is almost never busy so you can turn up any time.

Address: Russell Island QLD 4184

20. EGW Wood Sportsfield – BMX pump track

This is a great BMX pump track for all ages to ride on. The pump track is well put together and big enough for lots of children. With enough opportunities for older riders and spaces for beginners, the whole family can participate. So, if you are looking for a BMX park, give EGW wood Sports field a try.

Address: Anson Rd, Wellington Point QLD 4160

BMX Tracks in Brisbane

Now you know the best BMX parks across Brisbane. We hope to see you out there with your family jumping and zooming round the courses. We know that your kids will enjoy their time at whatever BMX park you choose. And who knows, maybe your kids will be the next BMX champions.

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