Climbing Mt Coolum with kids – What you need to know before you go!

mt coolum with kids
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Mt Coolum perches majestically looking down on the Sunshine Coast and surveying the entire area around. So is climbing to the top WITH KIDS completely out of the question? Here’s our advice on what to know before you go!

Climbing Mt Coolum… with kids?!

Yes, it’s possible! Yes, it can be done! And YES – this is a great experience that’s bound to create lasting memories for everyone.

What do we need to know about climbing Mt Coolum?

The first thing you need to know is that it can get really, really hot.

For that reason, we would recommend climbing Mt Coolum (particularly if you’ve got kids in tow) to either the cooler parts of the year or, if not, the cooler parts of the day. This is a gorgeous climb but the sun can be a real punisher. If you’re taking a baby, consider how sweaty you’ll get even in the coolest of carriers!

You need to be SUN SMART. Hat, covered arms and legs, sunscreen and plenty of water. Again, Mt Coolum is spectacular and you’ll appreciate it far more if you’re not horribly sun burned.

Mt Coolum can become incredibly slippery during rain and wet seasons. Potentially more experienced climbers will be able to chance it but if you’ve got kids with you we’d just recommend giving it a hard pass. Not worth the potential broken limb!

CLOSELY supervise your children at all times. Stay on paths and stay together.

mt coolum family shot summit

Exploring the beautiful Sunshine Coast

There are SO MANY things to see and do with kids on the Sunshine Coast. You can make a splash at a water park, run down our bucket list of things to do in Noosa with kids or check out the very best Sunshine Coast playgrounds!

What’s your favourite thing to do on the beautiful Sunny Coast? Have you climbed Mt Coolum? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Susan Trani says:

    Have definitely put Mt Coolum on our list now! We did Mt Ngungun a few weeks ago and it was awesome and quite kid friendly also.

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