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7 Stylish Ideas for Decorating Your Teen Girl’s Bedroom

It was inevitable. Your teenage daughter has outgrown the Disney princesses, unicorns, or mermaids that have decorated her bedroom since she was much younger. She’s ready for a change – but what will her new bedroom décor look like? Check out 7 stylish teen bedroom tips you might want to use for decorating your teen girl’s bedroom:

1.  Consider a Canopy Bed

Your girl has many options for grown-up beds. Right now, canopy beds are an on-trend style to consider. Manufacturers are offering many options ranging from simple and modernist to bohemian and romantic.

If you choose a canopy bed that includes abundant draperies, the design would offer extra privacy that could be quite appealing to a teenage girl. Such a bed could become the ideal spot for a blossoming teen to whisper secrets with her girlfriends, or to take shelter in when she is feeling confused.

2.  A Platform Storage Bed Could Be Ideal

A storage bed might be a preferable option if your daughter’s bedroom is a particularly small one. If there isn’t enough room for multiple dressers and shelving units, consider a storage bed as one of the most practical choices for maximising the space.

3.  Choose a Hotel-Style Bedhead

One way to emulate the ambiance found in posh hotels: Encourage your daughter to select a lovely bedhead for her bedroom. Pretty bedheads can make a room seem heaps more luxurious, and they are stylish at the moment.

If your daughter would enjoy a feminine style of decorating, a richly upholstered bedhead might offer just the right touch of elegance. If her tastes lean more towards minimalism, a plain timber bedhead might offer a look she’d favour.

4.  Hide Her Childish Bedding With a Chic Quilt Cover

If your daughter is reluctant to part with her beloved favorite childhood blanket, there’s a simple solution. Let her keep it, but enclose it inside a stylish quilt cover or duvet cover. This will hide the blanket in all its shabby glory, while allowing her to hang onto it for as long as she pleases.

Teen bedroom designs

You have many options for quilt covers and duvets that could work for this purpose. Solid-colored bamboo quilt covers are timeless classics that will retain their appeal for many years. With floral prints trending in popularity at the moment, a colorful flower print duvet cover is another possibility to consider.

5.  Include a Work Station

A teenager needs a comfortable work space for studying, reading, doing homework and being creative. Ideally, the space would have a desk, one or more chairs, a computer, a bookshelf and a charging station for electronics. A memo board or dry erase board would be another practical addition to the work station.

6.  Let Her Choose the Artwork

Bare walls are no fun. You may need to do a bedroom repaint to hide the scuffs and move away from wild childhood colour choices. Encourage your daughter to choose several interesting prints, posters or art pieces to hang in her room. If she’s creative, she could even paint or draw her own artwork to display.

7.  Remember the House Plants

A few potted plants can serve multiple purposes in your daughter’s room. They will beautify and enliven her quarters. They can help to teach her responsibility, because she will need to remember to water and care for them. It is also possible that living plants might help to create cleaner air in her bedroom. They’re affordable design elements that can make the space look heaps more home-like and enticing.

Teen bedroom tips

When it’s time to transform a little girl’s bedroom into a teenager’s, these are 7 of the best ideas for facilitating the transition. Together, you and your daughter can use these ideas to create a space she’ll find irresistible.

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