Kerbside Collection Brisbane | Get the Latest on Clean-Ups in Your Suburb

Kerbside Collection Brisbane
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Kerbside Collection Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Logan and Ipswich occur at various points throughout the year. Due to COVID, some Councils have cancelled or postponed their collections until 2022. 

Read on for a breakdown of what’s happening in each Council area plus everything you need to know about hard rubbish collections in your local suburb!

Kerbside Pickup in your area

Here’s the lowdown on your local Council’s kerbside collection policies.

Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council kerbside collection services help residents dispose of large household items. Residents will be informed via a flyer at least one week before the collection in your suburb. You can also get reminders when you download the Brisbane Bin and Recycling app. You must place your items for collection on the kerbside in front of your property by 6am on the first day of the collection period.

Residential households in the Brisbane local government area, including houses and multi-unit dwellings, are eligible to take part in the kerbside large item collection service. Properties that are not eligible include commercial properties, schools and vacant land.

Redland City Council

Redlands City Council does not provide a kerbside collection of bulky items. Instead, Redlands residents can take unwanted items and waste to their nearest Redlands Recycling and Waste Centres at no charge. Photo ID and proof of residency must be shown. This resource has information about where you can take bulky items. There is home assist service offered to residents in possession of a Pension Concession Card, DVA Gold Card or a confirmation benefit letter.

Logan City Council

Each year, Logan City Council holds a kerbside clean-up to help residents dispose of large household items and green waste. You’ll need to leave your unwanted items on the kerb by 6am on the first day of collection.

This resource shows dates for 2022 depending on your suburb along with full details of what can be included and how much can be disposed of. 

Ipswich City Council

You can find the latest schedule for kerbside collections from Ipswich City Council here. Residents will receive a flyer informing them of upcoming collection dates (or you can check the website). Ensure items are placed at the kerbside by the day before the collection. Find out what can and can’t be included in the kerbside collection here

Moreton Bay Region

The Moreton Bay Region has no regular kerbside collections.

Gold Coast City Council

The Gold Coast City Council has a flexible option for kerbside collections. Eligible Gold Coast residents can book one FLEXiSKiP for free per year. This is a heavy-duty, 3 cubic metre skip bag with a one-tonne capacity (it is big enough to fit couches, mattresses and other large bulky items). Eligibility criteria applies.  Find out more here.

Sunshine Coast Council

The Sunshine Coast Council does not offer a kerbside collection. However, they have established a large household item waste collection directory with the intent of helping residents find local suppliers offering paid waste collection services for unwanted items that are difficult to move.

What else do you need to know about kerbside collection Brisbane?

If your local Council offers kerbside collections (hint: not all of them do!), you’ll be notified by mail or by checking on your council website about when your collection period will be. The advice is to place your kerbside collection or hard rubbish items in front of your house during the weekend prior to collection week.

Find below a guide as to what can usually be collected and what is usually excluded from the collections. However, please be sure to check your local council link for confirmation of what you can and can’t include in your council area.

Items collected in kerbside collection Brisbane

Green waste:

  • tree and shrub clippings and palm fronds must be cut into 1m lengths and tied into bundles
  • leaves and grass clippings left in cardboard boxes (not plastic bags).

Hard waste:

  • furniture
  • wood products (no longer than 1m in length)
  • carpet and linoleum (lino)
  • stoves, dishwashers and washing machines with doors removed
  • small amounts of building materials like rocks and tiles
  • mattresses
  • tins of dry paint, with the lid removed.

Items NOT collected in kerbside collections

  • tyres, batteries, gas cylinders and fire extinguishers
  • fibro sheeting (whether or not it contains asbestos)
  • hazardous or medical waste, chemicals, oils
  • food or any waste that may rot or attract flies and vermin
  • refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers
  • glass or items that contain glass – including televisions, mirrors and computer monitors, tables, solar panels etc.
  • tree stumps and dirt
  • bean bags containing beans
  • tins of wet paint.

What are the rules for kerbside collection Brisbane and hard rubbish pick up?

A pile of goods waiting for a kerbside collection

Official hard rubbish rules are:

Place your items neatly on the kerb in a pile and observe the following:

  • As a guide, two people should be able to load your waste in five minutes.
  • Place your waste on the footpath in a neat pile. Your waste should not obstruct pedestrian traffic and should not be placed on top of water meters or directly in front of letterboxes or other people’s driveways.
  • Piles of hard waste items should be no larger than 2 metres wide, 1 metre high and 1 metre deep.
  • Green waste must be cut into 1 metre lengths and tied into bundles.
  • Excessive waste loads may not be collected.
  • Again, check your local council for any specific rules they might have.

Unofficial hard rubbish rules are:

  • If someone else could use it – donate it to an op shop instead of sending it to landfill.
  • While you’re not supposed to touch other people’s rubbish piles, IF you do ensure that you leave the area as neat as possible.
  • While you’re not supposed to touch other people’s rubbish piles (notice we keep stressing this?), IF you do please don’t go onto their property to ask them questions about items or that they hold them for you so you can come back with a trailer. That sounds obvious but you’d be surprised…
  • Do your best to ensure that your street stays as neat as possible during collection time
  • Be careful of people pulling over sharply to inspect items if you’re driving on a street that’s involved in kerbside collection.

Kerbside collection Brisbane and beyond – your story

Got any stories about kerbside pickup time? Found anything cool? (Not that we encourage that…) We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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  1. Kaydee says:

    Just wondering what area is for pick-up this month thank you

  2. kim wells says:

    hello i live in deception bay and i was just wanting to know if there is a day for kerbside pick up

  3. Amy-rose HARRISON says:

    Hi wondering when Keperra’s curbside pick up will be so i can be ready

  4. Maureen Lavery says:

    Is there a kerbside pickup coming up for Bulimba and could you please advise when

  5. Maree Maher says:

    Hi. I’m just wondering if and when Belmont will be getting done so I can get ready.
    Thankyou, Maree

  6. Dianne Allison says:

    How do we find out the dates for Kerbside pickups please

  7. Jenevend Cloete says:

    Hi. We live in Birkdale, Collingwood road. Is there a council day collection scheduled for this year?


    • Joanne Crane says:

      Hi Jenevend, Redland City Council doesn’t do a rubbish collection day because they have the free “Waste Transfer Station” in Birkdale that’s open all year round. Just take your proof of address and you can drop any rubbish or recycling off there.

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