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Ready, Aim… Fun! Star Wars Birthday Party

Want a birthday party that’s sure to be a hit? Throw a Star Wars Birthday Party with Laser Tag in a Box

Choosing what to do for your kid’s party can be quite a challenge. Consider the options: jumping castles (kids have out-grown it); bowling (been there, done that); trampolining (too risky); Macca’s (probably not!). What then?

You don’t have to commute to a galaxy far, far away to throw an awesome party. Instead have fun at home! A home laser tag in a box birthday party for your little sharp shooter will keep the kids entertained, and ensure that parents don’t need to re-mortgage the house for their child to have fun.

Create memories that last forever and a party that will really hit the mark with a Star Wars themed party. Mums and Dads can theme the games, decor, party favors, and rations! With a fun Star Wars theme, and if you prepare the snacks and bake the cake yourself, and run do-it-yourself laser games then you can throw a very memorable party without breaking the budget.

laser tag in a box - star wars themed party

Right on Target! Count-Down To A Fantastic Star Wars Themed Party

T-minus 4 weeks.

The first step to a fun filled sci-fi movie inspired party is to send out galactic party invites. Choose a location and time as a Jedi Master Mum or Dad and invite your child’s friends to join the rebellion. Specify your secret rebel base and the time and date for your rendezvous. If you choose your house or a near-by park to have the party this can be relatively inexpensive compared to family entertainment centres or theme parks. The other bonus is that your children just play with the kids they know.

T-minus 3 weeks.

Let The Games Begin! Banish boring parties and book a laser tag in a box rental so your little padawans can save the world, or at least your backyard. Rent a “game box” and use it for Jedi Training. Laser tag in a box games are suitable for boys and girls aged 5 years and up. The most popular age is 10. They say invite the same number of kids as the child’s age, so renting a 10 pack is perfect. You get 5 on the red team and 5 on the blue team. Mind you because you rent for Saturday and get Sunday free, the fun can last as long as you like. Of course you can invite more than 10 kids and just play a round-robin, so everyone gets a turn.  The good news is that the force is strong with all your party-goers when you rent laser tag in a box!

T-minus 2 weeks.

Prepare your battlefield and decorate your party area out-of-this-world colour scheme with royal blue, black and silver balloons. Why not order online or make your own Death Star piñata? And we love those lightsabers made from pool-noodles.

FamilyFun_1024 Ready, Aim... Fun! Star Wars Birthday Party

T-minus 1 week.

No party is complete without party food and with a Star Wars theme the sky is the limit. While professional catering can be expensive if you have the party at home you can save a lot. Be on the lookout for bargain buys for napkins, disposable cups and plates. It makes the day of your event less stressful if you can prepare many items beforehand. Consider making, or buying, R2D2 cookies and Storm Trooper cupcakes a week before and freezing them until party day. A two tier made-to-order birthday cakes can top two hundred dollars. So making your own can certainly save a pretty penny. There is no harm in buying a cake mix or sponge slab cake from a store then decorating it with white frosting, cut off one end to form a semi-circle, then decorate it with light blue and dark blue icing. Then top with a few strategically positioned red lollies for its sensors and holoprojector. Voila! You have an R2D2 birthday cake.

Blast Off!

With the final arrangements in place your kids will have a party to remember. On the day of the party, consider handing out themed loot bag. This is a great way to finish up your Star Wars themed birthday party. You can get sci-fi themed pencils or order Laser Tag lollie bags. Don’t forget to have fun on the big day. This is your little padawan’s day, with their friends and family enjoying the sweet treats and fun laser games it will be a birthday party they never forget.

To find out more about Laser Tag in a box or to book a party click here.

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