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RSPCA Toowoomba – Teaching Teens Responsibility

Teenagers? Responsibility? Can they really go in the same sentence? Of course they can.

As wonderful as it would be, teenagers don’t just wake up one day knowing what responsibility is, they need to be taught. By volunteering at the RSPCA Toowoombaa they can start growing this life skill! See how each position offers a new experience.

Volunteering in Toowoomba provides opportunities

The average teen will roll their eyes at the thought of volunteering, but as a parent you know that it will offer not just your child but also the animals and community many benefits.

By teaching them responsibility prior to them leaving school, they will gain valuable skills that can be utilised later in life. This will also minimise the risk of them becoming bored and wreaking havoc on the community through destructive or vandalising behaviour.

Volunteering at the RSPCA Toowoomba

All volunteers must be 16+ years of age due to public liability insurance. This is the perfect age for teenagers to grasp the importance of life skills before they embark on adulthood. The following positions will assist in teaching them responsibility and team work skills.

There are many roles that would be suitable for young helpers that encourage them and allow them to grow while gaining on the job experience.

  • Customer service – learn to relay key messages, speak confidently, take pride in their appearance and provide a polite demeanour.
  • Fundraising –teaches that giving up their time to offer support and benefit others can be rewarding. This could be as simple as collecting donations of food and blankets for the animals or extend to being part of the team that implements fundraising campaigns.
  • Animal care – by performing the daily cleaning of animal pens, feeding and general tidying; teenagers will learn about hygiene control in addition to learning the care and health requirements necessary for prospective work in the industry.
    • For this position to be worthwhile the teen must have a love for animals and their wellbeing!
  • Foster carer – obviously this position requires parents’ permission as it entails the temporary housing of rescue dogs in Toowoomba, cats, birds, livestock and other animals that need a second chance at life while waiting for adoption.
    • This would require a loving home environment that offers a less stressful atmosphere so the animals can thrive.

Volunteering at the RSPCA Toowoomba, these young adults will gain a sense of pride and achievement from improving animal welfare and the hands on experience will also be a great addition to their resume.

The RSPCA provides an amazing service that relies on the kindness and help of volunteers. Let your teen gain responsibility in the real world, in real life situations while doing something meaningful.

If you or your child are wanting to volunteer your time at the RSPCA Toowoomba, visit the website or stop in at the local shelter to enquire further!

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