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Why The Best Kids Beds Help Them Sleep

There are lots of different types of kids beds to choose from. If you’re looking for the best kids beds, here are some things to consider.

Selecting the right mattresses for children who are learning to transition from a cot or crib to an actual bed is also critical for their development and independence. You may not put importance on it, but it can be a factor for them to get a good night’s sleep. So, every parent should be able to determine the ideal type of bed for their children.

However, with the number of available bed types in the market today, how can you be sure that you choose the best?

Before you can choose the right bed for your children, you should learn first how sleep can affect their development and growth. As parents, you should give importance to the quality of sleep your children need and what are the ways you can ensure that they get it every night. After that, you can pick a bed that you think will be best suited for your children’s needs.

Why healthy sleep is important

Sleep is essential because it is the body’s way of regenerating and recharging the cells that have been working while you move. Just like adults, when children don’t get enough sleep, they become irritated and uncomfortable at the same time.

For kids going to school, not enough sleep will decrease their mental alertness and attention. Lack of healthy and quality sleep can also have an impact on their health and development in many ways, like reducing their immune system’s response to the virus.

Good quality sleep also entails that there are no sleep disturbances during the night. Sleep problems during bedtime will disrupt their days as well. If your children have problems sleeping, they may be more inattentive and can be easily distracted in school. A healthy child cannot only be accomplished with proper nutrition but also with a night of healthy sleep.

What You Can Do To Ensure Healthy Sleep

bedtime story

As parents, it is your responsibility to make sure that your children will get the sleep that they need. You must also know their needs and preferences. Are they comfortable with total darkness? Are they ready to sleep on their own? Is the room temperature enough for them to have a continuous sleep during the night? Do they sleep in their beds comfortably and peacefully?

Aside from making sure that they get the right food, you should also make sure that they are sleeping well and comfortable for 8-10 hours every night. Choosing the right mattress is the first way you can ensure that they get healthy sleep during the night. The right mattress has to be firm, without compromising breathability and comfort.

One of the significant decisions that you should make is making sure your kids get to sleep in a comfortable bed. Choosing the best kids’ beds can be vital in ensuring that your children will get enough sleep during the night. It is also essential for their growth and development while they sleep. Certain bed types are not suitable for younger children, which is why it is best to consider their safety as well.

You will find the different types of beds for your children later in this article so you would have an idea of how to choose one for them.

How The Proper Bed Can Help Children Sleep Well

Like adults, children also have preferences when it comes to their beds. If they stay in a bed that they are uncomfortable with, they will be disturbed and even feel body pains in the morning.

Remember that there are bed types that are not suited for children with a specific age, so it is also essential that you consider this.

If you have a toddler who is making the transition from a crib to a bed, you should also find the type of bed they will be comfortable with. The transition period is vital for this age so that they will also learn to be independent and sleep in their beds.

How Proper Bed And Mattress Affect Child’s Development And Sleep

Sleeping child

Before you look for the best type of bed that is suitable for your children, you should first consider the best kind of bed mattress. The best mattress will make sure that they get the best quality of sleep during nap time or bedtime.

A right bed mattress will also support the growing body of your children. With that, choosing the mattress before the bed itself is an essential step no parent must miss.

Consider the firmness of the mattress. Firmness should be the first thing you look for since you want a bed that offers excellent spinal support. Children are expected to sleep 8-10 hours a day, depending on their age. So, it is highly recommended to get a pocket sprung mattress for kids.

The pocket sprung mattress features right firmness as compared to memory foam or latex without compromising the comfort. Growing children’s spine develops rapidly, and it should get all vital support while they are asleep.

For toddlers, their spine is estimated to grow 1.5 cm during the night as water fills the spaces between their vertebrae. For this reason, their neck and back should be firmly supported by the bed as they sleep.

Mattresses for children must be firm enough to provide support for the whole body as they continue to grow. A firm mattress does not mean that it has to be hard. There are a lot of mattresses in the market that are perfect for kids as they are firm and soft enough at the same time.

Aside from considering the firmness and comfort of the mattress, keeping your children’s body cool affects their quality of sleep. Many will not recommend using memory foam for children as it uses body heat to activate the molding system. Trapping their body heat in the mattress foam is not suitable for younger children.

If the temperature of the room is cold, then using memory foam might not be a problem. However, if summer comes and the place gets humid or warm, children won’t be comfortable sleeping in this type of bed.

Different Types Of Kids Beds In The Market

After choosing the best bed mattress for your children, it is now time to determine what type of bed they will use. You can choose different styles for your girls bed and boys’ beds or ask them if they have any designs in mind.

If your children are at a certain age where they are old enough to choose their preferred bed type, it is best to ask their opinion first.  Here are the most common types of beds best for kids:

Platform Bed

This is the most basic type of kids beds in the market due to its durability. This is the kind of bed that kids usually grow with since it can last long. In the bedroom, it requires a space that is large enough for it to fit along with other furniture pieces.

Mid-sleeper Bed

This type of bed is the right choice if you have smaller spaces for the children’s bedrooms. It is the bed type that is suitable for children aged six and above only because it has an elevated design that may not be safe for toddlers. What is good about this bed type is that you can maximize the small space in the bedroom for the children’s playing area. The space beneath the bed can also be used as a storage area.

Four-poster Bed

For little girls who want to feel like a princess, this bed type will help them sleep like one. The posts can allow you to be creative by placing hanging fabrics for design. This bed type is also very adaptable according to your little girl’s age.

Cabin Bed

This bed type is for those kids who are comfortable sleeping like they are on an adventure. It has a tent-like structure and is also available in different designs and styles.

Extendable Bed

This is the perfect bed for children or teenagers and for parents who are on a budget. They are made of good solid material for optimum sleeping support for kids starting at age four.

Trundle Bed

Another space-saving option, this type offers two kids beds in one structure. If you have children sharing a bedroom, this is also a good option for them. The second bed can be easily kept and folded under the first one if not needed. This bed type may also come in additional storage spaces, which makes it the perfect bed for siblings sharing a room.

Bunk Bed

Bunk bed

It is one of the most popular bed types for children. When buying a bunk bed, you should consider the needs of your children and how much space you have. If you want a sophisticated type, you can also get an upholstered bunk bed. Below are some of the types of bunk beds available today:

  • Common Bunk Bed – This is a simple bunk bed where you can have a bottom bed and a top bed that is accessible by a ladder. There are also basic types of bunk beds which you can separate and convert it into two separate beds if needed.
  • Futon Bunk Bed – This type of bunk bed comes with an upper bed over a futon. The upper bed is normally twin size, but there are also full-sized ones available in the market today. The futon part of the bed can also be used as a couch when not in use. So, it is the right kind of bunk bed if your kid has sleepovers with friends or visitors staying the night.
  • Perpendicular Bunk Beds – This is another variation of the common bunk bed. However, the upper bed is located perpendicular to the lower bed. The downside of this bed type is that it needs more space as compared to the common bunk bed.
  • Basic Loft – If you want to be creative in designing your children’s room, this is the perfect bunk bed type for you. It is a bunk bed that is made up of only one lift bed in twin size or full size. The loft is suspended in a large space, and you can convert the space below into a play or study area. This will also allow you to insert more storage spaces.
  • Junior Lofts – This type of bed is just like a common bunk bed, only it is more acceptable for younger children since it is much lower to the ground. You can add some fun features like slides, play areas and tents so that they will have more area to play within the room.
  • Study Lofts – This kind of bunk bed is best for children who are now in middle school. Similar to having a loft bed, they have the opportunity to design and decide what they want with the extra space.
  • Novelty Beds – If you want to have a customized bed for your children, novelty beds are the best choice. They have more color and designs which your children can participate in making. There are also novelty beds available that feature slides and other fun additions like tents. Generally, novelty beds are more meant for younger children.
  • Multiple Bunk Bed – If you have three or more children sharing the room, a triple bunk bed is also available. There are many designs and types which maximize the floor space in the bedroom while offering additional storage space for the kids.


Children will spend most of their time sleeping or staying in their bedrooms. Hence, choosing the right bed for a good night’s sleep is very important. Their growing bodies need proper support to grow.

Bunk beds are definitely not a safe option for toddlers and small children. Expandable beds, on the other hand, are adaptable to their growing bodies. As parents, you should bear in mind that it is your responsibility to keep your children safe and healthy, even when they are sleeping.

Kids beds do not have to be expensive, but they should provide the utmost comfort and safety that both of you and your kid would enjoy.

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