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Top 10 Inspired Healthy Halloween Party Snacks

If you want to get creative for this year’s Halloween, why not start in the kitchen? We’ve compiled a list of our Top 10 Healthy and (somewhat) Spooky Halloween party snacks!

You could also get your kids into the Halloween spirit by teaching them the real meaning of Halloween.

10. Vegetable Skeleton

Here we have a little skeleton made from capsicum, carrot, mushroom, celery, broccoli, lettuce leaf, dipping sauce, cauliflower, cucumber, green beans, olives and grape tomatoes! That’s a lot of variety!

Vege Skeleton for Halloween

9. Spider Pizza

Spider Pizza – this may be the least healthy here, but how can you resist a treat every once in a while? This is made from pizza base, a tomato based sauce, cheese, green capsicum, salami and olives.


8. Spooky Fruit Cups

You can buy these from any supermarket, all there is to do is draw a spooky face on top!


7. Olive Mummy Toastie

This simple creation is made from English muffins, cheese and olives! Looks good to me!


6. Pumpkarins

Pumpkin mandarins! Grab a non-toxic marker and go to town on creating all kinds of Pumpkin like faces.


5. Broom Sticks with Cheese Bristles

Pretzel sticks and stringy cheese can go a long way!


4. Spooky Skewers

This simple skewer is made from your choice of blackberries or mulberries, and rockmelon.


3. Pumpkin Dips

Fill a small (empty/half empty) pumpkin with a dipping sauce for a platter of stick vegetables! Delicious!


2. Ghost-nana’s and Mandakins

Bananas and mandarins with a Halloween twist! Stick some celery into a mandarin or some choc chips onto a banana and this Halloween snack is ready!


1. Vege Graveyard

Number 1 on this list goes to the Vegetable Graveyard. Made from pretzels, celery, broccoli, crackers, eggs in a bed of hummus!

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