Top 10 Inspired Healthy Halloween Party Snacks

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If you want to get creative for this year’s Halloween, why not start in the kitchen? We’ve compiled a list of our Top 10 Healthy and (somewhat) Spooky Halloween party snacks!

10. Vegetable Skeleton

Here we have a little skeleton made from capsicum, carrot, mushroom, celery, broccoli, lettuce leaf, dipping sauce, cauliflower, cucumber, green beans, olives and grape tomatoes! That’s a lot of variety!


9. Spider Pizza

Spider Pizza – this may be the least healthy here, but how can you resist a treat every once in a while? This is made from pizza base, a tomato based sauce, cheese, green capsicum, salami and olives.


8. Spooky Fruit Cups

You can buy these from any supermarket, all there is to do is draw a spooky face on top!


7. Olive Mummy Toastie

This simple creation is made from English muffins, cheese and olives! Looks good to me!


6. Pumpkarins

Pumpkin mandarins! Grab a non-toxic marker and go to town on creating all kinds of Pumpkin like faces.


5. Broom Sticks with Cheese Bristles

Pretzel sticks and stringy cheese can go a long way!


4. Spooky Skewers

This simple skewer is made from your choice of blackberries or mulberries, and rockmelon.


3. Pumpkin Dips

Fill a small (empty/half empty) pumpkin with a dipping sauce for a platter of stick vegetables! Delicious!


2. Ghost-nana’s and Mandakins

Bananas and mandarins with a Halloween twist! Stick some celery into a mandarin or some choc chips onto a banana and this Halloween snack is ready!


1. Vege Graveyard

Number 1 on this list goes to the Vegetable Graveyard. Made from pretzels, celery, broccoli, crackers, eggs in a bed of hummus!


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