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Garage Sale Tips to declutter your life! Let’s get spring cleaning!

Looking for garage sale tips? Get ready to make money and space in your life with some of these innovative ideas. Everything must go!

Garage Sale Tips – South East Queensland

Weekends in Spring (or any time of year in South East Queensland) are prime garage sale opportunities. But how do you make sure that you don’t put in huge amounts of effort for little to no payoff?


You need to get the RIGHT people showing up for your garage sale. One of the best garage sale tips you can get is to advertise often and early.

It’s traditional to put signs up on telegraph poles in neighbouring streets (keep in mind that the council has pretty strict rules about this kind of thing so make sure you check first). We’d also recommend:

  • Putting signs up on community bulletin boards (like what you’d find at a library)
  • Finding  places to advertise your sale like Gumtree or local papers

Social Media

Here’s where the money is! Joining a Facebook community group can be a great way to outsource a lot of the hard work. Take photos of your wares and put them online to sell prior to your garage sale event. Promote your garage sale event in the group but see if you can clear out some of the big ticket items first. This will cut down on what’s left over and make your job easier on the day.

Our favourite Facebook community groups in the South-East Queensland area are:

A warning about the above groups! Online buy sell swap is very addictive so you may find that this avenue will leave you needing a refresher course on garage sale tips. Try not to buy someone else’s garage sale items while you’re selling your own!

Making Tough Decisions

You need to cull. There is a huge chance that you don’t use a large variety of items in your home and are hanging onto them just in case or for sentimental reasons. Have a real think about the amount of stuff you have and whether it is improving your life or making it more complicated. There’s something refresingly cathartic about a good old fashioned cull. Make your garage sale and ‘chuck out’ piles as big as you possibly can.

Hard Rubbish / Council Collection

Whatever you don’t sell at your garage sale shouldn’t go back under the house. Save it up for hard rubbish collection! You can find more information about this ‘most wonderful time of the year’ at this link right here! 

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