Maridahdi Brisbane campus set to become a reality

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The Maridahdi Brisbane dream is quickly taking shape thanks to a group of local parents. What’s going on, what’s currently happening and what can you do to help?

Maridahdi Brisbane – a vision

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Maridahdi Toowoomba became an Independent school in 2006 as a direct response to concerns about the standardisation of learning and the introduction of Prep.

The primary school campus (kindergarten to year 6) is a community-driven labour of love where participation, communication and contribution are key values. Maridahdi supports a child driven curriculum, informed by the Australian Curriculum.

Inspired by the Maridahdi Ethos and the idea of enacting real social change, local parents have taken up the cause and are looking to make Maridahdi Brisbane a reality.

What would Maridahdi Brisbane be like?

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The Maridahdi philosophy has a number of key themes:

  • Self-Organising: A belief in a child’s innate ability to self organise.
  • Play: “An essential way of learning and developing is an inseparable part of children’s life” (Gray, P; 2015)
  • Thought: Inspiring children to think, challenge, question and consider a range of possibilities.
  • Risk: Encouraging emotional, physical, social and intellectual risk taking supported by a high adult-to-child ratio.
  • The Arts: Valuing creative expression to support children to symbolise their thinking.
  • Parenting: A focus on an authoritative parenting style that is flexible and responsive rather than overtly disciplinarian or permissive.
  • The role of Adults: Adults are positioned as conduits in the space to maximise children’s access to endless possibilities.

What is the Maridahdi Brisbane team looking for?

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Parents and staff from the Toowoomba campus are working with Brisbane parents to find a suitable space for Maridahdi.

The Maridahdi Brisbane group is looking for:

  • A site that is appropriately zoned and fit for purpose.
  • Fundraising opportunities that will help expediate the process.
  • Community support and engagement.

How can you help?

If you are interested in the possibilities a Maridahdi Brisbane campus might present to your family, you are welcome to attend the next community forum to be held Thursday 2nd November in the Wynnum Library meeting rooms at 630pm.

You can begin to build the Maridahdi Brisbane community on their Facebook group, Bringing Maridahdi to Brisbane.

You can visit Maridahdi on the internet (or in person) to see this philosophy in action at the Toowoomba campus.

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