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FREE Reading Books for Kids – Where to Download Free e-Books

Reading books for kids don’t have to cost you the earth – we’ve compiled a list of places where you can easily download quality texts for free or cheap.

Reading books for kids – Where do we get free e-books?

Having real books in the home is great and children definitely benefit from learning from real, tangible pages. However, it’s not always a practical choice. You might find that constantly purchasing new books is becoming overly expensive or your library might be far away or not have much stock that interests your children.

Whatever the reason, many families are turning to the internet to try and find quality texts that their children will enjoy reading in a free e-book digital format.

Where to find free reading books for kids

Free Kids Books

This site covers publications for toddlers right through to the young adult crowd.

We Read

This site offers a plethora of reading experiences for kids, including audio books and read-alongs. There are also printable options for children to have their own hardcopy versions of their favourite stories.

Kids World Fun

This is another good option for free reading books for kids. This one splits a lot of the books into categories depending on theme and age of child – handy when you’re trying to do a quick search for something that’s come up in conversation.


Mashable did a handy write up a few years ago covering 12 great choices for reading books for kids. These can all be downloaded onto Kindle or a similar compatible app.

Story Jumper

The texts on this site are split into the following categories – family, friends, love, pets and values. You can even create your own book on site! Cool!

The Balance

Here’s an article from The Balance where they’re determining their pick of the litter in terms of free reading books for kids. They’re for ages 3-5 and 6-8.


Finally, here’s a HUGE overview of a million and one (okay, 913) other places you can find free reading books for kids on the internet.

Free e-books for kids – literacy starts at home

Establish a love of learning and literacy early on by getting those little peepers onto a variety of reading texts.

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