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Families Magazine LOVES Reading Eggs and Maths Seeds for younger kids. We’re also excited to use READING EGGSPRESS with older kids. Find out more!

Reading Eggspress

For our EXTENSIVE review of the Reading Eggs programs please click this link. You can also follow this link to find out how Reading Eggs compares to Spelling City in terms of how children can benefit from digital learning.

Reading Eggspress is the next ‘link in the chain’ in terms of the Reading Eggs program. It focuses on kids aged 7 to 13 (obviously there is some leeway around that). Reading Eggspress helps to develop essential reading, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar skills in a way that you’ll be familiar with if you’ve used Reading Eggs.

How is Reading Eggspress different to Reading Eggs?

There is definitely more of a ‘book reading’ focus in Reading Eggspress. Your child will have access to over 2500 online books (to find more online reading resources check out this link!) that they can go through at their own pace. There are many genres and styles of writing here that should appeal to most young readers.

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There’s a competitive element involved in Reading Eggspress. Your child can compete against other students in a range of activities where they’re able to earn rewards, ‘level up’ and improve their skills. It’s a real ‘gamification‘ of the learning process which is very appealing to today’s students.

There are still the familiar range of lessons, games and activities that your children will be used to from Reading Eggs. And, similar to Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress still lets you keep a close eye on their achievements and progress.

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Reading Eggspress pairs with the Australian Curriculum

The levels, stages and activities involved in Reading Eggspress can be directly traced to the primary school stages in the Australian Curriculum. It’s used in a lot of schools and you’ll soon see why!

The Verdict

Our children are all onboard with Reading Eggs and, as they continue to grow and mature, will be leveling up to Reading Eggspress when the time comes! See you there!

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