Flagstone State Community College | Parent Fact Sheet

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Flagstone State Community College

Number of Students: 837

Why Choose Flagstone State Community College?

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Situated in Flagstone Estate, on an expansive 15 hectares grounds, Flagstone State Community College is located five kilometres from Jimboomba township, in the city of Logan.

The college opened in January 2002, and now teaches close to 900 students.  A wide range of opportunities are offered to students in both academic, vocational and extra-curricular programs.

Flagstone State Community College has achieved a reputation for excellent teaching and learning practices, following the motto; ‘Inspirational Teaching…Inspired Learning’.

Additional activities offered:

Year 8 students study subjects falling under the eight Key Learning Areas.  Year 9 students concentrate on core programs in English, maths, science, study of society & the environment, and health & physical education.  Year 9’s also choose two elective subjects from Key Learning Areas.  The same study program is continued into year 10.

11 and 12 year students focus on English and maths subjects but also choose four other subjects that are suited to individual interests and future career / tertiary study paths.

In addition to a range of Authority subjects, Authority–registered Subjects and Vocational Certificates, that college provides school‐based traineeships and apprenticeships to students.

Extra-curricular activities include:

  • Japanese club
  • Public speaking
  • Art club
  • Student Representative Council
  • Debating
  • Flagstone Idol
  • Instrumental music
  • Drama
  • Dance troupe
  • Concert band
  • Vocal ensemble

Students can participate in a variety of sports such as AFL, rugby league, swimming, basketball, netball, soccer, tennis, touch football, volleyball, athletics and cross country.

Facilities at Flagstone State Community College:

Students at Flagstone State Community College have access to over 700 networked and internet connected desktops and laptops.   There are 5 labs with 28 desktops in each, with 1 CAD lab, a multimedia lab, a general purpose lab plus 2 business and information technology labs

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