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Dreamworld – the BIGGEST Family Fun Day Out on the Gold Coast!

Dreamworld is the Gold Coast’s BIGGEST theme park, offering an experience for locals and tourists unrivalled anywhere in Australia. Since 1981 Dreamworld has been a place of thrills, excitement, wildlife and award-winning entertainment, and with a massive investment in NEW RIDES and experiences already underway, the only way is up for this beloved Gold Coast destination.

If it’s been a while since you last visited – or if you haven’t been before – find out why Dreamworld should be on your list as the top entertainment destination. Perfect for local families in northern NSW and South East Queensland – school holidays and weekend just got so much better!!

Dreamworld reopened on September 16, 2020. Please note: some rides and attractions remain temporarily closed to comply with COVID-19 restrictions.

NEW Things to do at Dreamworld with Kids

Dreamworld is a place that never stays still; it is constantly innovating and evolving to bring visitors the very best experience, with new rides, slides, shows – and animals!

NEW Rides at Dreamworld

A recent multi-million-dollar investment has seen the introduction of the incredible new ride experience, Sky Voyager, and the world’s first triple launch coaster opening in 2021. Take a look at these fantastic new rides.

Sky Voyager

sky voyager

Sky Voyager is like nothing you will have ever experienced before. Gone are the days of 3-D and 4-D cinema – Sky Voyager is a cinematic journey across multiple dimensions! Featuring modern state-of-the-art technology, this ride combines motion-programmed seating with special effects such as wind, sound, light, mist and scents, while suspended in front of a giant dome screen. Your journey will take you over 12 regions across Australia in a five and a half-minute flight experience.

At the time of writing, Sky Voyager is the newest Dreamworld family ride experience, catering to guests aged 4+ (minimum height 100cm).

World First Triple Launch Coaster

The Steel Taipan is going to be the ride of your life!

Dreamworld’s newest rollercoaster, opened in 2021, will be a unique thrill ride unlike any other in the world. Brave all the twists, turns and gut-lurching launches of the ultimate 1.2km coaster, featuring multiple inversions and hair-raising features you’ve never experienced before.

Reaching speeds of up to 105km/h, the new thrill ride will be an adrenalin junkies dream, featuring a stall and reversed twisted half pipe and a separate spinning gondola attached to the rear of the rollercoaster train. You can take a virtual sneak-peek of the new ride on the Dreamworld website, and be amongst the first to ride it as an annual pass holder. Get a sneak preview here!

NEW Cute Animals

Who can resist the allure of cute baby animals! Visiting the animals at Dreamworld is a perfect way to slow the pace and relax a little after enjoying the rides. Dreamworld’s Corroboree is home to our Australian favourites, while Tiger Island is a testament to the great conservation work Dreamworld is doing in support of tiger conservation.

Cute Natives and Joeys at Corroboree

Dreamworld’s Corroboree takes you on a journey through the different wildlife habitats of Australia. You can pat the gentle kangaroos and meet the koalas with their joeys in the Woodlands; see wombats, dingos, emus and even bilbies in the Arid area; watch the keeper demonstrations of the saltwater crocodiles in the Wetlands; take a peaceful stroll to visit the birds, tree kangaroos, and Tasmanian devils in the Aviary; count Cassowary eggs in the Rainforest; or take a look at the secretive world of night-time wildlife in the Nocturnal House. (Note: Aviary and Nocturnal House are temporarily closed due to Covid restrictions).

Corroboree has easy pram- and pushchair-friendly access making it suitable for visitors of all ages and abilities.

Tiger Island – Home to BIG cats and little cubs!

Dreamworld Tigers

No day out at Dreamworld should be considered complete without a visit to see gorgeous tigers and their not-so-little cubs at Tiger Island. The daily Tiger Presentations will show off the awesome skills and prowess of these amazing big cats, and make sure you go while the cubs are still little enough to be seen playing or enjoying a snooze at the Tiger Nursery!

Tiger Island opened in 1995, providing a haven for Dreamworld’s Bengal tigers to live, swim and play with each other and their handlers. Dreamworld, through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation, actively works with global conservation initiatives towards the conservation of vulnerable species such as tigers and our native koalas, bilbies and tree kangaroos.

The Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation is the largest zoological contributor to tiger conservation in the world. It drives anti-poaching and community engagement initiatives to help conserve the few tigers left in the wild.

Dreamworld’s work with this beautiful species has seen several cubs born to the tigers living at Tiger Island. After welcoming cubs in 2008, 2015 and 2018, the newest arrivals are twins Zakari and Javi, born April 2019, and Khan, born May 2019. You can meet the members of this super-cute trio with a tiger cub experience, and ALL funds raised go directly to the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation.

NEW Slides at Whitewater World

Your entry to Dreamworld also includes entry to Whitewater World – a place to relax or make a splash for kids young and old. Float away in the Cave of Waves, slip and slide at Wiggle Bay, make a splash at the Green Room – or take in the awesome new fully-6 water slides! WhiteWater World is currently operating under seasonal opening hours. Check for opening times before setting off.

Fully 6 Water Slides

Fully 6 is not one, but six new waterslides at WhiteWater World! Each of these new body slides offers a unique ‘splashtacular’ experience, with just you, the water and a big splash at the bottom.   

Twist, turn, drop and glide through loops and whorls – and make sure you try all six! Fully 6 is the most thrilling way to stay cool on the Gold Coast.

*Guests must be at least 120cm to ride. Note: Slides 2 & 3 are temporarily closed.

NEW Shows

Even if rides or splashing around aren’t your thing, there is still plenty to entertain and fill your day with animal talks, presentations, roving characters and fabulous new shows.

See The Wiggles perform LIVE! – 2021 date yet to be confirmed

The Wiggles at Dreamworld

The Wiggles are a BIG attraction for little kids at Dreamworld, and your little Wiggles fan can see them perform live at special shows each year.

Get ready to Wiggle with Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony during a special 20-minute performance. Then head down to ABC KIDS World after the show to wag your tail with your favourite Wiggles Characters, including Wags the Dog, Dorothy the Dinosaur & Captain Feathersword.  

The live performance is free for all guests inside the park – buy your entry ticket or locals annual pass online to save time at the gate!

Please note: We don’t know when the next live Wiggles show is happening – our recommendation is to sign up to the Dreamworld newsletters and follow the Dreamworld Facebook page to be amongst the first to know! You can still enjoy the Madagascar Live Show daily at King Julien’s Theatre.

Dreamworld for Families

Dreamworks Dreamworld

Dreamworld is the ideal venue for families with children of any age. Only at Dreamworld can you find rides suitable for the very youngest to your thrill-seeking teenagers; a water park with awesome slides and water coasters and fun splash’n’play areas; a ZOO with cute baby natives and full-grown tigers; and entertaining and educational shows throughout your entire visit. There are lots of stop-and-rest zones, dining areas, and shopping opportunities too – in fact, you’re going to need more than one day to take in all that Dreamworld has to offer, which is why the Locals Annual Pass is such great value!

The Dreamworld Favourites

There’s a Dreamworld favourite ride for every member of the family, from the scream-inducing Buzzsaw and The Claw, to the sweet fun of the Giggle and Hoot Pirate Ship, and the family-friendly Dreamworld Express train (temporarily closed) to give sore feet a rest  as you travel through the park.

Whitewater World Favourites

Kids and teenagers love the attractions at Whitewater World – there’s fun for everyone! From the thrilling Green Room experience and the aptly named Wedgie, to the gentle water play for little ones at Wiggle Bay, and the adventure of the Pipeline Plunge, you can book a Cabana and spend a whole day keeping cool at Whitewater World.

BIG Moments for Pre-Schoolers

Your pre-schoolers will be thrilled to see all their television favourites at Dreamworld’s ABC Kids World, and their cute and loveable wildlife favourites at Corroboree. Dreamworld is also pram-friendly so you won’t have to worry about little legs getting tired, and there are lots of lockers available and parent facilities for your all-day comfort and convenience. See our more detailed review of Dreamworld for toddlers and pre-schoolers here.

ABC Kids World and Wiggles World

ABC Kids World and Wiggles World are Dreamworld’s go-to play spaces for pre-schoolers, where they can see the characters from their favourite ABC Kids television shows; The Wiggles, Giggle and Hoot, Bananas in Pyjamas, and Play School. There are gentle rides and attractions to entertain your little one, including the Big Red Boat Ride for rocking fun, the Play School Wheel, and the Giggle and Hoot Pirate Ship, and look out for roving ABC Kids characters eager to have their photo taken with your child!

Animal Encounters at Corroboree

Animals at Corroboree Dreamworld

How exciting for your pre-schooler to meet and pat a kangaroo at Corroboree! It’s a wonderful experience for little children to meet these gentle native friends. There are so many native Australian animals and birds to see in Corroboree – can your child find the wombat or the bilby? Go on a fun mini safari to see which animals your pre-schooler can find and identify.

Shows for pre-schoolers

There are daily shows of singing and dancing to delight and entertain your pre-schooler, and roving characters to meet for a photo opportunity. Pick up your show times list as you enter the park, and sign up to the Dreamworld newsletter to make sure you’re amongst the first to know about special performances by The Wiggles or Jimmy Giggle.

Wiggle Bay

Complete with mini slides, interactive sprays, colourful water cannons and giant instruments – children under 120cm tall can splash, play, and create their own Wiggly music all day in this haven made for parents and young children

BIG Fun for School Aged Kids

“School aged” is a very exciting age to be visiting Dreamworld. Fitting nicely into that bracket of ‘not yet too big for the cute little kid stuff’ and ‘just big enough to step it up and try out some thrill rides’, school-aged kids seem to have the best of ALL worlds!

DreamWorks Experience


DreamWorks Experience is a magical land for school aged children, where they can meet their favourite characters from Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda. The rides are a step-up from the gentler rides of ABC Kids world and Wiggles World. This is where young children can take to the air on the Escape From Madagascar roller coaster, the Dronkey Flyers (closed for maintenance through Easter 2021), Gingy’s gliders and the Puss In Boots Sword Swing – and go upside down with Pandamonium! There’s also the Mad Jungle Jam activity centre, shows, water play and rides a little closer to the ground!


If your kids love to build with LEGO® bricks they’ll go wild for the LEGO® Certified Store! There is almost 5 tonnes of LEGO® available to buy, from kits to loose bulk-buy bricks, plus amazing life-sized models to inspire them.

PLUS Until 18 April 2021 your Dreamworld entry also includes access to the amazine Brickman Wonders of the World LEGO® exhibit, featuring 45 large-scale LEGO® masterpieces, including world-famous landmarks across the globe.

Animal Experiences

Perfect for a special treat or birthday gift, an animal experience* can be a dream come true. At Dreamworld young animal lovers can cuddle a koala Must be 135cm tall to participate in this experience), and see snakes, birds of prey, tiger cubs and dingoes, or get up close to a tree kangaroo (children over 10 years old).

*Additional costs apply for animal experiences. Animal encounter experiences (other than meeting kangaroos and koalas) are temporarily suspended under the park’s Covid safe plan.

Pipeline Plunge

Pipeline Plunge is like a huge jungle gym playground – but with water! With jets, waterslides, bridges and climbing frames, Pipeline Plunge is Whitewater World’s go-to place for summer thrills. Time it right and get soaked by the giant over-turning bucket!

See our special focus story to find out more about Dreamworld for Primary Aged Children here.

BIG Thrills for Teens

Big kids are looking for big thrills – and they’ll find them at Dreamworld! The park has heaps of big scary rides for them to dare themselves to go on, and look out for the exciting late night events like Park After Dark and Halloween!

Thrill Rides

The Claw Thrill Ride

Dreamworld has some of the most spine-tingling, heart pumping scream rides in the country. With chill-inducing names like Buzzsaw, The Claw and The Giant Drop, these rides are guaranteed to get teenagers shrieking!

Look out for the NEW adrenalin-fuelled ride (Steel Taipan) opening late 2021 that will be a unique experience unlike any other in the world. The Southern Hemisphere’s first triple launch system rollercoaster will include a stall and reversed twisted half pipe and the world’s first separate spinning gondola!

Hang 10 on the Flowrider

The Flowrider in Dreamworld will give your teen the opportunity to show off (or try out) their surfing and bodyboarding skills in the thrilling created-wave pool. The Flowrider is guaranteed Max Thrill and Max Drench!

*Additional cost apply and bookings required for the Flowrider. Flowrider is temporarily suspended under the park’s Covid safe plan.

Fully 6

Splash into action and take the plunge with six new waterslides at WhiteWater World! Fully 6 are grouped in one totally wicked location, each slide offering a unique ‘splashtacular’ experience. These unique body slides are the purest form of waterslides that you can experience, with just you, the water and a big splash at the bottom.

Read more about Dreamworld for Teens and Tweens here.

BIG benefits for mum and dad

As a ‘grown-up’ at Dreamworld, it’s not all following the kids around and being the bag carrier. Many of the rides and experiences are suitable for ALL members of the family, so there’s fun to be had by everyone.


Dreamworld IS Australia’s biggest theme park, so ease the burden by storing bags at one of the many locker locations throughout the park, and give your feet a break by catching the Dreamworld Express train (temporarily suspended) to reach different areas. Restrooms are located throughout the park with baby change facilities and facilities for the disabled.

Dreamworld and Whitewater World are pram and wheelchair friendly with wide paths and ramps giving access to dining and retail outlets.

Food and Beverage Outlets

There’s a feast of food and beverage outlets throughout Dreamworld and Whitewater World, from fast food, ice-cream and vending machines, to coffee shops and a licenced all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant (temporarily closed). A personal favourite of “this mum” is Presto’s Training Café next to the saltwater crocodile enclosure at Corroboree. They have the most delicious bush tucker pies, damper and coffee to enjoy in a peaceful shady setting.

Wildlife and Cultural Presentations

DW Tree kangaroo talk

Dreamworld offers a wealth of educational and entertaining cultural experiences to fit into your day. You can learn about the animals at Dreamworld with the keeper talks, learn about traditional Aboriginal skills with weapons, music, and fire-making presentations, and immerse yourself in a world of indigenous storytelling, song and dance at the VR experience. A favourite for our family is the highly entertaining sheep shearing show at the Woolshed (temporarily suspended), which always seems to have a few surprises.


You can shop a huge range of gifts and souvenirs at the themed retails stores around the park, including clothing, toys, cultural items and LEGO®.

Australia’s BIGGEST Annual Pass to Australia’s BIGGEST Theme Park

There is so much to see and do at Australia’s biggest theme park and the best way to see it all is with the Dreamworld Locals Pass. With the Locals Annual Pass you and your family can enjoy a whole year of unlimited access to Dreamworld, Whitewater World and Skypoint Observation Deck, PLUS big bonuses!

The BIGGEST Pass is available to all Australian residents, with a specially discounted Locals Pass for locals living in Queensland and certain northern NSW postcodes – 2450-2490.

Click here to find out more.

BIG Bonuses

Your BIGGEST Annual Pass comes with BIG bonuses. Passholders receive

  • discounts on food and drink purchases
  • discounts on merchandise purchases (excludes LEGO)
  • bonus photo pass valued at $99
  • 12 months entry to Dreamworld, WhiteWater World (seasonal opening; check website for details) and SkyPoint Observation Deck
  • and other great offers including FREE or discounted entry to special events such as Happy Halloween and Winterfest.

Park After Dark

Dreamworld Park after Dark

See Dreamworld in a whole new light – moonlight! The Park After Dark occasional events create a fun festival atmosphere as the rides are lit up, special performances can be seen, and food trucks join the array of culinary delights on offer.


In the winter school holiday, Dreamworld is transformed into a winter wonderland with special wintery activities, ‘festive’ food stalls and themed entertainment.

Dreamworld Winterfest

Happy Halloween

Take your little ones Trick or Treating in the spooky party environment of Dreamworld. There will be costumes and fun, and treats to collect along the way

Getting to Dreamworld

By car

Dreamworld is conveniently located off the Pacific Highway (M1) at Coomera on the Gold Coast. Look for the big brown tourism signs when travelling by car. There is heaps of free parking on site.

By bus

Dreamworld is an official bus stop on the route between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Visit Translink or call 13 12 30 to plan your bus journey

By train

Dreamworld is close to the Coomera and Helensvale train stations on the Gold Coast line between Brisbane and Robina. A connecting bus service drops you at the Dreamworld entrance. Visit Translink or call 13 12 30 to plan your train journey

Opening hours

Dreamworld and Whitewater World are open 7 days a week from 10am-5pm, though hours may vary with seasonality, and WhiteWater world is closed throughout winter. Both parks are closed on Anzac Day and Christmas Day.

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Here is everything you need to know about Dreamworld:

If you are looking for accommodation near Dreamworld, we have reviewed the top 10 hotels nearby so you can make and informed choice! 

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