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5 Best Hot Air Balloon Byron Bay Options for Families

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Adventure, romance and breathtaking scenery… these are among the things that can add up to a thrilling movie. They also happen to be the kind of highlights you can expect when riding high in a hot air balloon in Byron Bay. What better way to explore the lush hills of the Byron Bay hinterland, a region in the far north of New South Wales? 

Take an air balloon flight in Byron Bay and you can also expect panoramic views of areas that might include Mount Warning, counterculture towns like Nimbin, Lismore, Mullumbimby and Bangalo – and of course the ocean. 

Whether you are planning an intimate surprise for your loved one, or are a thrill seeker after an adrenaline rush, your hot air ballooning adventure is guaranteed to be a unique and memorable experience. Byron Bay ballooning is surely a must have that belongs on everyone’s bucket list!

5 of the best hot air balloons in Byron Bay

In this article we have listed to best 5 places to fly in a hot air balloon in Byron Bay!

1. Sunrise Hot Air Balloon flight with breakfast at the farm – weekday

This hot air balloon in Byron Bay price for a weekday includes breakfast at the Three Blue Ducks Restaurant at The Farm. You take off in time to witness sunrise over the area, and during your flight will enjoy views over the hinterland, local towns like Nimbin and the north NSW coastline. The entire experience lasts around three to four hours, including breakfast. 

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2. Sunrise Hot Air Balloon flight with breakfast at the farm – weekend

A hot air balloon in Byron Bay at The Farm is also available at weekends. Otherwise the experience is the same as above, though it costs a little more due to higher demand. Your sunrise flight lasts for up to an hour, and is again followed by a delicious breakfast served at the Three Blue Ducks Restaurant. Again, look out for the local counterculture towns, the Byron Bay hinterland and the coastline of northern NSW. 

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3. Sunrise Hot Air Balloon flight with breakfast at the Three Blue Ducks Restaurant

You can also get a Byron Bay ballooning discount by booking with Experience Oz. This one hour flight over the Rainbow Region and Byron Bay Hinterland allow you to see the sunrise over Australia’s most easterly point. A gourmet breakfast at the Three Blue Ducks Restaurant at The Farm in Byron Bay is again included here. Flight times vary according to the time of year you book this experience. 

Click here to book this hot air balloon with Experience Oz

4. Sunrise Hot Air Balloon flight with breakfast – weekday

You can also book a ride in an air balloon in Byron Bay with the aptly named RedBalloon. Against this is a sunrise flight, offering incredible photo opportunities. After seeing the coastline and rolling hills, you’ll tuck into a celebration breakfast at the Three Blue Ducks at The Farm. In total, this experience lasts for around four hours. The hot air balloon flight itself is around one hour in duration. 

Click here to book this weekday hot air balloon with RedBalloon

5. Sunrise Hot Air Balloon flight with breakfast – weekend

Again, this is the same experience as above, but different weekend rates apply. The flight itself lasts for about an hour, and is then followed by a yummy breakfast served at the Three Blue Ducks Restaurant at The Farm in Byron Bay. Operated by Balloon Aloft, the colourful balloon allows you a unique vantage point so you can enjoy the stunning contrast of sparkling blue set set against the lush green hinterland. 

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Hot air balloons beyond Byron Bay

Another great place to experience a hot air balloon in Australia is Queensland’s Gold Coast. With sweeping views over sites such as Tamborine Mountain, Lamington National Park and of course the stunning coastline, you will be in for the ride of your life!

With an average travel time of only around an hour-and-a-half between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, taking a hot air balloon ride in Byron Bay itself isn’t the only option. There are various deals available when you want to take a balloon ride beyond Byron Bay to discover Queensland’s Gold Coast. 

Here are some of the best Gold Coast hot air balloon flights.

We wrote about our experience in a hot air balloon on the Gold Coast here.

Hot air balloon ride checklist

You will certainly want to remember your hot air ballooning experience for many years to come. If you also want to be the envy of all your friends, also be sure to pack a decent camera! An action camera such as a GoPro is ideal, if you have one or don’t mind making the investment in advance of your trip. 

In addition, the following items are recommended for hot air balloon rides:

Skirts and dresses are best left at home, as it can get very windy up there! Extra layers for the early morning chill are recommended when taking a sunrise flight. Zip-off hiking pants can be converted to shorts if the weather quickly warms up. 

The morning air is generally calm and stable first thing in the morning, making it the perfect time for a hot air balloon in Byron Bay for 2. Because hot air balloon rides are dependent on the weather, it is important that you reserve enough time during your trip to reschedule, should bad weather conditions delay your flight.


If you want to take a balloon ride in Byron Bay – or indeed anywhere – then certain conditions apply. By booking with a third party or a supplier directly, you’ll need to agree that you have no significant spinal, hip or knee injury or issue that will hamper your ability to follow the orders of the pilot. 

Being unable to stand for an hour without assistance, being pregnant or having had a broken bone or surgery in the last three months also excludes passengers from taking part. You must be able to climb into the balloon, land with your knees bent, hold onto the safety handles as required and absorb a bump as the balloon lands. 

MInimum age and weight limits usually apply. Typically children must be around seven years old plus to take part. Individuals should weigh no more than about 140 kilos. 

Hot air balloon Byron Bay FAQs

Still got questions? We know the answers:

How much does a hot air balloon ride cost?

If you can take to the air during a weekday, then a hot air balloon flight tends to cost less then than at weekends. Flights are available for anything from a few hundred dollars upwards, and many include a gourmet breakfast as part of the experience.

When you want to book a private experience, though, the cost is likely to be a few thousand dollars for two to four people.

Why are hot air balloon rides so expensive?

In short, the price of a hot air balloon ride is a direct result of the costs incurred by companies who operate hot air balloon flights. Hot air balloons are expensive to buy, operate and maintain. Equipment, staff, marketing and all the other costs associated with running such a business lead to high prices.

Good deals are available, however, especially through third party sites such as Adrenaline, Experience Oz and Red Balloon.

Are hot air balloons safe?

Or to put it another way – how dangerous are hot air balloons? Taking to the skies by balloon is in fact one of the safest forms of air travel. Crashes are extremely rare, and as flights are suspended when weather conditions dictate, storms aren’t really an issue.

In fact the FAA Aviation Accident Database shows hot air balloons to be the least dangerous form of air travel.

Are hot air balloons worth it?

Whether hot air balloon rides are worth it depends on the individual! You’ll need a head for heights, and if you love adventure so much the better. For many, a hot air balloon flight is a bucket list experience to try at least once.

Things to bear in mind, though, are that flights tend to take place during the early morning so you can see the sunrise. You’ll also need a certain level of mobility to ensure a safe ride for everyone.

When will you take a hot air balloon ride in Byron Bay?

Whether you go for a hot air balloon in Byron Bay at The Farm or decide to head up to the Gold Coast for the day, there are some great hot air balloon Byron Bay deals to be had! Hot air balloons in NSW allow you to see the hinterland, the coastline and other lovely areas from a completely unique perspective. 

Throw in a delicious breakfast and it gets even better. Whatever the occasion, taking a ride in a hot air balloon in Byron Bay will leave you with memories to last forever. The peaceful silence, cool early morning breeze and spectacular views make for a sunrise you wouldn’t want to miss out on! 

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