REVIEW: Crank Indoor Climbing

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Crank Indoor Climbing Brisbane

Crank Indoor Climbing is the latest indoor rock climbing experience to hit Brisbane. They are located in Macgregor, and though it’s not in the name, they do offer a lot more fun besides just climbing!

Rock Climbing, Slacklining, Parkour, Bouldering, Fitness

image of the entrance to Crank indoor Climbing

Crank Indoor Climbing is suitable for all ages and all ability levels. Namely, their rock climbing walls are designed in difficulties. The youngest and smallest children get equal opportunity to scale any of the walls of Crank, or climb unassisted (on a miniature version of the adult’s bouldering wall) and fall onto a super soft padding like the adults.

Waiver – before you climb

Like most other businesses that provide facilities to have fun, Crank requires you complete a waiver.

You can save time on the day by filling out the waiver online! Just visit their website.

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Rock Climbing

Note: belaying is restricted to ages 14 and over. 

At Crank, they have a huge selection of walls to scale, all of varying difficulty. So everyone will be able to climb safely and often easily. (But where’s the fun in an easy climb?)

When you’ve paid for entry, you’ll be outfitted with a climbing harness (everyone will be provided one that fits properly), then taken over to the induction wall where an expert teaches you the basics of belaying (holding a climber up) and climbing. As a belayer you’ll be taught the correct method for picking up your climber’s slack. Where you position your hands is very important, you should always have one hand on the rope! As a climber, you’ll be taught how to cross thread the carabiners and make sure they are tightened appropriately before you start scaling the walls of Crank!

When everyone is ready to climb, you go for your life for as long as you like! Crank Indoor climbing has no limits on how long you can stay after you’ve paid for your entry and signed the waiver.


When I visited Crank Climbing, the courses for Slacklining were ‘Coming Soon’, but they did however have the line set up and readily available! So if you want to (safely) play around on the slack line, you’re welcome to!


There are two bouldering walls to climb on, the first is just for the little ones, and is quite short. The second is fully fledged and is a difficult climb. There are no ropes on this wall, when you get to the top you jump off onto the (very thick) soft mattress.


Parkour obstacles are available at Crank Climbing, but not just anyone can come and start doing heaps of tricks. You’ll need to have previously done a course in Parkour to be eligible to use the equipment. Crank provides a 1 month course that will teach you the art of Parkour for $120. Check their timetable for when the courses are and to book.


Crank’s ClimbFit is an interesting and challenging mix of climbing related fitness workouts. It has a touch of boot camp, that puts you through the paces of fitness, strength and conditioning. ClimbFit sessions are currently run at 7-8pm on Thursdays.

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    Could you please tell me your prices? It says 20 but then i go in and says 35.

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    I am looking for a party venue for my 9 yr old. Can you please provide me the quote and facilities you provide please.

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