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Where Can My Toddler Go To Kindergym in Brisbane?

Kindergym for Brisbane Toddlers

Physical play is what being a toddler is ALL about!  There’s nothing like rolling, tumbling, jumping and faceplanting to fulfill sensory needs and teach little people a host of skills.  If you’ve got a Brisbane toddler, Kindergym or Toddler Gymnastics classes can help your little one develop in so many ways!

Gross Motor Skills for Toddlers

There’s nothing like a jumping castle that has a foam bridge to a trampoline from which you jump into a big squidgy landing mat to keep a toddler entertained.   Meanwhile, their young bodies are adapting to different “balance” challenges. 

Kindergym equipment generally includes crawling, climbing, rolling, tumbling, stomping and rocking equipment to rapidly increase toddler’s gross motor skills. Oh, and it’s SO MUCH FUN for kids, and practically guarantees an extra-long nap (for mums).

Kindergym and Fine Motor Skills

In addition to the “big stuff” most Kindergyms will have a selection of play gear aimed at fine motor skill development for toddlers and babies.  Depending on the Kindergym ribbon wands, shakers, percussive instruments, bean baggies and other little items that focus on using fine hand movements to “make it work”.

Imaginative Play

So many colours, shapes and new ideas to work with!  Toddlers will generally spend their first few Kindergym sessions running around crazy, over-stimulated by all the possibilities.  Soon they’ll find that one piece of physical equipment that engages their young mind.  Physical play meets imaginative play when a toddler finds a piece of play equipment that begs deeper investigation.  Building foam castles, climbing into wild jungles or even pretending you’re a troll under the balance beam bridge… kindergym gives young children the opportunity to be inspired while practicing physical skills.

Problem Solving

So many foam blocks, so little time…  The typical equipment you’ll find at a Kindergym in Brisbane includes foam building blocks, climbing equipment, swinging equipment and balance beams.  Your child will need to negotiate these new textures and challenges to achieve their “big goals”. 

Toddlers unfamiliar with malleable building blocks will need to reassess how these new surfaces work and then devise solutions for themselves.  Similarly, a toddler that wants to be at the top of the climbing wall will need to overcome fears and challenges to achieve her goals.  Everything is padded and safe, so it allows Brisbane toddlers to take risks in a controlled environment.

Sensory Play for Toddlers

Kindergym classes develop locomotive activity, concepts of landings, springing, statics, swinging and rotation…. In other words, “I fall down, I go bounce”.  Learning to “fall over safely” and receiving sensory feedback on full body activities teaches toddlers their boundaries and also fulfills their desire for sensory feedback.  If you’ve got a child who “plays rough” Kindergym could help them fill their sensory needs without awkward daycare pick-ups!  (Learn more about toddlers and sensory play here.

Social and Behavioural Confidence

In a room full of toddlers playing with safe equipment, there’s plenty of opportunity to make social connections.  When there’s high demand for a particular piece of Kindergym equipment, toddlers must negotiate for “turns” and learn to play nicely.  This is ideal for “only children” or youngest child, or just about any toddler used to getting his own way (so all toddlers basically).

Where can I find a Kindergym in Brisbane?

PCYC, YMCA and Youth Clubs are often the most affordable Kindergym providers with 2-3 hour sessions starting at around $10.  Unlike some official gymnastics clubs, you will not need to pay for annual membership to Gymnastics Australia. 

Kinderplay (for toddlers and babies) usually doesn’t fall under the Gymnastics Australia umbrella but Kindergym classes may.  Check with the provider before choosing your venue.

Beenleigh PCYC:  Alamein Street, Beenleigh.  3380 1777

Ipswich PCYC:   29 Riverview Road, Riverview, 3281 2547

Sandgate PCYC:  106 Kempster Street, Sandgate. 3269 5358

Redlands PCYC: Cnr Mt Cotton & Degen Roads, Capalaba 3245 4639

Mitchelton Youth Club: Tel-el-kebir Street, Mitchelton. 3355 7900

Bardon Western District Youth Club: Purtell Park, Bardon. 0407 027 752

YMCA Acacia Ridge:  1391 Beaudesert Road, Acacia Ridge 3276 7793

YMCA Bowen Hills: 95 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills 3852 3974

YMCA Jamboree Heights: 76 Andaman Street, Jamboree Heights 3376 4266

YMCA Enoggera:  240 South Pine Road, Enogerra 3355 7176

YMCA Victoria Point 126-128 Link Rd, Victoria Point QLD 4165

Gymnastics Clubs and private Kindergym providers are also available across Brisbane.

Kindergym is a wonderful way to help toddlers develop core skills. Brisbane has dozens of kindergym providers, both not for profit and private.  Consider getting a mum’s group together and exploring the (soft, bouncy) world of Kindergym play.

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  1. I can’t recommend this enough as you can see it in the little ones faces how much they enjoy their classes and I adore watching them progress from the start of the term. A great activity for all active little kids.


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