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How to get CHEAP braces in Queensland!

Cheap braces Queensland? Surely that’s a misprint?! Not so! We’ve got the inside word on the orthodontics and you’re going to be surprised by what we’ve got to tell you! Come and take a look inside, say aaaaaaaah and put your credit card AWAY.



The University of Queensland and the Metro North Hospital and Health Service have changed how people access cheap dental services. These are now administered through Metro North, not the University of Queensland. If you would like information about dental services for children please go to this link but note that orthodontic work is now NOT covered.

The rest of the information in this article is now out of date. 

Cheap braces Queensland? Say whaaaa?

We all know about the crippling cost of family dental care. We’ve all looked into our children’s mouths with growing concern, wondering if they’ll need braces or not. There may, however, be a solution for this potentially crushing financial pain-in-the-gum.

cheap braces queensland university

University of Queensland Orthodontic Services

You do not need private healthcare to access the University of Queensland Orthodontic Services – all you need is a phone! You can book a free screening assessment and discuss further (CHEAP) treatment plans with the team.

The team offer:

  • Full upper and lower fixed removable braces
  • Early intervention
  • Smile enhancement

Who performs the treatment?

Registered dental professionals who are training in orthodontics at the University of Queensland’s School of Dentistry perform all the procedures. This is the largest tertiary dental facility in Australia.

You can contact them on 3365 8019 or email to appointments@dentistry.uq.edu.au. There will be a process through which a decision will be made if you qualify for the program or not and after that you’ll be put on a wait list.

Kids and Dentists

Many children can often become frightened by a trip to the dentist. This could be due to a number of reasons. One of the best ways to combat this anxiety is to ensure that you speak calmly and positively about all things tooth. Our kids often pick up on our own fears so projecting a demeanour of serene trust will go a long way towards helping children feel more comfortable and confident in the chair.

Got a tip for visiting the dentists with kids? Found your own cheap dentist? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Hello im 17 and have considered braces for awhile my parents dont earn enough to get them for me so i was wondering the cost of treatment for braces and any payment plans available

  2. Morning,
    Yes SARA JAMES here I am enquiring
    On braces for my 16 yr old girl I am not in a position to outlay alot as I’m a single mum with 2 girls I have a permanently job but braces is just a big essence.i just read this article and if you could send me some information on where or who can help I would really appreciate it.We have been to the oral health at the hospital they said they cannot do them.
    Kind regards
    Sara james

  3. Hello I was wondering the cost of treatments ?
    A crown braces and teeth whiting ?
    I’ve had braces before however my teeth have moved over the last 6 years of getting them off.


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