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The Best Toddler Bike for your Little One: WITH PHOTOS

This article compares the best toddler bikes on the market at the moment and teaches you what to look for when trying to choose the right one for your child.

If your toddler is full of energy and able to run about with ease, perhaps its time to consider getting them their first toddler bike.  As well as help your little one use up some of that boundless energy, the best toddler bike is a great opportunity to get them outdoors and help them develop their gross motor skills.

If you’re considering buying a toddler push bike but not sure where to start – let us help you!  We’ve checked out a range of little kids bikes and listed them all here.  In this best toddler bicycle guide as well as walk you through the things to consider when it comes to buying a kid’s toddler bike, we also compare a few of the current best sellers so you can find the perfect little boy or girls toddler bike for your child.

Reasons to get your little one a toddler bicycle

I’m sure you don’t need convincing to get your little one a small toddler bike, but just in case you’re on the fence, here are some great reasons for getting them a bike:

  • A first bicycle for toddlers is a great way for little ones to develop their gross motor skills;
  • Exercise! Too many kids – even toddlers are spending way too much time in front of screens – a bicycle gets them and out about;
  • Having your little one learn to ride a bike provides a great bonding experience between you and your child;
  • Riding a bike is so much fun for your little one – especially if they have older siblings already riding bikes; and
  • Learning to ride a bike will help your little one improve their self-confidence.

Okay now I know you don’t need anymore convincing, so let’s check out some super cute little girl bikes and little boys bikes.

Best toddler bicycles comparison chart

Below is a quick overview of all the toddler bikes for sale that are reviewed in this guide.  This table gives you a basic overview of each of the toddler bicycles.  For more information on these best toddler bicycles, keep reading below.

NameType AgeBuy Now
Strider SportBalance18mths to 5 yrsBuy Now
CruzeeBalance18mths to 5 yrsBuy Now
PopbikeBalance18mths to 5 yrsBuy Now
BananaBalance18mths to 5 yrsBuy Now
Kinderfeets Tiny Tot2 in 112 to 24 mthsBuy Now
Joovy TricycooTricycle10 mths to 5 yrsBuy Now
Little TikesTricycle10 mths to 5 yrsBuy Now
Radio FlyerTricycle2.5 to 5 yearsBuy Now
LovemyhomeDDTricycle18mths to 5 yrsBuy Now
LovemyhomeDDTricycle1-3yrsBuy Now

Things to consider in order to buy the best toddler bike

If you’re after the best first bike for toddler that’s just perfect for your child, consider the following factors.

Type of first bicycle for toddlers

These days many say that the best toddler first bike is a balance bike.  A kid’s balance bike is basically a two wheeled pedal-less bike that children stand over.  The idea with a balance bike is that the child learns to balance first so that when they move on to a standard bike there is no need for them to use training wheels.

The other type of bike you might like to consider is a tricycle.  A tricycle is a three wheeled bike, with pedals.  The best toddler pedal bike is one that comes with a handle so parents can push the child along when the kids had enough of pedaling.

Both balance bikes and tricycles are suitable for toddlers usually from around the age of 18 months.

Size of toddler first bike

Toddlers, like bikes come in all shapes and sizes.  So there is no one size bike for all toddlers based on their age.  If the bike you choose is too big or too small, it’s going to be hard for your child to ride it.

A bike’s size is determined by the wheel diameter which ranges from 12 to 24 inches.  Usually a 12-inch toddler bike is a good size for a child aged 18 months to around 4 years.  However if your toddler is particularly tall, they may need to go up to a 14 inch toddler bike.


For little ones its super important that their bike isn’t too heavy so it’s easy for them to move it about.  In fact it is recommended that a toddler bike shouldn’t be more than 40% of their total body weight.  This isn’t always possible when some little ones weigh next to nothing, so just look for the best lightweight toddler bike you can find if that’s the case.

Seat height

Whether your child rides a balance bike or a tricycle, it is important that your child can touch the ground with both of their feet as they will use their feet to push off the ground – more so important with a balance bike.  To ensure your child can touch the ground comfortably while sitting on the bike, look for a bike where you can adjust the seat height accordingly.

Boys and girls toddler bike reviews 2024

Below we take a closer look at some recommended good bikes for toddlers.  In these reviews we include recommendations for the best balance bike for toddlers as well as tricycle for toddlers. 

  1. Strider Balance Bike Sport 12”

best toddler bikes - Strider balance bike

The Strider balance bike is one of the most popular girls and boys balance bike options currently on the market.  Read any balance bike reviews and you’ll find parents from across the globe just raving about this bike!

The Strider bike is lightweight weighing only 3 kgs and the seat is adjustable so it can accommodate children from the age of 18 months to around 5 years of age.  These children’s balance bikes also feature mini grips so your child can easily grip the handlebars.

This boys and girls balance bike comes in a range of great colours such as pink, red, black, orange and yellow and is the perfect choice for parents wanting the best kids balance bike currently on the market.

Click here to read more reviews and to check current pricing.

  1. Cruzee Balance Bike

best toddler bikes - Cruzee Balance Bike

If your child is light as a feather and your struggling to find a lightweight balance bike for them, the Cruzee bike could be what you’re after.  Weighing in at only 1.9kgs, this is one of the lightest toddler bikes available making it an easy choice for the best first bicycle for toddler.

This is a super cool looking bike and is packed with some great features.  Made from rust free aluminum, this bike has puncture proof tires, maintenance free sealed bearings, and a tool free handlebar and seat adjustment.

It’s nice and comfy for the kids with super soft handlebar grips, a padded seat and a nice rounded edge frame.  Plus with 4 inches of handlebar and 9 inches of seat adjustment it is the perfect size for most kids from 18 months to 5 years.

The Cruzee small balance bike comes in a stack of great colours, so no matter whether your child requests a pink toddler bike, blue toddler bike or some other colour, there is sure to be a colour they will just love.

Click here to read more reviews and to check current pricing. 

  1. Popbike 2 in 1 Balance Bike with Trailer

best toddler bikes - Popbike 2 in 1 Balance Bike with Trailer

All little kids will love the 2 in 1 Popbike.  With the included trailer, kids can take their favourite toys with them as they wizz off to explore the world.

Parents will love the included carry strap, so when you’ve finished up at the park, this balance toddler bike is super easy to carry back to the car.  The bike also comes with a cute little bell and some stickers too so your child can decorate their bike for a more personalised look.

Suitable for children from the age of 18 months to 5 years of age, this is a great little balance bike toddler kids will just love.

Click here to read more reviews and to check current pricing.

  1. Banana bike

best toddler bikes - Banana Bike LT

Top balance bikes don’t have to cost a fortune – the Banana bike is a great option for parents after the best toddler balance bike and it’s reasonably affordable too.

What I love about this bike is its low centre of gravity and easy step through frame.  Little ones can easily step over this bike and start moving from day one – great if you’re after the best balance bike for 1 year old.  It’s also lightweight at just 2.9kgs so easy for the lightest of children to manage.

These Banana little bikes for toddlers are constructed with premium durable parts and feature a comfy seat, cushioned bar end grips and puncture proof wheels.  The seat is easy to adjust from 12.2 inches to 15.7 inches providing a great range of height.

Suitable for children from the ages of 18 months to 5, this Banana Bike is a great balance bicycle for toddlers.  This girls and boys toddler bike comes in either blue, pink or green.

Click here to read more reviews and to check current pricing.

  1. Kinderfeets Tiny Tot convertible balance bike

best toddler bikes - Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Convertible Wooden Balance Bike

If you’re not sold on either a balance bike or trike toddler bike, then consider the Kinderfeets Tiny Tot convertible balance bike.  With the Kinderfeets Tiny Tot, your little one can start off getting use to the bike as a tricycle and when you think they are confident you can easily convert it into a wooden balance bike.

This is one of the smallest balance bikes on the market so ideal if you’re after the best balance bike for 2 year old or even 1 year old.  It has a low step through frame, so your child is not required to make any large steps to use it.

This convertible wooden toddler bike is made from high quality materials and features airless tires, a cushioned seat, an extra wide base and 7-inch tyres.  Plus with its chalkboard finish, kids can use the bike frame as a canvas to draw on.

The Kinderfeets Tiny Tot bike is suitable for children from the age of 1 up to around 2 and comes in a stack of different colours including red, blue, pink and white.

Click here to read more reviews and to check current pricing.

  1. Joovy TriCycoo

best toddler bikes - Joovy TriCycoo

This tricycle from Joovy is a great option as it can be used for babies from as young as 10 months.  Its perfect for when your child is not quite ready to zoom around, but you’re looking for something that can adapt with them as they grow.

The Joovy TriCycoo is designed to be used in four different stages.  First stage has parents in full control, while your bub is safely secured in the trike.  In this stage little ones are strapped in with a three-point harness with an enclosed padded seat and sun canopy.

From around 18 months onwards, you can flip down the footrest and remove some of the padding, so your toddler starts to learn how to control their bodies.  Then when they are ready to do some pedaling lock down the pedals and encourage them to give them a spin.

The last stage has you remove all parent controls, so your toddler is in complete control of the tricycle.

The tricycle also features a cup holder, under seat storage, three-point adjustable seat and rubber wheels for easy maneuver over all terrain types.

Click here to read more reviews and to check current pricing.

  1. 4 in 1 Little Tikes Trikebest toddler bikes - Little Tikes 4 in 1 Deluxe Trike

Very similar to the Joovy trike above, the 4 in 1 Little Tikes Trike is alternative for parents to consider.  Like the Joovy this bike is designed to be used in 4 stages, so you can go from being in complete control of the bike to slowly letting your toddler be in control once they are more confident.

The Little Tikes trike is a little superior than the Joovey in a few areas.  For example the Little Tikes trike comes with a 5 point seat belt harness (the Joovey is just 3), the seat adjusts to 4 different positions (the Joovey is just 3) and is suitable for children up to a maximum weight of 50 lbs (the Joovey is just 44lbs).

Like the Joovey the Little Tikes trike comes with built in storage, cup holder and all the other benefits of allowing a toddler to slowly become confident in riding their own bike over time.

Click here to read more reviews and to check current pricing.

  1. Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Trike

best toddler bikes - Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Trike

For a super cool retro toddler bike that will take you back to the days you were a child riding tricycles, consider the super cool Radio Flyer Classic trike.

This red toddler bike is made from a sturdy steel construction, spoked wheels and rubber tires.  It also features a 12-inch front tire, an adjustable seat which can be moved as your child grows, as well as chrome handlebars, streamers and a chrome bell.

These cool toddler bikes are suitable for children from around 2.5 up to about 5 years of age.

Click here to read more reviews and to check current pricing. 

  1. LovemyhomeDD 4 in 1 Kids Tricycle

best toddler bikes - LovemyhomeDD 4 in 1 Kids Tricycle

If you like the previous Joovy and Little Tikes bicycle, but not so much the hefty price tag – the LovemyhomeDD is an alternative cheaper option to consider.

This tricycle has all the same adjustable features of the Joovy and Little Tikes such as the seal belt harness, feet rest, padded seat, adjustable and removable pedals, removable handrail and is suitable for little ones up until around 5 years.

Click here to read more reviews and to check current pricing. 

  1. LovemyhomeDD Children’s Tricycle

best toddler bikes - LovemyhomeDD Steel Children's Tricycle 1-3 Year Old Baby Toddler Toy

This is another great tricycle option from LovemyhomeDD.  These cute tricycles come with a basket and wagon for your child to bring along their favourite toys as they explore the world on their first bike.

Coming in a range of super cute colours, like pink, blue or black, these toddler tricycles are ideal for kids aged 1 to 3 years of age.

Click here to read more reviews and to check current pricing. 

Final thoughts

Discovering the perfect toddler bike for your little one is a breeze with our guide comparing the best options on the market. Whether you’re leaning towards a balance bike or a tricycle, we’ve got you covered. From the popular Strider Balance Bike Sport 12″ to the versatile Kinderfeets Tiny Tot convertible balance bike, we break down the features, sizes, and weights to help you make an informed choice. Get ready to set your toddler on a path of fun, exercise, and self-confidence with the ideal toddler bike!

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