After School Activities in Brisbane for Kids Who Aren’t into Sports!

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Not every kid is the next Ian Thorpe or Cathy Freeman – so celebrate individuality! Here are the BEST after school activities for Brisbane kids!

Celebrating Individuals!

There are so many after school activities to help nurture and encourage your children’s natural talents and interests. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Brisbane after school activities for kids who aren’t into sports!

Arty After School Activities


Embrace your kids love for music by signing them up for after school classes in singing or instruments! There are venues all around Brisbane offering many different types of music – from the classic piano to the fun and exciting African drum. Even the tiniest tot can benefit from musical activities! Learning music and rhythm in the early years can even benefit your kids academic performance – bonus!


Got a drama queen or king at home? There are after school activities available to help them find an outlet for all that pizzazz! Drama teaches self-expression, helps kids grow in confidence and allows for the exploration of many different perspectives and identities. Who knows… you could have a star in the making! 


Bonjour! Does your little one dream of climbing the Eiffel Tower? Or maybe exploring the mountains of Japan? Learning a language is much easier for kids than us adults and they will thank you for it when they’re off jet setting after the school years!


An art class can be a fantastic way for children who don’t want to participate in sports can still enjoy themselves in after school activities. Expression, individuality, creativity – it’s all there! Find out from an expert why enrolling your child in art classes in Brisbane might be one of the best moves you ever make…

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Relaxing After School Activities


Maybe your child isn’t interested in sports but you’d still like them to do some exercise? Yoga is a relaxing and healthy option that many kids will enjoy. Yoga provides a peaceful setting and the opportunity for children to exercise quietly and individually – far different than the loud antics that often come along with team sports.


After school activities don’t need to be limited to organised classes! A relaxing, and cheap, way to unwind after school could be to walk to the local park with an afternoon tea picnic. Enjoy the fresh air with your kids and let them exhale the school day away. Maybe bring along some pencils and paper to sketch trees or each other!

Group After School Activities


For kids that don’t love sports but do thrive in structured group activities, Scouts may be the perfect after school activity! From learning code to knots and everything in between, kids that participate in Scouts or Brownies Clubs learn great teamwork and leadership while having fun and making friends.

Book Club

Does your kid get home from school and just want to stay home? Starting a home book club is easy – and free! Have some friends over once a week, fortnight or month to talk about what book everyone is currently reading. Get all the kids to bring along books to share and enjoy together or even walk to the local library! A home book club is an excellent way to encourage your children’s literacy skills while having fun with friends. Families Magazine suggests also asking your child to explore the wonderful world of diary writing. 

Encouraging Hobbies

Are you looking for some left-of-field hobbies to tap into your child’s individual interests? Mouths of Mums has some BRILLIANT ideas just here that might be just what you’re looking for! 

After School Activities | You don’t need to kick a goal to succeed!

Brisbane offers so many great after school activities for kids. Whether you have a mini Led Zeppelin or a book lover to entertain, there is something for everyone – and no need to carpool to the sports field, bonus!

Does your child participate in a great after school activity? Tell us about it!

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