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After School Activities in Brisbane for Kids

After school activities have so many benefits for kids. They are a great opportunity to discover and develop new talents which can have endless benefits for your child. There are lots of things to take into consideration when looking for the perfect after school activity for your child such as their energy levels after school, homework commitments and of course their interests and skills.

There is a wide range of sporting options. You can choose from team sports or solo sports. Team sports teach children the value of working together with a community whereas solo sports teach children perseverance and confidence. We have also found music classes and coding clubs for your consideration.

We know how much children are tempted to pick up a screen as soon as they come home from school, so challenge them physically or mentally with a new after school activity. The costs vary and we have found options to suit all budgets.

Here are the BEST after school activities for Brisbane kids!

Celebrating Individuals!

There are so many after school activities to help nurture and encourage your children’s natural talents and interests. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Brisbane after school activities for kids.

Music Lessons

Music Brain two little boys playing instruments on the beach

Embrace your kids love for music by signing them up for after school classes in singing or instruments! There are venues all around Brisbane offering many different types of music – from the classic piano to the fun and exciting African drum. Even the tiniest tot can benefit from musical activities! Learning music and rhythm in the early years can even benefit your kids academic performance – bonus!

Virtuosi School of Music 

All of our programs are given in easily accessible, attractive and comfortable spaces that enable maximum musical enjoyment by both participants and teachers alike.

Virtuosi School of Music offer students tuition in a large variety of disciplines – violin, viola, cello, guitar, piano, flute, clarinet, saxophone, voice, percussion and music theory. In addition to private lessons, students are given regular performance opportunities as well as the possibility to take part in various ensemble programs. The school strongly believes that the right match of student and teacher is vital to a student’s progress, pleasure of learning and enjoyment of music.

Find their range of classes here.

Independent Music Academy

IMA offers music lessons in Brisbane to teach your child to play an instrument or learn to sing. The introductory lesson is where they take half an hour to get to know your child, find what music they like to listen to, what sort of music they would like to learn to play and where they would like to play it. They cover guitar, singing, keyboard, piano, wind instruments, violin and drums.

There is more information on the range of lessons at Independent Music Academy here.

Forte School of Music

Learning is Fun at Forte school of Music. Their multi-sensory approach is one of a kind and you child will learn music as the language that it is. Forte kids develop a range of musical skills from improvising to composing, music reading and playing, theory, memorising, playing by ear, concert performance skills and more!

The details on the classes offered at Forte School of Music here.

Drama Lessons

Got a drama queen or king at home? There are after school activities available to help them find an outlet for all that pizzazz! Drama teaches self-expression, helps kids grow in confidence and allows for the exploration of many different perspectives and identities. Who knows… you could have a star in the making! 

Speak Up Studio

Speak Up Studio’s expert teachers help kids build confidence, improve communication skills and unleash creativity in a fun, warm, and supportive environment. They hold Speech and Drama classes for kids in Brisbane at over 30 locations. For kids in prep to grade 12. In the Speech and Drama classes, they let kids be kids, and encourage them to explore who they are now and the person they want to be when they grow up. 

All of the details of Speak Up Studio are here.

O’Grady Drama 

O’Grady Drama help children grow and flourish by encouraging them to explore their creative sides. Through their vibrant and inclusive after-school drama programs, they help students learn essential skills to prepare them for life at school and beyond. They assist children with development, emotional health, confidence and identity by using drama simply as a tool. 

Read more about O’Grady Drama here.

The Drama Hub

The Drama Hub offers school-aged children friendly, fun and supportive group drama. They provide an intimate and safe class space that consists of 14 students. Students will gain life skills that will assist in everyday situations in their classroom; public speaking, social development, team building and even outside of school; personal and professional confidence and positive social behaviour. Students will also learn to overcome any personal obstacles such as anxiety, shyness and working with a new group of people.

You can find the details of The Drama Club here.

Language Lessons

Bonjour! Does your little one dream of climbing the Eiffel Tower? Or maybe exploring the mountains of Japan? Learning a language is much easier for kids than us adults and they will thank you for it when they’re off jet setting after the school years!

Der Die Das

Looking for German classes? With a maximum of 10 students (on average below 8) this class provides a good balance between the benefits of group classes and 1on1 tuition. Der Die Das Group Courses are mostly held at their classroom in Woolloongabba by one of our super teachers. Course books will be handed out to you at your first class, all you need to bring is a pen and paper for notes.

You can find more details on Der Die Das here.

Italian Language Centre

Italian Language Centre has a vibrant, fun and communicative program. Through a broad range of resources and authentic materials, students are given the opportunity to experience the rich Italian culture. The program is structured to enhance student language proficiency by developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Read more about Italian Language Centre here.


A child who learns Russian with LinguaKid doesn’t simply repeat sentences while sitting at a desk. LinguaKids are engaged in an exciting immersion world. During a LinguaKid after-school program, children will use their creativity to solve unique problems and negotiate meaning. They will play charades, draw, sing and dance to get their messages across, learning about cultures from around the world while being challenged and having fun at the same time.

There is more information on Linguakid here.

Art Lessons

An art class can be a fantastic way for children who don’t want to participate in sports can still enjoy themselves in after school activities. Expression, individuality, creativity – it’s all there! Find out from an expert why enrolling your child in art classes in Brisbane might be one of the best moves you ever make…

U Create Club

after school activities art

The U Create Club is the flagship after school art program that provides a full integrated visual art curriculum supporting national primary standards and offers a little bit of everything through the term; drawing painting, 3D, 2D, Clay and collage. Each term there is a new theme and the projects all cascade from that. It is open all to all primary ages not separated by ages as they believe in peer mentoring and harnessing the creative growth through group participation.

Art classes at U Create Club are here.

Flying Fox Studios

At Flying Fox Studios,they believe in fostering the growth and development of every student’s artistic ability, cultivating skills, enhancing their observation, expanding their thinking, and enriching their experiences in the world of art. Each term, the art curriculum is thoughtfully designed around captivating themes that encompass a wide range of visual art media, techniques, and immersive experiences. With each progressing unit, students embark on a journey where they progressively build upon their existing skills.

Find the timetable of classes at Flying Fox Studios here.

Creative Kids Brisbane

Each day at Creative Kids Brisbane’s outdoor children’s art space in West End, they run a different art activity for children. All sessions are open ended, so you can pop in anytime during their opening hours. The art space allows children to use the materials on offer to make a set art piece or something else completely.

You can see the details of Creative Kids Brisbane here.

Yoga Lessons

best hobbies for kids

Maybe your child isn’t interested in sports but you’d still like them to do some exercise? Yoga is a relaxing and healthy option that many kids will enjoy. Yoga provides a peaceful setting and the opportunity for children to exercise quietly and individually – far different than the loud antics that often come along with team sports.

Tranquil Kids Yoga

Tranquil Kids Yoga and mindfulness program aims to introduce the fundamental principles of yoga and mindfulness in a fun and engaging way, to help children develop positive habits that lead to happier, calmer, and more focused lives. Their classes incorporate a range of activities, including exciting stories, games, and songs, that teach kids how to engage with their bodies, emotions, and surroundings in a healthy and balanced way. They also include a variety of breathing exercises and positive affirmations that help to build self-confidence, inner strength, and resilience. 

Find the class timetable for Tranquil Kids Yoga here.

Brisbane Yoga Space

Brisbane Yoga Space love sharing Yoga for Kids and sharing fun engaging classes that teach key skills and tools of learning, health and growth for body and mind. Through kids’ yoga, our younger yogis can develop greater health, fitness, resilience and self-confidence. Parents are welcome to stay for free and join in or rest at the back of the studio.

You can read more about Brisbane Yoga Space here.

Om Yoga Wellness Centre

Give your Children a right start- Join Om Yoga Wellness Centre. Yoga is a great activity to give your kids a head start in life. It provides all the vital foundations for a balanced healthy physical, mental and emotional development of a child. Their philosophy is to allow children to unwind by allowing them to find their own personal space and time, to reconnect with their body, mind and spirit through yoga postures, meditation, dance and performance.

Om Yoga Wellness Centre has class details here.

Coding classes

If you want to boost your child’s problem-solving skills and give them a head start preparing for jobs in the future, make sure you consider coding classes. Children can start coding classes from a young age as they are engaging and fun. Classes are often run after school onsite at the school so very easy for your child to access independently.

Junior Engineers

Junior Engineers delivers hands-on and super engaging STEM experiences for kids. In an increasingly tech-centric changing world, their aim is to build coding, robotics and technology literacy amongst kids to help prepare them for the jobs of the future. Their instructors educate, entertain and inspire creativity as well as help equip them with valuable problem-solving, cognitive, social and collaborative skills.

Find a class with Junior Engineers here.


Your child will love the fun and interactive way CodeCamp teach kids to code at Little Coders. It’s so much fun, they won’t realise they’re learning! Even the youngest students discover the basics of coding and take their first steps to becoming a coding superstar. With new content introduced every term, their program provides young learners with fun hands-on experiences to understand important concepts.

There is more information on CodeCamp here.


For kids that don’t love sports but do thrive in structured group activities, Scouts may be the perfect after school activity! From learning code to knots and everything in between, kids that participate in Scouts or Brownies Clubs learn great teamwork and leadership while having fun and making friends.

Book Club

Does your kid get home from school and just want to stay home? Starting a home book club is easy – and free! Have some friends over once a week, fortnight or month to talk about what book everyone is currently reading. Get all the kids to bring along books to share and enjoy together or even walk to the local library! A home book club is an excellent way to encourage your children’s literacy skills while having fun with friends. Families Magazine suggests also asking your child to explore the wonderful world of diary writing

Encouraging Hobbies

Are you looking for some left-of-field hobbies to tap into your child’s individual interests?

After School Activities | You don’t need to kick a goal to succeed!

Brisbane offers so many great after school activities for kids. Whether you have a mini Led Zeppelin or a book lover to entertain, there is something for everyone – and no need to carpool to the sports field, bonus!

Does your child participate in a great after school activity? Tell us about it!

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