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Drama Works Academy of Performing Arts for your Budding Performer

If you have a young performer looking to develop their skills in theatre and performing arts, check out Drama Works Academy of Performing Arts to find a class in your local area.

NOTE: Drama Works Academy has now joined with Perform Australia. Click here to find out about Perform Australia.

Drama Works Academy of Performing Arts programs

Their programs are held in positive and supportive spaces across multiple locations on numerous days and times during the week within school terms. Classes cater to all ages, stages and skills and allow each person to discover abilities and grow in confidence and creativity, not only just as a performer but as an individual.

At Drama Works Academy of Performing Arts, they believe that “encouragement” gives fuel to fly. In each and every class, teachers are passionate about engaging all students in a collaborative atmosphere that promotes both autonomy and team work and also highlights areas of strength or areas of improvement that are important for students to recognise, develop and nurture.

The curriculum

It is Drama Works Academy’s greatest pleasure to take each of their students on a journey of self-discovery, helping them to explore and reveal their innate and unique potential.  With a strength-based and dynamic curriculum, every class is a new adventure for students to look forward to – expect surprises! Whether it’s acting classes for adults, drama school for kids, or Musical Theatre for the budding triple threat stage performer, there’s something for everyone! Their games and activities make learning fun for all, while effortlessly building and developing vital skills and confidence. Excitingly, programs work toward live performances in term four! Lots of fun!

About the owner of Drama Works Academy of Performing Arts

After teaching drama for over 19 years Louisa Snelling is more passionate now about teaching, building, and developing individuals through drama, than ever before. She’s an advocate for every child having an opportunity to take a class, especially at Drama Works Academy of Performing Arts, because they work! Louisa studied with Trinity College of London, has written and directed many theatre productions, produced radio plays and performance material for schools, as well as writing ads for radio. She currently writes, directs, performs and teaches, continuing to build the Drama Works Academy programs and team, creating more opportunities for new and current students.

About the teachers

Over years of developing, refining and maintaining what Drama Works Academy does and receiving wonderful feedback from students and parents alike about positive change and confidence emerging from the lives of their students, Louisa knows it takes a wonderful team of Teachers that share the enthusiasm and passion for making a difference!

The team of passionate and professional Drama Teachers and Staff consists of decades of experience and qualifications in speech, acting and teaching, script writing and directing. They have excellent creative and acting skills of their own and possess the ability to engage their students in ways that have them looking forward to each class. The team is committed to the development of student skills and knowledge from one week to the next, with each member contributing to the uniqueness and efficiency that our academy is!

Find a Drama Works Academy location near you

Take a look at their list of current locations on our website to find a Drama Works class near you. Can’t find one that suits? They also welcome new location enquiries!

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