Kids Art Classes Brisbane – How to Choose an Art School

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As parents we try to let our children experience a range of sports and extra curricula activities to help them find where their strengths and interests lie.

Kids Art Classes Brisbane – Getting a Head Start with Art

Art classes for your Brisbane child are a great choice for those parents wanting their child to become creative thinkers. Children need exposure to the arts as early as possible and art education should be available to all Brisbane children. Art helps children problem solve, express themselves, form opinions, relax, develop skills not only in art making but also social and emotional, the benefits are enormous. But how do you choose an art school?

Tips to consider when choosing the right art classes for your Brisbane kids

Art teachers

Make sure you find what qualifications and experience the teachers have. If you want your child to learn about different media and art making techniques, investigate and appreciate artworks and artists then make sure the teachers are qualified in art teaching. Are they practising artists?

Testimonials from parents

Find out who has attended their classes before, ask for testimonials, follow their Facebook and other social media pages, and subscribe to their newsletters. Do your research.

Kids Art Classes Brisbane

What’s included in the art class?

What does the fee include? Are all materials, equipment and aprons included? Or do you need to provide these? Are their any hidden or extra fees?

Class size

How many kids attend the lessons? A maximum of 10 children per class would be an ideal size for an art class – as your child will have quality amount of time to both socialise with peers and receive quality education and assistance for the duration of the class.

What will your child learn?

What do children learn each lesson? Do they follow a theme/artist/artwork for the term? Do lessons link from one week to the next, or do they learn one idea or concept in the one lesson, then another in the next? What is suitable for your individual child and their learning? There are a lot of options for art classes in Brisbane, it pays to compare schools and courses to get the very best value.

Be confident your child wants to attend

Ask to attend a one off or casual class before booking and committing to a term. Make sure your child is interested, encouraged and is really keen to continue. Aim for original, fun and memorable experiences in classes or workshops to encourage a love of visual arts.

When choosing art classes for your Brisbane child, be sure to select a class that gets them started on the right path to creative thinking and artistic skills. Not all Brisbane art courses are created equal!

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