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12 reasons your young child will thrive in YMCA gymnastics, Stafford!

Families Magazine LOVES YMCA Gymnastics! Here are 12 reasons your child will FLIP for what YMCA Gymnastics Stafford are offering young children.

YMCA Gymnastics Stafford – Brisbane’s first choice

Gymnastics is definitely NOT just the realm of Olympians! There are SO many positive benefits to enrolling your child in the kind of gymnastics class that helps develop their little bodies AND minds.

What we LOVE about YMCA Gymnastics Stafford is that the classes are:

  • Low cost (particularly when compared to other activities for young kids!)
  • Fully supervised by absolute professionals
  • Run in state-of-the-art environments with safe equipment
  • A great chance to meet other like-minded parents and develop new relationships
  • Not just in Stafford, but all over Brisbane!

Gymnastics Brisbane balance

12 Reasons to enrol your child in YMCA Gymnastics Stafford TODAY!

  1. It’s FUN! This isn’t a boring class where children line up and have to do things one at a time. There are a huge range of activities that they can start trying NOW. (A bonus if you’ve got a rambunctious toddler who is GO GO GO!)
  2. It develops STRENGTH. Not just of the body (which is great) but also of the mind. Gymnastics promotes resilience, determination and good old fashioned ‘get up and try again’.
  3. It develops FLEXIBILITY. So much of our children’s lives feels like it’s passive, sitting down, resting activities. Get that blood pumping and those muscles a-flexing!
  4. It develops COORDINATION. Hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, using different parts of the brain. These are the kind of activities that get your child’s body moving intuitively and with confidence.
  5. It teaches LISTENING SKILLS. Aaaaaah, that old chestnut! Are you concerned that your child doesn’t seem to be able to listen? Why not put them in an environment where they have to listen to the teacher, wait their turn and practice following instructions in a safe, supportive and SHAME-FREE environment.
  6. It helps kids to GAIN SELF-ESTEEM AND CONFIDENCE. Tick! We want our kids to feel like they’re valid, that their voices should be heard and that they can take calculated risks without being devastated if things don’t go their way. Amazing lifeskills!
  7. It provides SOCIAL INTERACTION. They’ll meet new friends outside of the ones they already know and explore the formation of new relationships. (And you’ll be able to do the same!)
  8. It teaches GOAL SETTING. Worried about the Veruca Salt “I want it now!” mentality? Your child WILL NOT be able to do these activities perfectly on their first go. They will try, fail, adjust, try again, fail again, adjust and then NAIL IT. What a perfect future-proof skill to award your child.
  9. It DEVELOPS COGNITIVE ABILITIES. YMCA Gymnastics Brisbane sees students grappling with concepts like cause and effect, prediction and memory.
  10. It DEVELOPS SKILLS THEY CAN USE IN OTHER SPORTS. Coordination? Remembering instructions and rules? Jumping? Landing? Falling safely? We can see many of connections to other Brisbane sports for kids that they might enjoy. 
  11. It promotes FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENT EDUCATION. Teach your kids YOUNG to experience the joy of movement to promote an active, healthy lifestyle.
  12. It helps with BONE STRENGTHENING. The conditioning involved in developing the body skills to do with these exercises will go a long way to providing a foundation of strong, healthy bones.

YMCA Gymnastics Stafford – Have we convinced you yet?

If you’re looking for the perfect activity for your little one, YMCA Gymnastics Stafford have classes for children from just walking to 5 years old. If Stafford isn’t close to you, try one of the other multiple locations around Brisbane — there’s always something fun happening, so flip on over already!

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