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Brisbane Sports for Kids! The Ultimate Guide for Families!

We all know that sport is an important part of kids and adults life, but what Brisbane sports for kids are the best fit for your family? Check out our overview for a comprehensive look at what’s available.

Brisbane sports for kids

We’ve worked hard to collate a guide for parents that makes it easy to find sports clubs and activities. All of the places that we’ve listed below are accredited, professional ventures designed to promote healthy competition and activity. If you think we’ve missed out your favourite club please get in contact and let us know!

Click any of the sub-headings to be taken to a listing of the club names, addresses and contact details for each sport.

Touch football for kids in Brisbane

A healthy, competitive option that’ll get the blood moving! Within this listing you’ll find information about OZTag as well. Find your nearest kids Touch Football Club here.

Netball for kids in Brisbane

Netball can be one of the most exciting sports around! Come and see why at a HUGE number of Brisbane clubs and associations. Netball is definitely now a mixed-gender sport so let that be no barrier! Find your kids next Netball team here.

Soccer for kids in Brisbane

Here’s an overview of all the soccer clubs available for kids in Brisbane. All of these happily accept players of both genders. Click here to find kids Soccer.

Soccer for girls in Brisbane

There’s a bit of a cross over here with the listing above. These are the clubs that have a particularly strong focus on growing female membership. Find soccer clubs for girls here.

Basketball for kids in Brisbane

Basketball for kids - kids playing baketball on a bright day

How good is B-Ball?! Come and see how the next generation of Brisbane Bullets are travelling! Click here for Basketball clubs for kids.

Volleyball and Beach Volleyball for kids in Brisbane

A fun, competitive sport that has a big focus on spatial awareness. A surprising number of venues in here! This is definitely one of our favourite Brisbane sports for kids. Volleyball and beach volley for kids can be found here.

AFL for kids in Brisbane

The recent inclusion of women in competitive level AFL has opened this sport wide open for Brisbane families. Stay ahead of the pack and get on board now. Find your nearest Kids AFL Club here.

Gymnastics for kids in Brisbane

Gymnastics is one of the most intense, competitive sports available. The focus, the dedication and the pure skill involved are sights to be seen. Here’s where to go! Find all the local gymnastics clubs for kids here

Hockey for kids in Brisbane

Mouth guards in, pads on and let’s go! Come and see why hockey is bounding ahead in terms of the sporting choice of lots of different schools. One of many steadily growing Brisbane sports for kids! Find your kids Hockey Club here.

Baseball for kids in Brisbane

Brisbane junior baseball clubs

America’s favourite past-time comes to Brisbane! Swing batter batter swing! Baseball clubs for kids can be found here.

Squash for kids in Brisbane

Squash can be a great sport for kids who prefer to play as individuals or in small teams. A lot of Brisbane venues for squashy kids in here! Squash clubs where kids can play can be found here.

Tennis for kids in Brisbane

One of the highest paying professional sports in the world. Come and cause a racket at your local tennis centre! Find a tennis club for your kids here.

Why not check out a different sport for your kid. For example Tai Chi.

Brisbane sports for kids – did we miss any?

Is your child interested in a sport that we’ve missed? Be sure to let us know in the comments so we can do the research for you!

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  1. Softball is also signing on now for the summer season- for both boys and girls from 5 yrs+. Competitions are held at Redcliffe, Brisbane and other Associations.


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