Toowoomba Ice Skating Festival | Outdoor Ice Skating in Civic Square!

Toowoomba Skating At Festival
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Outdoor ice skating is coming to Toowoomba, and just in time for the winter school holidays!

Despite it getting properly cold sometimes, you’d wait a long time for a local river or pond to freeze over hard enough to ice skate on in Toowoomba, so Toowoomba Regional Council have created a winter wonderland right in the heart of the city. The pop-up ice skating rink in Civic Square promises SNOW much fun and the COOLEST time for Toowoomba families, regardless of skill level and ice-skating experience.

What’s at the Toowoomba Winter Wonderland Festival?

Well there’s the huge ice-skating rink for starters, but that’s not all…

How would you like to slide down a giant ice slide? You can at the Toowoomba’s Winter Wonderland! (I don’t know about you…. but I am up for it ALL!!)

There are also plenty of food and drink stalls around, so if you don’t fancy joining your kids on the ice you can grab a coffee and snack and watch from the sidelines.

But I’ve never Ice-Skated Before!

Not a problem! Ice skates are included in the admission price so all you need to bring is your warm clothing, and an extra pair of thick socks for comfort. For beginners, or those a little unsteady on their skates, you can hire a Penguin skating aid that glides along in front of you to help you build your confidence (better suited to kid-sized people unless you don’t mind skating bent over!).

A Magical Toowoomba Ice-Skating Experience

Are you looking for a more authentic wintry ice-skating experience? Toowoomba Winter Wonderland is open late into the evening, and lit with twinkling lights. Book an evening session for that magical “Christmas in July” feeling right in the centre of town.

Who Can Skate at Toowoomba Winter Wonderland?

Ice Skating King George Square

Anyone over the age of 2 can join the fun on the ice, but children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult. 

When is the Toowoomba Winter Wonderland Ice Skating?

Toowoomba Winter Wonderland in Civic Square, Little Street Toowoomba, is on every day from June 21 to July 14, from morning until late in the evening. Times vary, so check out the website for details. We also recommend booking in advance to secure your preferred time and date – this experience is going to be popular!

Outdoor Ice Skating in Brisbane – with discounts!

If you are visiting Brisbane these winter school holidays, the Brisbane Skating At Festival is being held there too! Hosted on the same dates, June 21 to July 14, at King George Square Toowoomba, you can enjoy all the fun of the ice-skating rink, plus slides and even a bar!!

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