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Winter is Coming – Does it Snow in Toowoomba?

Queensland is predominantly tropical and sub-tropical, and so most people assume that snow never falls anywhere in the state. 2015’s snow event in the Granite Belt, Stanthorpe and Toowoomba proved us wrong though, with all hell breaking loose. Check out this interesting timeline of the heaviest recorded snow in Toowoomba – maybe the next time it falls, you’ll be busy making snow angels! So if you’re wondering, “Where can I find snow in Brisbane?” the answer might not be as far out as you think…

Where is the closest place in Brisbane to see snow?

The lowest recorded temperature in Toowoomba was -4.4 ° c, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. Compared with other parts of Queensland, Toowoomba experiences more frequent winds, hail, and fog.

Sub zero temperatures occur from time to time across southern and central Queensland away from the coast, but frosts are a regular winter feature on the Darling Downs. It’s hard to imagine snow so close to Brisbane and the Gold Coast! But, yes,it can snow in Toowoomba!

While snow in south east Queensland tends to occur in most years, settling snow is still pretty uncommon. You won’t really find enough snow to build a snowman, or to have a snowball fight. We have learned that there are a few exceptions to the rule, with the following timeline showing a history of heavy snow fall in Toowoomba.

  • 1896 – Heavy snowfalls recorded at Toowoomba, especially in higher parts of the city.
  • 1901 – In July, snow was again recorded in Toowoomba.
  • 1965 – In mid-1965, heavy snow was reported.
  • 1984 – In the first week of July, heavy snow fell on Toowoomba. 10 cm of snow was recorded
  • 2015 – The heaviest accumulations of snow fell on Toowoomba, making it the most significant snow event in 30 years.

So while you may not find the winter wonderland you’ve imagined from all those classic Christmas movies, Towoomba and the surrounding areas still put on a show every once in a while. Maybe it won’t take another 30 years for the next significant snow fall – you never know!

Where can I find snow in Brisbane and surrounds?

Stanthorpe is a great choice for snow-chasers to catch those beautiful flakes. Every second year (on the odd years) they even hold the “Snowflakes in Stanthorpe” festival to celebrate!

where can i find snow in brisbane

Snow in Brisbane (or near Brisbane) IS a thing and you CAN find it. Good luck, snow chasers!

For more information on Toowoomba, check out Families Magazine!

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  1. I live in Toowoomba and can confidently tell you that it does not snow here in a typical year. We get frosts every year, but not snow. Snow is very rare. The four occasions listed in this article are probably the ONLY times it has snowed in recorded history. I’ve never lived in Stanthorpe, but would be surprised if it snowed regularly there, either. It’s always a newsworthy occasion whenever it snows in Queensland.


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