Is Your Child Ready for Prep? | Or Should You Delay?

Testing tool for Prep
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The previous Education Minister, Kate Jones, has worked with Ed Queensland to develop a tool to help school Principals assess a child’s readiness for Prep. The tool will look at the child’s social, emotional and physical abilities and determine if they can gain early entry to Prep.

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Early Entry to Prep

In 2014 the government changed the entry to Prep cut-off to 31 July to give parents the option to send their July born children to Prep instead of waiting for another full year. Under the current system, parents can approach their school of choice and it is the school principal that can decide if the July born child could enter Prep.

Educational Resources for Prep Students with Separation Anxiety

Testing Tool from 2017

The formal framework that has now been introduced is designed to determine whether a child born in July is ‘Prep Ready’ will take the pressure off the individual Principals to make the decision. There is now a clear and consistent set of test devised with the help of Principals, Teachers, Parents and Early Childhood Educators to determine a child’s eligibility for early entry to Prep. The announcement will affect state, Catholic and Independent schools. You can find it here.

Reversing the July 31 Cut-Off Date

Ms Jones announced on 18 September 2015, that she has reversed the decision to allow for early entry to Prep, moving the cut-off from July 31 back to June 30. Education Queensland updated their website accordingly but the decision will remain with the Principal of each school until 2017.  Any early entry to Prep will, from 2017, be determined by the testing tool in conjunction with schools and school Principals.

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When does my child start Prep?

is my child ready for prep


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Delayed Entry to Prep

But what about delayed entry to Prep? Currently parents have the absolute right to delay entry to Prep (and thus Year 1). They do not need any formal assessments or approvals. However, there has been no mention, yet, of the testing tool being used by parents and/or educators to determine if a child should be delayed in their entry to Prep. Parents and Early Childhood Educators may have the option to access this testing tool to determine if their child’s social, emotional and physical abilities are considered to be ‘not Prep Ready’. Here’s more information to help parents trying to work our if their child is ready for prep or if they should delay! Click here.

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