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Educational Resources For Prep Students With Autism

Is my child ready for Prep?  Educational Resources for Kids with Autism

Starting school is a big step for any child and their family. For families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the transition needs to be carefully planned and supported. There are plenty of educational resources available through the government and NGOs to ease the transition for your child with autism.

Issues for Prep Students with ASD

  • the unfamiliar school environment – sensory processing can be difficult in this new, busy and stimulating setting
  • a new set of routines and schedules, both at home and at school
  • sensitivity towards the prescribed school uniform
  • communicating with teachers and other staff, sometimes resulting in challenging behaviour which may be misunderstood by educators
  • travelling to and from school – simply getting ready in the morning and getting to school on time, and in a calm state, can be a real challenge for a child with ASD
  • classroom resources for supported learning and engagement in activities
    before and after school care.

Educational Resources for Parents of Preppies with Autism

The good news is there is plenty of help available for families of children with ASD in Queensland before school starts, during prep and beyond.

Resources to assist your child with the transition to prep include a Transition Booklet which helps your child’s carers & teachers get to know your child, understand the details of their experience of ASD and learn how to help them.

Students who have been identified with ASD can receive funding for an in-class aid to assist them with their work.

Specialist help and resources before starting school

Seek assistance and counselling to help your family develop strategies to manage the challenges your child may face at school.
Register with the Queensland government’s Autism Advisors Program on 1800 428 847 or by emailing aap@autismqld.com.au

Autism Advisors:

  • can give you support and information about ASD and advise you of support services available
  • can organise payment of government assistance including the Helping Children With Autism Early Intervention funding and the Rural and Remote payment.

Register for Autism Queensland services by downloading a form from their website.  Autism Queensland’s outreach program can arrange school advisory visits to help those involved in your child’s education learn about ASD and develop effective strategies to assist your child.

For private assistance, Nicole Grant (PhD) from Early Start specialises in counselling families of children with Autism. Contact  Early Start for more information on (07) 3398 9367.

Specialist schools for students with Autism

Brighton School (in the north) and Sunnybank School (in the south) are accredited schools offering education and therapy programs for students with Autism:

 Brighton School

Telephone: (07) 3631 6300

Email: brighton@autismqld.com.au

Sunnybank School

Telephone: (07) 3273 0000

Email: sunnybankschool@autismqld.com.au

More resources for parents of preppies with ASD:

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