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The Best Potato Salad Recipe EVER!

Best Potato Salad recipe of all time

I know, I know big call but it is really the best potato salad EVER! I didn’t know it was possible to become emotionally attached to a potato salad but it’s happened. This recipe has been with me to every special occasion I can remember.  Christmases, birthday parties, family bbq’s, baby showers … it’s been there alongside me. All I get to take home is the empty bowl, there are never any leftovers.

The Best Potato Salad Recipe EVER!

If you’re are looking for something to make that’s easy, tasty and a real crowd pleaser, look no further. Oh and added bonus: Theres no peeling potatoes, this recipe is skins and all!

Best Potato Salad EVA!

Recipe and images by Elise Clarkson from Pixels and Sunshine for Families Magazine – Gold Coast


  • 1kg of red potatoes
  • ¾ cup whole egg mayonnaise
  • ⅓ cup sour cream
  • 1 tbsp wholegrain mustard
  • ½ tbsp Australian mustard
  • 250 grams bacon
  • 1 tbsp chopped chives
  • 1 tsp salt


  • Cut the potatoes into quarters
  • Put 1 tsp of salt into a large pot of water
  • Add the potatoes and bring to the boil
  • Boil for 10-15 minutes until nice and soft
  • Drain the potatoes and set aside
  • Chop the bacon into tiny strips
  • Fry until nice and crispy (the crispier the better)
  • Set the bacon aside
  • In a large bowl combine mustard, mayonnaise and sour cream
  • Once the potatoes have cooled to room temperature, add about half the potatoes to the bowl with the dressing and mix until well coated
  • Add in the remaining potatoes, bacon and chives, leaving some aside for garnish
  • Stir well, and top with a sprinkle of the remaining bacon and chives
  • Serve straight away or pop into the fridge until needed

Best Potato Salad EVA!

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Makes enough for approx. 4-6 people
  • Double the recipe for a larger crowd
  • Takes 40 minutes to make including time for the potatoes to cool
  • Prep the potatoes and bacon the night before and you can whip this up in 5 minutes

Which potatoes to use for which meal

Have you ever stood in the supermarket wondering which potato to choose? With so many varieties available, it’s hard to know which one will work best for your dish so here’s a guide to the different types of potatoes and what they’re best suited to so you’ll never be stuck again!

Potatoes are categorised into 3 basic types – starchy, waxy and all-purpose.

Starchy potatoes:

Starchy potatoes are high in starch, low in moisture and have a floury texture with creamy white flesh. Starchy Potatoes release a milky, starchy liquid if pricked or cut. They also tend to be long and have a coarser skin.


  • King Edward
  • Russets
  • Sweet potatoes

When to use:

Starchy potatoes are fluffy and absorbent which makes them great for baking and frying so use them to make crispy potatoes, hot chips, wedges, mashed potato cakes or hash browns. They can also be mashed but are susceptible to becoming stodgy when overworked.

When to avoid:

Because of their high starch content, starchy potatoes don’t hold together very well when cooked so avoid using them in dishes that require boiling, roasting or slicing like casseroles, potato bakes, gratins or potato salads.

Waxy potatoes:

Waxy potatoes have less starch than Starchy potatoes and contain more moisture and sugar. They are often smaller with a waxy outer skin and a creamy, firm and moist flesh.


  • Dutch Cream
  • Kipfler
  • Nadine
  • Nicola
  • Patrone
  • Pink Eye (Southern Gold)
  • Pink Fir Apple
  • Purple Congo

When to use:

Waxy potatoes hold their shape well after cooking so are great for boiling, roasting or slicing. Use them to cook casseroles, soups or potato salads.

When to avoid:

Waxy potatoes are not good for mashing because they hold their form and produce a chunky mash. They are also avoided for baking and deep frying.

All-Purpose potatoes:

All-purpose potatoes have a medium starch content that fall somewhere in between starchy and waxy potatoes. They have more moisture that starchy Potatoes and hold together in boiling water.


  • Coliban
  • Desiree
  • Golden Delight
  • Otway Red
  • Pontiac
  • Red Rascal
  • Royal Blue
  • Sebago
  • Spunta
  • Toolangi Delight
  • (‘New’ potatoes)
  • Yukon gold

When to use:

All Purpose Potatoes are particularly useful for roasting, pan frying, stewing and are good in soups or gratins such as Potato Dauphinoise.

When to avoid:

They can be baked, mashed, or deep fried like a starchy potato, but will not produce the same fluffy texture. You can use all-purpose potatoes for just about anything but if you have a specific dish in mind that lends itself to a starchy or waxy potato, then opt for those types instead.

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