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UPDATED REVIEW: Stretton State College

Stretton State College (SSC) is a co-educational Prep to Year 12 school in Stretton, QLD. You can find the Stretton State College map position between the Gateway and Logan Motorways on the edge of Karawatha Forest. This parent fact sheet details the SSC catchment, fees, uniform, enrolment process and other important need-to-know information for parents considering SSC for their child.

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Why choose Stretton State College?

Stretton College is a high performing school located in Brisbane’s south. The campus is split into junior (Gowan) and secondary (Illaweena) to ensure that each child is able to take advantage of a tailored, unique educational program that will best suit their needs.

The college places great importance on community and acceptance. It has worked to establish a school which has a strong values base and strives to ensure a culture of high expectations for students and staff. SSC students look forward to challenges and opportunities each day, with an increasing focus on eLearning and the advancements of digital learning.

Stretton State College extra-curricular activities

Students at SSC have access to a range of co-curricular opportunities. There is great capacity here for them to be introduced to a wide range of skills and to allow them to develop their specific interests.


There are school based sports (swimming, cross country and athletics) as well as fixture sports and opportunities to compete at regional levels. The school offers Excellence Programs in football, volleyball, and touch football.

Science Club

The Stretton Science Club is open to students from Years 7 to 10 and provides an opportunity for students to investigate, collaborate and discover more about our amazing world.


Students who are looking for something a little different may choose from options like chess, neuroscience and biology activities.


There are instrumental and choral opportunities at SSC and the school has several performing ensembles.

Camps and excursions

Students at SSC have the opportunity to attend annual camps from years 4 to 11, including a Canberra tour in year 6.

Facilities at Stretton State College

The school is set on extensive grounds with the primary and secondary schools across the road from each other. Within the grounds there is a large Oval, a second sports field and tennis courts. The school also offers:


On site outside school hours care offers care before and after school and during holidays. The OSHC is located on the junior campus and provides a fun, play-based learning environment and nutritious food.


The college has a library on each campus with 24/7 access to electronic materials and a wide variety of printed books available to borrow.


There is a canteen on each campus offering snacks, drinks and meals which can be ordered online.

Uniform shop

The uniform shop is located on the senior campus and is open Monday and Tuesday mornings, and Wednesday and Thursday afternoons during term.

Stretton State college uniform

All uniform items and approved accessories are available for purchase at the Stretton State College uniform shop and online.

Junior uniform

The junior formal uniform for girls has a beige blouse with tie worn over dark blue shorts, cullottes, skirts or pants. Junior boys have a beige shirt over dark blue shorts or trousers. Junior students also have a sports uniform consisting of a maroon and blue polo shirt and blue sports shorts.

Senior uniform

The seniors uniform is similar to the primary uniform with the addition of a formal uniform tie for the boys.

Unisex uniform

A V-neck navy pullover is available to be worn with formal uniform only from years 1-12. There is a fleecy jumper, microfibre jacket and microfibre pants that can be worn with sports uniform on colder days.

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Stretton State College catchment

If you want to know how do you get into Stretton State College, the catchment includes areas of Stretton, Parkinson and Drewvale for Prep to Year 12. See the Queensland Government catchment map to see if your address is within the Stretton State College catchment area for your year group.

Enrolling at SSC

The school accepts enrolments for students residing within the catchment area. Families wishing to enrol are required to complete the enrolment application, which can be found on the college website. 

Stretton State College fees

As a state school, there are no fees to attend SSC other than mandatory charges for resources, camps and excursions, and costs associated with extra-curricular activities

Are there any scholarships available to SSC?

Stretton State College proudly offer the Lighthouse Academic Excellence Program for students from years 4 through to 12. You can find out more at this link.

Take a tour of SSC

The best way to truly get a feel for yourself is to visit and see learning in action. You can wait until the college has an open day or you can contact them to arrange a personalised tour.

Find out more about Stretton State College

Address: 226 Illaweena Road, Stretton, QLD 4116
Phone: (07) 3723 0222
Email: principal@strettonsc.eq.edu.au
Website: Click here

For Brisbane School Open Days – click here

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