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Stretton State College Parent Fact Sheet

stretton state college

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Stretton State College offer high-quality education for girls and boys from Prep to Year 12. Could this possibly be the right school for your child? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Stretton State College.

Why choose Stretton State College?

Stretton State College is a high performing school located in Brisbane’s south. The campus is split into junior (Gowan) and secondary (Illaweena) to ensure that each child is able to take advantage of a tailored, unique educational program that will best suit their needs.

Stretton State College places great importance on community and acceptance. They have worked to establish a school which has a strong values base; a school that strives to ensure a culture of high expectations for students and staff.  Stretton State College students look forward to the challenges and opportunities each day, with an increasing focus on eLearning and the advancements of digital learning.

What co-curricular opportunities are available at Stretton State College?

Students at Stretton State College are spoilt for choice when it comes to co-curricular opportunities. There is great capacity here for them to be introduced to a wide range of skills and to allow them to develop their specific interests.

  • Activities: Students who are looking for something a little different may choose from options like chess, neuroscience and biology activities.
  • Sports: There are school based sports (swimming, cross country and athletics) as well as fixture sports and opportunities to compete at regional levels. Please speak to your tour guide about the sporting options that best suit your child.
  • Music: There are instrumental and choral opportunities waiting for your child at Stretton State College.

Are there any scholarships available to Stretton State College?

Stretton State College proudly offer the Lighthouse Academic Excellence Program for students from years 4 through to 12. You can find out more at this link.

Take a tour of Stretton State College

The best way to truly get a feel for yourself is to visit and see learning in action. You can wait until Stretton State College have an open day or you can contact them to arrange a personalised tour of your own.

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