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7 Ways To Stay Sane These School Holidays

Forget Christmas, the summer school holidays are nearly upon us, and as such parents are either rejoicing or freaking out about how they’ll keep their children entertained and amused.

7 ways to stay sane these school holidays

Well, you’ve hit the jackpot if you’re after information on where to go and what to do because the Families Magazine website is packed with ideas for FREE activities and adventures.

However, there’s something to be said for NOT spending every day out and about. Let’s be honest, you don’t want your kids to love school holidays so much they don’t want to return to school.

Then again you can’t make life completely boring or else you might be driven insane after the first of six or seven long weeks.

The trick is to making it boring enough they will want to go back to school but entertaining enough so they don’t whinge and fight from dawn to dusk.

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1. Slow down and smell the roses

When you’re used to rushing around in the mornings it can be hard to adjust to a slower start to the day. But once you do everyone will be much happier. Cut everyone some slack and let pyjamas be acceptable attire, well at least until lunchtime or when you visit the shops!

2. Teach kids to fend for themself in kitchen

Kids eat WAY more during school holidays than when at school, in fact most times they’re starving from the second they wake until the minute they fall asleep. So you’re not forever making snacks, teach them to do it themselves, try teaching them this kid-friendly vegemite scroll recipe!

Tip: Alternatively you could get them to make up a school lunch box in the morning and keep in fridge. When they moan, send them to their pre-made meal! Be gone starving kids.

3. Turn a blind eye

This is easier said than done, but if you want to keep your blood pressure low it’s wise to avoid micro-tidying throughout the day. If you’re forever chasing kids around asking them to clean up you’ll go batty. Just make sure they know that any mess will be cleaned by them at the end of the day.

4. Plan home days

Sure you don’t want to be stuck at home every day, especially when you could be exploring rainforests or picnicking at the beach, but not leaving the house is incredibly liberating.

Get one of the kids to draw up a schedule so they know exactly what’s happening each day without nagging you. Also, if you have two days at home and one out they will appreciate their fun day out way more.

5. A trouble shared is a trouble halved

It can be impossible to get anything done with kids underfoot, so get in touch with a friend and offer to have their children for the morning while they get chores done.

Sure it might mean your house is packed with half a dozen kids, but they’ll return the favour and you’ll get time to yourself. An added bonus is kids tend to get on better with friends than their own siblings, sad but true.

6. Say yes a little more often

Sometimes to survive the school holidays you just have to give up, lower your expectations and embrace that lazy and slack parent who is just begging to be unleashed. When they ask for an ice-block for breakfast, say yes. If they want to pitch a tent in the backyard, say yes. Remember, if you can’t beat ‘em then join ‘em.

7 ways you can survive the school holidays

7. Activity in a jar

For those moments when everyone is BORED, get them to pick an activity or game from an activity jar. To make this get them all to write 5 ideas on a pieces of paper or ice-cream stick and put it in a jar or container. Make sure you vet them so you’re not unwilling agreeing to making slime or putting glitter on the trampoline!

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