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christmas lights caboolture

Christmas Lights Caboolture, Pine River Shire and beyond? You’ve got it! Here are the best places to go to take a light tour leading up to Christmas! Make sure you take advantage of our awesome CHRISTMAS LIGHTS MAPS to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Christmas Lights Caboolture, Pine Rivers & Moreton Bay

This is a great area north of Brisbane to find intricate, extravagant lights displays. There are some award-winning displays in this area and with that comes a few things to be cautious of.

When visiting Christmas Lights Caboolture (or anywhere, really!) you need to be cautious of the following things.

  • You are visiting neighbourhoods and homes where people actually LIVE. The people who put on these lights displays have the right to sometimes not have their lights on of an evening. They have a right to privacy. They have a right to not having their property or their gardens destroyed. Be aware that they’re doing this purely out of Christmas spirit so please act accordingly. You are not owed anything, you are simply enjoying the fruits of someone else’s labour.
  • Be cautious of road safety, particularly when it comes to children. Do not park over driveways or in an unsafe manner. Go slower than speed limits in case some excited children run across the road. Be very aware of your surroundings.
  • Take any and all rubbish with you.
  • Do not touch, tamper with or trample any decorations or gardens. Lighting displays are labour intensive and can be very expensive. Please ask your children to show similar levels of respect and gratitude.

Christmas Lights Caboolture and Beyond

Deception Bay

  • 28 Parsons Boulevard (This is the one in the feature picture!)
  • 26 Cockatiel Court
  • 21 Logan Terrace
  • 36 Fredan Road
  • 24 Balmoral Place
  • 8 Louisa Court


  • 1445 Bribie Island Rd


  • 441 Beachmere Rd


  • 2/22 McAndrew St
  • 6 Crawfod St
  • 10 Ascot St
  • 10 Hope Court
  • 25 Tullawong Drive
  • 11 Hazelwood Court


  • 6 Belvista Court
  • 3 Parkwood Place
  • 22 Clementine Street

North Lakes

  • 46 Nicklaus Parade
  • 38 Lacebark Street
  • 40 Whitfield Crescent


  • 16-18 Mifawny Rd


  • Grogan Rd
  • 15 Graham Rd
  • 273-275 Morayfield Rd (Shed 4)
  • 25 Addison Court
  • 793 Oakey Flat Rd


  • 38 Garden Drive
  • 10 Fodora Place


  • 8 Barnowl Court
  • King Parrot Close
  • 12 Ridge View Drive
  • 15 Blaxland Place

Mango Hill

  • 26 Limosa Court

Murrumba Downs

  • 30 Twin Lakes Drive


  • 22 Azalea Court
  • 24 Mowbray Court


  • 11 Eacham Street

Murrumba Downs

  • 12 Elm Drive


  • 1 Long Street

Christmas Lights Caboolture and Beyond!

Know of any great lights we missed? Want YOURS on the list as well? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to download our map so you’ve got the best drive in town!



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