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Should I Homeschool My Kids? | 10 Things to Consider About Homeschooling!

10 Considerations Before You Decide to Homeschool your Children

We talk to April and Greg Simon of SouthEast Home Education about what it takes to homeschool your children including the cost/benefit analysis.

Everything that has value has a cost. Cost is not something to be avoided, but it is something to be counted.

Even though some people still say, “Oh, I couldn’t possibly teach my children,” it is becoming increasingly clear from observing parents that do, that anyone can – thanks to the myriad resources and networks around. There are many benefits and reasons for stepping out in this way, and few homeschooled graduates look back and wish they had spent their time in school.

The big question really is, however, “Do I want to?” The fact is, even though almost anybody can, there are some important things to consider first, to determine whether the benefit exceeds the cost.

10 Things worth thinking about if you are considering homeschooling:

1. Homeschool Commitment

This journey takes commitment. It is not something you do half-heartedly. It is an extension of parenting; so, just as you diligently look after your child’s health, when homeschooling you will look after their learning as well.

2. Do I Have Time?

It is important to know that if you take on homeschooling, you need to be available for your child all the time. When they are at home, you are at home. When you go out, they’re with you on excursion. A parent who works away from home on weekdays cannot homeschool; however, a parent with a family business or part time weekend work may be available.

3. What is the Homeschool Programme like?

should I homeschool my kids

There is a wealth of resources available, and even homeschool support providers to help plot and maintain your course. Remember also, every activity and family discussion becomes part of your child’s curriculum.

4. United goals

Do you have support from your child’s other parent? Homeschooling is a way of life, and so is best embraced by both parents. If your partner is not on board with you, are you prepared to carry the full load yourself?

5. Legal requirements

In Queensland, homeschooling is perfectly legal. The registering body is the Qld Government Home Education Unit (HEU).  A yearly plan and progress report is required for each child. Some homeschool support providers can assist you in preparing for this process.

6. Social Networking

School is not the only opportunity for children to socialize, and arguably not the best. Siblings, extended families, neighbourhood children, church, clubs and other opportunities abound, with the advantage that your children may still be under your supervision and care. What opportunities do you have available for your child?

7. External resistance or pressure

Are you equipped to argue your reasons for homeschooling? This may not seem like much of a cost, but you need to face the fact that once you embark on a course that few if any of your friends or family have taken, you may find you have to defend your position.

8. Financial costs

As a rule, the main homeschooling parent cannot work full time. While home businesses or part time work may help, you need to be prepared to choose educating your child or children over and above earning an income. Of course, with the hidden costs of sending children to school, you may well come out in front!

9. Routine

The daily routine of homeschooling, especially if working with more than one child or if you have infants or toddles as well, requires a balance of planning and flexibility. Set times and allocated load sharing tasks and responsibilities may be vital to running a smooth homeschool.

10. Reinventing the wheel

When doing something different from those around us, we often feel like we are the only ones ever to have taken this journey. Don’t worry, when it comes to homeschooling: There are thousands of parents who have walked the path and that path is now smooth and wide. You don’t have to look far outside your circle to find others who can share their experience and ideas, making your task just that little bit easier.

Contribution from Greg and April Simon of SouthEast Home Education.

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