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Driving in & Around School Zones in Brisbane

Driving & Parking Rules for in & around School Zones in Brisbane & Logan

Knowing school parking rules can go a long way to easing the stress of the daily drop-off.

We all generally know the rules, or at least think we do.

You can help avoid detention (or a steep fine), decrease traffic congestion and keep our kids safe by brushing up on the road rules on parking around schools.

Check out our handy guide to school drop off safety in Logan City and help do your part in road safety.

Look out for signs

The quickest and easiest way to see what you can and can’t do on the side of the road is to look for a sign post.

They will indicate what is allowed between each sign, as well as any hours of operation.

Some signs may have multiple uses, so start from the top and work down.

Pro tip: It may seem simple, but check the time when using a sign with multiple hours of operation; better to be safe than sorry.

No stopping

Drivers must not stop or park their vehicles on a road, or in an area, where a “no stopping” sign applies. The sign literally means “no stopping anytime”.


Logan CC – $110

Brisbane CC – $110

Timed parking

Drivers must not park vehicles in a “timed parking area” contrary to the time indicated on the parking sign. Eg. 1P means 1 hour parking.


Logan CC – $110

Brisbane CC – $82

Street lines and markings – not just decoration

Coloured lines on the sides of roads, or painted down the middle as dividing strips, are also vital to knowing how to use the road properly.

While most of us a familiar with white lines that separate lanes, do you know the rules about yellow lines on the side of the road, zebra crossings or disabled spots?

Pro tip: Pedestrians have the right of way when stepping out on a zebra crossing. Keep an eye out and make sure you slow down with plenty of time to spare.

Dividing strips and painted islands

It is illegal to stop on a dividing strip or a painted island.


Logan CC – $73

Brisbane CC – $82

Disabled parking permits

If you do not hold a current Disability Parking Permit you must not park a vehicle in a parking area for people with disabilities.


Logan – $220

Brisbane CC – $220

Yellow Edge Lines

Drivers must not stop at the side of a road marked with a continuous yellow edge line.


Logan CC – $110

Brisbane CC – $110

Helping keep others safe: Footpaths, driveways, bus stops and side-by-side parking

It might be tempting to sneak a park across a driveway, or ‘double park’ next to an already parked car, but these actions are illegal and could put you or your children in danger. This also applies to footpaths, including grassed nature strips, and any land between the road kerb and the property boundary. Many drivers misuse bus stops and bus zones too, so it’s important to remember that these areas are set aside for buses only. You must not park within 20 metres of the approach side and 10 metres of the exit side of a bus stop sign or within the marked bus zone. Heavy penalties apply. It’s better to keep driving until you can find a safe and legal spot to drop the kids off rather than taking the risk. While it might mean a longer walk, the benefits to your fellow road users will be great.

Fines and penalties:


A driver must not obstruct a driveway or stop a vehicle on or across a driveway unless the driver is dropping off or picking up passengers and the driver does not leave the vehicle and drives on within 2 minutes after stopping.


Logan CC – $73

Brisbane – $110


It is illegal to stop on footpaths and nature strips. These areas are defined as the area between the kerb of the road and the boundary of the adjacent property. Parking on footpaths may cause damage to infrastructure, and may be a hazard to pedestrians or other traffic.  It may also force children or people with disabilities to walk on the road.


Logan CC – $73

Brisbane CC – $100

Double parking

If there are no parking spaces available on the side of the road, drivers must not stop in the middle of road for any amount of time. Double parking is illegal.


Logan CC – $147

Brisbane CC – $82

Council staff and police routinely patrol school drop offs during peak periods, so please make sure you brush up on your road rules: together we can cut down on road incidents and stay safe.

Want to know more about school safety? Check out our article on school lockdowns and what they are. 

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