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Queensland Show Choir Singers
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Queensland Show Choir offers classes for people of all ages, from baby to adult, but their classes are more than just singing lessons!

What is Queensland Show Choir?

Queensland Show Choir combines singing, music and choreographed dance to bring vibrant entertainment to the stage. The choir is a community-based, non-profit organisation founded in 1984 to develop the art of show choir in Queensland for children, youths and adults.

Who is Queensland Show Choir for?

Queensland Show Choir is for anyone with a love of song, dance and performance – even if they don’t know it yet! There are classes to foster a love of music and basic rhythm for babies from birth, with the program following in stages to build on the skills learned as children grow. By the later primary years children will singing a cappella in a range of styles, from folk, to classical and music theatre. The fun doesn’t end just because you graduate high school – there’s always a class to suit every age group and ability!

Why join Queensland Show Choir?

Music in childhood has been shown to have many benefits, from language development to improved social skills and focus. Getting together as a group and belting out choreographed songs is also great fun!

How much are classes?

Some courses are paid by semester, and some are paid on a casual weekly basis. We recommend visiting their website to find out more.

Where are classes and rehearsals held?

Queensland Show Choir’s rehearsal venue is centrally located in the grounds of the Old Museum Building, on the corner of Bowen Bridge Road and Gregory Terrace in Bowen Hills. You will find them in the big blue building at the far end of the driveway.

How to get in touch with Queensland Show Choir

Call: 3257 4905
Website: www.queenslandshowchoir.com.au

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