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Scribble Ink | Improve Your Child’s Writing Skills

If you’re looking to improve your child’s writing skills, or if you have a budding author in the family, Scribble Ink writing classes can provide a service to suit.

Writing classes for Brisbane kids

Scribble Ink offers a range of courses for junior, middle and senior school writers, including online courses, holiday workshops and Skype classes. The classes are based on many years of creative teaching experience to help your child reach his or her full writing potential. Here are some of the advantages of participating in a Scribble Ink course:

  • Take your child’s creative writing skills to the next level
  • Improve writing engagement
  • Improve literacy and grammar
  • Build confidence
  • Encourage your child to express themselves creatively

As well as academic improvements in the use of English and writing, your child can learn to write:

  • Screenplays
  • Manuscripts
  • Poetry
  • Blogs
  • Fiction
  • For personal enjoyment
  • For future professional success

Why choose Scribble Ink?

Scribble Ink has a long history of helping young writers in over 50 countries and offers great local holiday workshops with experienced teachers. You can choose to learn online at a time and pace to suit, schedule a Skype class, or if you prefer direct interaction your child can attend a group workshop to bounce creative ideas off like-minded young authors. If you or your child aspire to be the next JK Rowling, or have a passion for creating theatre, then contact Scribble Ink to find out more. (They have classes for adults too!)

How to get in touch with Scribble Ink

Call: 0409 075 838
Website: www.scribbleink.com.au

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Joanne loves speaking directly to people of all ages through the medium of writing, sharing tips and knowledge for families and kids to help everyone get the most out of life. Her focus is on the development of resilience, confidence and independence in children, and on helping families engage and create lasting memories. Self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth are vital skills that Joanne believes children need to learn early to help them grow as adults.

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