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Thinking of hiring a Private Tutor in Brisbane? READ THIS FIRST.

Are you considering a primary or high school tutor for your child? When it comes to finding a private tutor Brisbane has plenty of options to suit most families.

People hire Brisbane tutors for their children for all kinds of reasons, and it is not always because they feel their child is struggling. There are many advantages – academic, social, and personal – to hiring a primary or high school tutor.

How a Brisbane tutor can help your child

Let us look at the ways private tutoring can have a positive benefit for your child:


Does your child have literacy and numeracy comprehension issues that need attention, or are they looking to further enhance already great marks to give them a competitive edge?

Children learn in different ways, but a classroom environment cannot always accommodate every child’s learning style in the lesson time allowed. When building on the learning foundations, a tutor can tailor their private or small group lesson to your child’s way of learning, enabling better comprehension and giving a struggling child that all-important light-bulb moment and confidence boost.

For children who find learning in school a breeze, high school tutors can expand on their classroom learning to help ready them for tertiary education and their planned career path.

We recommend parents look for individualised approaches to learning in tutoring, because, learning needs will differ between each child.

“Another recommendation from Kumon is for parents of young children to consider a tutoring program that builds foundations in literacy and numeracy. Once children have mastered the fundamentals in these two areas, learning other subjects becomes far easier.”

Kumon Tutoring


If your child is shy or has anxiety, they may hold back from seeking help in the classroom. If your child is too social, they may find the presence of other students distracting. A home tutor can help your child focus, complete the work they started in class, and answer all the questions a shy child lacked the confidence to ask.

Your child will get to know their tutor through regular sessions, forming a bond that can boost confidence and help your child keep pace with their peers.

Selecting the right tutor can be the difference between an effective learning experience and a frustrating one. At Cluey Learning we only accept 6% of tutor applicants to ensure our customers get the best tutor possible. We look for subject matter expertise and experience, but above that we look for patience, friendliness, enthusiasm and the ability to tailor teaching to each individual student’s needs. And our education team provides plenty of support with curriculum and pedagogy. As an online tutoring company, we recommend broadening your search for the best tutoring experience beyond what’s available locally – the right tutor for your child may not be the closest!

– Dr Selina Samuels, Chief Learning Officer at Cluey Learning

‘School at home’

Child studying at home waving to her online tutor

The recent ‘school at home’ requirement in term 2 highlighted for many parents how much they have forgotten about Pythagoras’ Theorem and syntax (don’t worry – you are not alone!). Add to that the pressure of juggling different year levels at the dining table, fitting in your own tasks and chores, and the many other distractions in the home and it’s understandable if schoolwork began to slide a little. If you feel your child has fallen behind and needs help to catch up, a tutor is available to help.

Home tutors keep pace with the National Curriculum. They know what your child should be learning and can help catch up to – and surpass – where they need to be.


While we would all like to have the time to sit down and help our child with their homework, often other demands get in the way. And, let’s face it, without any recent classroom experience the tasks set in homework can be far out of context for many parents. A tutor can ‘sit’ with your child during homework to help them stay on track and work to the best of their ability.

Finding a tutor

Education centre tutoring

There are flexible tutoring options to accommodate most families’ requirements. A Brisbane home tutor can come to you if a one-to-one private lesson is preferred to help your child focus – or if your child would rather not have others know that they are struggling to keep up in school.

Similarly, online tutoring can be one-to-one or small group. Online tutoring is a great option for children who study remotely, live some distance from their nearest tutor, or who are travelling.

Tutoring is also available in after-school education centres and tuition companies, which offer small group lessons to help your child gain a better understanding of, or expand on, their classroom learning.

Look for private tutors who have been working for a while and who come with recommendations from previous students. You should also ensure that they have appropriate working with children checks and Blue Cards – something that would be a given were you going through a tuition agency or private tutor Brisbane company.

Are Brisbane tutors right for your family?

High school tutor home tutoring maths

The presence of a professional tutor – in person or online – means that your child will receive the support they need to flourish, develop confidence and find success in subjects where they might otherwise have expected to struggle.

Whatever the reason for wanting to invest further in your child’s education, hiring a tutor is definitely a wise choice. Putting literacy and numeracy front and centre at home has a knock-on effect that will see students take their classroom work more seriously. It’s a great way to also involve yourself further in their learning as you’ll have another educational professional to touch base with.

Take a look at the primary and high school tutors Brisbane has available and give tutoring a try. An investment in education is an investment in the future.

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This article was featured in Issue 41 of our printed magazine, published August 2020.

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