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Thinking of hiring a Private Tutor in Brisbane? STOP. READ THIS FIRST.

private tutor Brisbane

Hiring a private tutor in Brisbane can mean a serious investment in your child’s education… or it can’t. Here’s what you should know if you’re choosing between hiring a private tutor OR going through a tutoring company. You’ll need to read this to make sure you’re making the right choice.

Private Tutor Brisbane OR Tutoring Company?

People hire tutors for their children for all kinds of different reasons. Some children may have literacy issues that need serious attention. Some children may have chronic anxiety that’s stopping them from seeking help in the classroom. Some children may be looking to further enhance already great marks to give them a competitive edge.

Whatever the reason for wanting to invest further in your child’s education, it’s definitely a wise choice. Putting literacy and numeracy front and centre at home has a knock-on effect that will see students take their classroom work more seriously. It’s a great way to also involve yourself further in their learning as you’ll have another educational professional to touch base with.

But who should you hire? There are advantages to both a private tutor Brisbane and a tutoring company. Let’s examine.

Advantages of a Tutoring Company in Brisbane and beyond

Brisbane and Gold Coast has some great tutoring companies to choose from. They’re centrally run which means that all the tutors will have gone through a screening process.

If you have a compatibility issue with a particular tutor it will be very easy to quickly find a suitable replacement. For example, Brisbane tuition company Turtle Tuition looks to match a university student (who scored between OP 1 and 3 upon their own school exit) with your family based on a number of key criteria – speciality, geographic distance and personality.

private tutor brisbane turtle tuition

Tutors are reliable, honest and will work hard with your child to ensure best outcomes are met. They report to a manager and will go through a number of KPI checks throughout the term. You’ll be able to make contact with both them and their supervisors to get a very clear picture of your child’s progress.

Advantages of a Private Tutor in Brisbane and beyond

Likewise, there are some fabulous private tutors. We’d recommend shopping around. You’ll find some very cheap private tutors who may not necessarily be able to deliver on what they promise. On the other hand, many ex-teachers become private tutors. They are more expensive but it’s a case of ‘you get what you pay for’. They’re familiar with the curriculum, have lots of experience with students at all different stages and are generally very responsive and communicative.

Look for private tutors who have been working for a while and who come with recommendations from previous students. You should also ensure that they have appropriate working with children checks and Blue Cards – something that would be a given were you going through a tuition company or agency.

What’s the verdict?

Give tutoring a try – in whatever form you choose. An investment in education is an investment in the future.


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